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Whitney Houston

Laid to Rest

2/19/2012 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery.

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.

Houston was laid to rest next to her father, John Russell Houston, who died in 2003. The burial was a small "family only" affair and not the star-studded event that yesterday's moving funeral service was.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney's casket was heavily protected since the funeral yesterday ... with nearly 10 security guards working in shifts to keep it guarded.

Houston passed away back on February 11. A cause of death has yet to be determined.



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Kevin: about a minute ago

Can someone tell me why this women had such a big police escort? UNREAL. If I were a NJ tax payer I would be pissed!.
Well, don't get so pissed. All of our Presidents spend tax payers money more than people that die do.

940 days ago


whatever...we are all. ALL. going to die. and like someone emailed me. saying 1 person dies and a million people cry. but a million people die and no one cries ( insert a picture of starving children with ribs showing ) regardless...she was loved, she was hated. at the end of the day...we are all going to be in her shoes as far as being dead. hell...I bet a person who has commented on her death has died too by now. life is crazy. so was she. so are we.

940 days ago

Show Respect for Once in Your Life    

The service was beautiful, the songs and speeches were wonderful. The sermon was great. Anyone who think otherwise are just not believers in God or just really sick in the head. Cissy Houston did a great thing by making this private since many people in the media and public spoke negatively of her daughter, Whitney. I pray for the Houston and Brown families, along with her close friends. I will miss Whitney Houston for her angelic voice, golden heart, courage and great personality. I don't judge her based on the mistakes she made in life, and I don't see how anyone else can. God makes that decision. Who are we to judge?

940 days ago


Good this thing not over yet?? How much longer are they going to drag this out! RIP already!

940 days ago


I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that she was a bitch. Flags being lowered at half staff was a sign of where our country is, in the crapper. Embarassing. Can we all move on now ?

940 days ago


I just can't believe they would lay her to rest in such a easy access and open area. I find it hard to believe that she is really buried there. I think it was a farce. She was probably creamated and this was for show.

940 days ago


Congrats Whitney! You've been sober a whole week now! You go girl!

940 days ago


I was a special extra on a movie set with Whitney back in the 90's, and let me just say that she was a total Diva. Wouldn't speak to anyone near her, not to mention us lowly actors. She pranced around with another girl, I think her name was Robyn, who always wore overalls, and rumor had it that they were gay. She did not appear to be a nice person and she was a total Diva. Why we are idolizing a person like this is beyond me. She was a wonderful singer, beyond tht, her life was a waste.

940 days ago


How many deaths of this caliber are left? We have witnessed and or heard of the death of: Jesus, Elvis, Michael, Whitney, Hitler , Oprah... but you now what? we are not far behind. I love and hate you all<3

940 days ago


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this a public cematery? If so that means her grave is out and about just like anyone elses. How long will it take for someone to dig her up? I can't believe they would bury her there with ZERO security.

940 days ago


First I want to say that I feel bad even going here but, I have to! You hateful white AssWholes. Yes, Whitney, had a drug problem, but how does that make her any less of a person? Most people have some type of addiction. I don’t care if its food or porn whatever the case maybe, it’s still an addiction. You are no better or worse than she. At the end of the day she was still a human being that loved and wanted to be loved. It make me so, sick that some people are judging this woman so harshly, acting as if they have never done anything that was wrong, so you never used drugs, big f**king deal, because it’s likely you are hiding some far worse. You’ve called this girl (Bobby K) parents crack heads and junkies, yet forget your parents! The white father who love his kids some much he has sex with each and every one of them. And you loving mother who knows, watches and keep her kids quiet until they are adults in therapy. Again at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your addictions or demons are. We are all still human being that love and want to be loved, so before you start judging others search the deepest darkest parts of your past, and just thank god, that you are not a crack head.

940 days ago


I think it was the most dirtiest thing in the world that TMZ's unethical arshes took photos of her in a body bag.

940 days ago


If she's laid to rest THEN DAMNIT LET HER REST. Do some real journalism on the corrupt government.

940 days ago


I think that it was so despicable that TMZ took photos of this woman in a body bag. You all should be ashamed. Your sick behavioral fascinations seeing black people dead.

940 days ago



940 days ago
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