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Bobby Brown

Won't Drag Lawyers

Into Bobbi Kristina Dispute

2/19/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_BOBBI_BOBBICHRISTINA_WHITNEY_EX2_GETTYBobby Brown has been battling with Whitney Houston's family over seeing his daughter ever since Whitney passed away last week ... but Bobby won't turn this into a legal battle ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the New Edition singer tell TMZ ... Bobby really wants to be there for Bobbi Kristina, but does not want to make the situation more stressful for her than it already is.

We're told Bobby was very upset with how he was treated at Whitney's funeral yesterday and feels her family should be as considerate to him as his family was to Whitney when Bobby's mother passed away last year.

According to our sources, Bobby won't bring lawyers into the situation and, as one source said, he feels "this sort of thing you let the higher power handle."



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She was already doing drugs when they met. Why is it that a woman is a DIVA, a "force," a "strong woman" and all that but as soon as it's convenient let's trot out the victim role. No one tells Whitney what to do but Whitney, at least according to Whitney while was alive. So, as hard as it may be to accept it - Whitney killed Whitney. PERIOD

944 days ago


Krissy if she so chooses will work things out with her father. And quit blaming Bobby B. for Whitney's drug addiction. As one of Whitney's close friends mentioned in one of the media interviews, Whitney was using long before she met Bobby. Whitney made bad choices and unfortunately those decisions cost her her life. Yesterday's funeral was a wonderful tribute to a talented but fragile woman. P.S. When will the music industry mandate drug testing for artists under contract?

944 days ago


I wish BK the best. She should go to college in another country & get away for awhile.

944 days ago


Don't know why some of you are insisting Bobby should have sat next to her. She's 18 if she had wanted him to he would have been allowed. Bobby wasn't even with her when she went to the viewing of her mother lying in a casket dead. She did not arrive there with Cissy they were in 2 different cars. So ,obviously if she needed or wanted Bobby she could have had him with her there the night of viewing her dead mothers body. I'm sure that Cissy and the Houston's didn't take a 18 year olds cell phone away from her either so she could have talked to her father prior to the viewing and prior to the funeral if she chose to. It's not about where Bobby wanted to sit it's where Bobbi Kristina wanted him to sit. Of course Whitney would have been asked to sing at Bobbys families funeral who wouldn't want Whitney to sing at a families funeral. I don't see anyone asking Bobby to sing at their families funeral. The Houston family did show him respect they gave him an invitation and how many people he could bring, the seating was limited they wouldnt have wasted invitations or seating if they had not expected him there. They have been divorced for years he's moved on and Whitney was trying to clean herself up without him. We don't know what kind of relationship he's had with his daughter since the divorce but what has happened since Whitneys death speaks volumes to that. It's not about Bobby Brown it's about Cissy,Bobbi Kristina and the Houston family. Grow up Bobby!

944 days ago


Sadly, Bobbi needs have legal representation to protect her from anyone who would control her and what will likely be a large inheritance. Whitney may have been "broke" but her estate won't be. If Whitney's family is getting in between her and her father while she is vulnerable, it doesn't bode well for them not getting between her and her money too.

944 days ago


Too bad she has her Dad's mugshot face instead of her mother's good looks.

944 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

A house (nation) divided against itself cannot stand. Just something I read somewhere. And in my opinion, the blame game is a very dangerous game because it only divides us. Just sayin'. Getting off of my soapbox now. Whitney entertained me and I'm glad that I was around to enjoy her work. Thanks. R.I.P. Whitney.

944 days ago


I'm not buying any of this. She's of legal age. She can and will do whatever she wants. You dumbasses that buy into this story are just that; dumbasses. Did it even cross your mind she's of legal age and maybe she doesn't want to see her father? Of course not. You believe tabloids instead of using common sense.

944 days ago


Bobby Brown is a big baby. He didn't like that the extra 6 uninvited people he brought to Whitney's funeral were asked to move, as they were all seated where they didn't belong, where Whitney's family was seated. He had a huge lack of sense to bring an entourage, regardless of who they were, to a funeral where he was invited 'plus two'. The fact that he didn't rush to his daughter's side the minute he found out her mother had died says a lot about him, and none of it good. He's apparently by all accounts never been much of a father to Bobbi Kristina, so it's not surprising; seems Bobby only thinks of himself. Good thing Kristina has Cissy and her mother's family to be with her through this sad time. Bobby, you're not a man; you're a narcissist, imo.

944 days ago



944 days ago


Bobbi Kristina knows Bobby Brown is a loser. Kids know their parents faults first. He was so broke at one time, he had whitney paying his child support. Sink or swim now bobby. If he writes a tell all book about whitney it will only hurt his already strained relationship with bobbi kristina.

944 days ago


Frigging publicity hound. The girl is of age, not a damned thing he can do about it. He has seen the bad PR that he's been getting over not just staying and ignoring WHATEVER went on, so he is PUBLICLY making these ridiculous "statements" through mysterious "sources". I call SHENA****NS on him.

944 days ago


BK is not a child anymore, no one can force an 18 year old to see a parent that they don't want to see. When she is ready to see her dad, no one will be able to stop her. I'm sure she has a cell phone, and I'm also sure she knows his number, which means she is just not ready to deal with him yet.

944 days ago


Duh, the kid is over 18 so it is not like a lawyer is going to help him get access to her.
Remember when one of the preachers yesterday quoted Gandhi (tho he did so in a rude, disrepectful way by just saying with a smirk on his face "one Muslim guy said...") referred to Gandhi's comment that he "wanted to meet Christ but not the Christians that follow him". Basically he totally got the quote wrong and didn't seem to care...should have been
"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ"
Think about the behavior being reported about the security guards and those from the WH camp who let this all happen yesterday. They are there in a church and acting very un-Christian like.
Think anyone in that church recognizes the irony/hypocrisy between the quote being brought up and what happened?

944 days ago

Miss Greta    

Dumbass dad doesn't even know how old his daughter is.

944 days ago
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