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Kim Kardashian

The World's Most

Expensive Gym Bag

2/19/2012 12:40 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and her Hermes Birkin
When Kim Kardashian goes to workout her million dollar booty, she doesn't just throw her sweaty rags in any old duffel -- she carries the world's most highly coveted handmade leather purse ... the Hermes Birkin.

Kim left a Beverly Hills gym on Thursday holding a black Birkin, which can cost anywhere from $9k to about $150k ... just ask Rick Yune​.

She's one bougie bag lady.


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As if Kim works out. She just wears the gym clothes and carries the bag for the paps. And gets lipo and implants to maintain her "curves".

974 days ago


To Brie Celeste- YOU really need to get a life! If you think they are annoying-YOU are equally annoying.There are 100's of rich folk in Hollywood and else where, living the high life.They aren't the only ones.Just stay off this site and maybe YOUR problem will be solved.

974 days ago


Looks like something you'd find in a junk store.

974 days ago


OM Fuching G!!! I could pay off my house for what she paid for that damn bag!

974 days ago


To make things easier for Kim, she is now spelling her last name Kar-ian.
She explains, the "-" isn't silent, so it's like the same thing, but easier to write.

974 days ago


If only sucking **** on camera would be that easy for me to do, I would be a rich bitch instead working 2 jobs and paying my way threw college. It's all about who you **** and how much of their success you get in your mouth!

974 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Great! Now we have two OCD addled spammers on crusades on top of the Chinese spambots and the ridiculous "obscenity filter"... F*cksakes, hire a real webmaster, Harvey! Cheap bastard!

974 days ago


The BIG purse is to cover her BIG butt. Even from the front it's so wide. no wonder she's carrying like that.
Please make her just goooo away

974 days ago

Peter Hobson    

Stupid is what stupid does

974 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

that ugly purse might cost $9K to about $150K but I'm 100$ sure that she didn't pay a cent for it... As we all know celebs/talentless celebs get free stuff from these high end companies so they can advertise their products and idiot fans that see them wearing these accessories will go out and buy it when in fact the celeb didn't pay a cent for it...

974 days ago


Big deal. Doesn't help her Q score of Negitive 53. She still is hated. Anything for attention and money.

What ever happened to her moving because of her so called tresspasser? I guess E! wasn't going to pay for it. Also her moving her DASH store because of so many customers the store couldn't handle it. Yeah, Right.

974 days ago

paul a.    

The Talentless One needs to take the money she has scammed out of us and retire....I never want to hear about her again..... The fake wedding was A Bridge Too Far for me....

974 days ago


The oversized bag (forget the price) is used to hide her fat belly and parking lot sized hips. The girl is no more than a chubby, over hyped, make-up caked ho!

974 days ago


its too bad we don,t hear that she gave money to the needy, oh , this a karadashian, we won,t ever hear of money they gave to somebody in need, the are selfish people who thinks of noone but themselves, what happen to caring about less fornuate people, that will never happen to the creedy, selfish karadashians, there will one day they will have to answer for their greed. they whole family can go to hell.

974 days ago


Hard to believe that this woman does not somehow get it unless she surely just doesn't care about flaunting it. Surely the Kardashian head mistress (Momma Kris) has to have a bigger and better brain. She created Kim, in her current form and it's backfired in so many ways. I give kudos to Kris for building the empire but it surely is about to fall unless she starts re-inventing the wheel. More people would love them if they found a more down to earth approach and with that would come more (solid) endorsements and of course, money. Kim needs to tone it down in so many areas. She needs to loosen up with the bragging via her twitter, blogs and showcasing her wealth in a very difficult economy for so many other people-you know, the one's who made her wealthy. When is Kim going to start sharing her wealth? When is she going to mentor other women in need? When is she going to spread some of that money that people like us helped her grab so easily? How about it Kim? Kris? When are you going to stop flaunting your wealth and start giving? People would love you all so much more if you would just come down to earth a bit more.

974 days ago
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