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Whitney Houston Funeral

The Complete Program

2/18/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A complete copy of the program handed out during funeral of Whitney Houston.
TMZ has obtained a complete copy of the program handed out during Whitney Houston's funeral today in Newark, NJ.

The program contains dozens of photos of Whitney -- from when she was a baby, through her chart-topping days and beyond. 

Kevin Costner, Clive Davis, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder were among those that spoke and sung during the service. 

As TMZ previously reported, Bobby Brown showed up at the church, but was turned away because he wasn't allowed to bring his nine-person entourage into the church with him.



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axelle breezy    

she was a great woman. i love her because she will stay in our minds forever just like michael jackson let her REST IN PEACE

926 days ago



926 days ago

J M Arnet    


926 days ago

terrie pettway    

@#15stfu u w.a.s.p.

926 days ago


Bobby's invite said himself plus two. Not himself plus nine, no matter who he brought. He should have followed the rules. And, ex-spouse does NOT sit with the deceased's family, not even when his ADULT child is sitting with them. They're HER family...not his. Oh, and by the way, all this love for Whitney showed up on e-bay. When I last checked her funeral program was being sold and the price was up to $1300!


926 days ago


If I remember correctly, Bobby Brown's other kids were born after Bobbi Kristina. That would make them NO relation to Whitney. And, ex-spouse does NOT sit with the deceased's family, not even when his ADULT child is sitting with them. They're HER family...not his. Oh, and by the way, all this love for Whitney showed up on e-bay. When I last checked her funeral program was being sold and the price was up to $1300!

926 days ago


all her problems started when she married bobby brown,he was no good for her,so as far has her drug problem you would have to blame it to bobby brown for that,she just hookup with the wrong guy,so sad

926 days ago


GOD gives us several path to take, he allows you to make the right choice for yourself, the choices could give you a long life or shorten your life and Whitney Houston chosen a different path. Look at all the things she done that was wrong, even the marriage to a thug whose career was in a downward spire and he thought if he marries a winner like Whitney Houston it would help his career. In her life with Bobby Brown he introduce to her DRUGS, ALCOHOL, and the night life. Remember Whitey Houston was a strong church going young lady and was in the choir. Now I'm not saying all church going people are innocent because I seen demons in church pretending to be "Christians" but Whitney Houston was indeed a good girl and she obeyed her mother and aunt Deon. After looking at a few new web pages I seen Bobbi Kristina Houston-Brown was headed down the same road as her mother at a much younger age "18." Bobby Brown you are poison. RIP Whitney Houston, GOD bless the Houston family and protect Kristina.

926 days ago


I blame Bobby Brown for all of this because Whitney Houston came from a first class family, she was innocent, church going young lady "not saying all church going people are innocent ok" but she was very sweet and did everything her mother and aunt told her to do and became famous before she met Bobby Brown. Bobby Brown introduce drugs, alcohol, and the night life to her which was the life she lived to her death. Now I seen their daughter "Bobbi Kristina Houston-Brown" is on the same path as her mother "Whitney Houston."

926 days ago

Lisa Gallant    

It was nice that bobby showed some respect on Cissy's wishes-I'm sure he had made mistakes,we all have-if it wasn't for the drugs-maybe things could have been different,better-Sad to see Hhitney not being around anymore-now she can rest in peace.

926 days ago


śpiewa teraz Aniołom

926 days ago


We need to stop this it him, its her, it them, it we. Whitney is dead We all grieve in different ways and some grief takes longer to deal with. WHATS DONE HAS BEEN DONE. As I stated earlier, I pray that the family of Whitney allow Bobby time with his daughter. Can't nothing change the fact that she Bobbi Christina is HIS daughter. If they deprive her now she will only run to him later & I can only pray that it won't be too late for the both of them. He loved Whitney and inspite of what she said ...She still Loved him. They just has a crazy relationship that they only understood

926 days ago


Why are people so angry! Now that is so sad!

926 days ago

Ms Nobody    

This is for the person who posted the disgusting poem of whitney and her child. First, whatever Whitney has done in this life she has paid. Remember, the wages of sin is death!!! After her death, there is nothing (negative) left to say. I truly feel sorry for you, assuming that you do not know better (how else would you post that ridiculous comment). As for her daughter, she is not responsible for what she has been exposed through her parents and the pressures of the media, not to mention, she has lost her MOTHER, remember she is only (18), lets pray that she find peace through all of this.

Secondly, To adress the person that posted the comment about the flag (half mass). I understand the origin of the flag, however, rather you agree or not, due to the representation of someone giving up their lives for the sake of others, I believe Whitney did JUST that! Through her love and compassion of music, she continued her journey in spite of all the pressures of the industry, which subjected most celebrities like whitney, michael jackson, elvis presley, marilyn monroe, etc... (who also deserves the same) to a life of drugs and alcohol. These celebrities aforementioned and others like them, did not have these additions prior to their fame and fortume, most of them were innnocent young kids and the media and their fans reep the benefits in a positive manner. It inspired them mentally, or encourage to live their dreams, to think that they are not worthy because they fail to the pressures of the media and their fans does not expelled the gift they have given to others, GOD bless their souls!!!

925 days ago


Tyler Perry put it best..'What then say you to these things? That if God be for you, who can be against you? So say whatever you want. God was for her. You crack joke about her being a crack head..who are you to judge? and remember You reap what you sow.

925 days ago
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