TMZ Live Whitney's Funeral ... Bobby Comes Out on Top

2/20/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live -- Whitney Houston's Funeral -- Bobby Comes Out on Top

Bobby Brown's decision to hightail it out of Whitney Houston's "home going" -- even though he was invited -- was one of the best decisions he's ever made. It's hard to say ... but we think Bobby actually took ... the high road??!! We'll explain.

Pus, Lindsay Lohan thinks her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig will kick-start a comeback -- wishful thinking? And does she have the dedication and sobriety to pull it off?

Also, ESPN's 30-day suspension of a sportscaster for making a controversial Jeremy Lin comment ... smells like a giant serving of sacrificial lamb. Did the network bow before really listening to what the guy said? We think so.

(2:10) Major controversy over Bobby's presence at Whitney's funeral -- and this time ... he wasn't in the wrong.
(6:22) Kevin Costner's eulogy -- totally self-indulgent.
(8:00) The gravy dish found in Whitney's death tub -- would you eat out of it? Gary sure would.
(11:00) ESPN fires one employee and suspends another over the Jeremy Lin "chink in the armor" controversy -- but only one deserved punishment according to the people in the newsroom.
(18:05) Kobe Bryant promises Vanessa he'll never cheat again -- but she's already in a New York state of mind.
(26:05) Can "SNL" save Lindsay? Mike thinks it's totally possible, if...
(42:00) Clint Eastwood says there hasn't been a good U.S. Prez in awhile ... time for a TMZ history lesson ... and a theme song by Evan.