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Whitney's Funeral ...

Bobby Comes Out on Top

2/20/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Brown's decision to hightail it out of Whitney Houston's "home going" -- even though he was invited -- was one of the best decisions he's ever made. It's hard to say ... but we think Bobby actually took ... the high road??!! We'll explain.

Pus, Lindsay Lohan thinks her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig will kick-start a comeback -- wishful thinking? And does she have the dedication and sobriety to pull it off?

Also, ESPN's 30-day suspension of a sportscaster for making a controversial Jeremy Lin comment ... smells like a giant serving of sacrificial lamb. Did the network bow before really listening to what the guy said? We think so.


(2:10) Major controversy over Bobby's presence at Whitney's funeral -- and this time ... he wasn't in the wrong.
(6:22) Kevin Costner's eulogy -- totally self-indulgent.
(8:00) The gravy dish found in Whitney's death tub -- would you eat out of it? Gary sure would.
(11:00) ESPN fires one employee and suspends another over the Jeremy Lin "chink in the armor" controversy -- but only one deserved punishment according to the people in the newsroom.
(18:05) Kobe Bryant promises Vanessa he'll never cheat again -- but she's already in a New York state of mind.
(26:05) Can "SNL" save Lindsay? Mike thinks it's totally possible, if...
(42:00) Clint Eastwood says there hasn't been a good U.S. Prez in awhile ... time for a TMZ history lesson ... and a theme song by Evan.


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I am so glad someone agrees with me about Costner. Ugh. I agree "Me Me Me". "I got Whitney the part. I am so great." Did he understand this was HER funeral? On and on. Everyone else short & sweet & about HER.
Disagree about Bobby Brown. How can you not be an adult & sit there and shut up at her funeral? I have had to do things in life to keep peace & decorum in sensitive situations & I am a very strong willed person. Although it is obvious the family is furious at him for other reasons. He was accused of domestic violence. He was carrying his horrible behavior into her funeral. I don't know if you remember, he was banned from entering a state at one point or he would be arrested. In & out of court/jail many times.

975 days ago


I'm sorry, I would understand if Bobby went on his own there would of been room. Has anyone thought that only he (Bobby) was invited and not his guest. It reminds me of a gathering that only one person is invited and they that person takes it upon themselves to invite others.

975 days ago


Is Harvey Levin gay?

975 days ago


TMZ, Replay and listen to kevin costner's speach. It was by far the best of all of them. And why were there no close friends of whitneys speaking for her? Seems just people that had been her her life through her family or career. They should have accomodated for whitneys ex stepchildren and bobby. My god they were part of her life for 18 yrs and the oldest is about 23. That was intended to be a smack and shows they are going to try to alienate bobbi kris from her half brothers, sister and dad. Very cruel, but it will back fire in the end and kharma will be knocking down some doors.

975 days ago


While I guess I shouldn't be shocked by your response to Costner's eulogy, I would have thought by the reaction of the public and MEDIA you would have kept it to yourself. Seeing that you are quite in the minority. That's okay. We are all entitled to our opinions. What's interesting is that yours is so far out in left field compared to the overall reaction by most. You both come across as so jaded, you should admit it at the top of your stories from now on. "This represents the opinions of people who've come to hate the people they are covering and we don't trust anything that comes out of their mouths". It would help keep things in perspective.

975 days ago


I for one was moved by the eulogy given by Mr. Costner. He added elements of laughter as well as explaining why he felt a special closeness to Ms. Houston based on being raised in a Baptist Church. After relaying his personal experiences, he brought the whole text together by adding in his history with her. This is exactly what a eulogy is about. How you knew the deceased and what made that person special to you. Bravo to Mr. Costner! Shame on you

974 days ago


About those ladies in the nursing uniforms and hats. The Nursing/Nurses Guild is a traditional organization in many African-American congregations. They generally function much as has been described here: providing comfort and assistance to the bereaved at funerals, assisting the elderly during regular services, assisting with visitations for the sick, etc. Often they actually are nurses or other healthcare workers. There's nothing contrived or odd about it unless, of course, you are unfamiliar with the practice.

974 days ago


TMZ...You folks stepped WAY OVER the line of ethics to your presentation on the funeral in your poking jabs at the attendees. Whether it is Whitneys' or Jane Does', everyone (but you) knows to give respect & reverence to all involved at the occasion. Whats' wrong with you people? The infractions were countless with you commentary on the occasion. Wake up & apologize to all those you said the things you said about & during the funeral. for once do something decent...especially for those who were there to give the homage to a very special woman in each of there lives.

974 days ago


why did witney houston died we don't know yet but they did tell them at the funeral

974 days ago


Seriously the whole chink in the Armour is just silly. To many of your American's are to PC these days. It's a saying that's been around for a very long time, hell it's probably from Medieval times which would definitely not had any meaning to be racist and just because the word Chink means something else doesn't mean it was used that way. This just shows how backwards things are becoming over there.

974 days ago


They did Bobby so wrong!!! That was her husband for so many years and the father of her daughter. That was completely disrespectful. You could never hear Whitney's name without Bobby's name following but the day of her funeral it was like he was non exisitant!!!

974 days ago


I love your live show however you guys are hippocrates...speaking of people how go way too far...some of the photo's you guys get your hands on is a little invastive.

974 days ago

tanyika l    

hose First of all i want to say to jody on your comment about whitney mothers nurses.They were not nurses in uniforms they were ushers.R.I.P.Whitney

974 days ago


I mean really who thinks about how many people you can take to a funeral especially if you are family! utterly ridiculous!

974 days ago


I don't know what funeral you were watching but at the one I saw Kevin Costner was one of the best speakers there. Unlike the other outsized egos in the room, including the presiding bishop (that guy in the black robe with red trim, wearing glasses), Costner was heartfelt and sincere and he was clearly grieving rather than trying to squeeze every last minute of camera time from his appearance.

974 days ago
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