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'Biggest Loser' Contestants

Throw Weight Around,

Threaten to Quit Show

2/22/2012 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


There's a big, fat problem on the set of "The Biggest Loser" -- TMZ has learned nearly all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show and are threatening to quit after learning about a secret "twist" that could seriously affect their shot at the $250,000 grand prize.

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... the mutiny took place this week ... when the losers got word that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the grand prize.

We're told most of the current contestants were pissed -- feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple ... so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode.

Sources tell us ... show honchos have shut down production for at least a week while they figure out how to handle the situation.

A rep for NBC had no comment on the situation.



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I bet they can be lured back with some delicious cake & pie.

977 days ago

My Big Salami    

If they were really serious they should have RAN off the show! Not walked?

977 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Oh fat people..

977 days ago


watching this seasons and these contestants really are the biggest complainers and really the worst competitors they've ever had - they really bitch and complain about working out - and the least amount of weight loss, they've had 3 ppl so far ask to go home cuz they don't like all the work - probubly why producers are doing this - cuz there isn't any one i'm rooting for this season

977 days ago


How sad that these people are more concerned about winning money then getting healthy. This is just one of the small problems with the world today, instead of just shutting up and working hard to be the winner, they whine moan and give up unless they get their way.

977 days ago

two cents    

"Twist"? Sounds like a dirty trick. They had their chance, they shouldn't be allowed to come back. I'd be pissed, too.
TMZ, it's amazing how you're able to block certain words, yet your spammers get through with no problem. Why is that?

977 days ago




977 days ago


and they wonder why they have an eating problem and cope by consuming food? Sounds like one instigator got the entire house to act like pouty babies. If this is how they are going to handle twists and turns in life, they knew coming into this show it is a game, that twists and turns happen.

Hope the producers do not cave, hold them to their contracts on the show. They need to learn that in life not everything goes their way and twists happen in life, if they are there just for the money they ALL are there for the wrong reasons.

They have this opportunity to get healthy and break their food addictions for their families, that should be their focus.

977 days ago


Get rid of that Conda person, she is trying to turn everyone against each other, she's a mean girl, making this into an immature high school thing.

977 days ago


Let them leave. Bring in a new group of people who want to get healthy. Obviously this idiotic bunch of entitlement dwellers have never watched any of the previous seasons. Or they would know that they bring back people all the time. I am sure producers will let them know that by quitting, they would surely be forfeiting their stipend. Watch how fast they will come waddling back.

977 days ago


I guess NBC's promise turned out to be a big fat lie.

977 days ago


It is shocking, just shocking, to hear that a reality show would exploit its cast in this manner. Who would have thought that a TV show would create drama and not care about fairness among contestants? If I were to sign up for a reality TV show I would expect the producers to put my best interests above all else. That is what normally occurs on reality TV. NOT!

977 days ago


Thought this season was the season for "NO EXCUSES", kick them off and bring back the past contestants who would love the opportunity again and who will be grateful and who have the mindset to get healthy.

I do not like any of the contestants this season, they are all acting immature and encouraging each other to stoop to levels they should be ashamed of.

Buck up, make the most out of this, or boot them all off the show, they are trying to run and ruin the show because they continue to USE EXCUSES in life to act the way they do then pack food away to cope.

Find the instigator and kick her off the show. Take the ring leader out of these circus clowns out.

Stop embarrassing yourselves and your family, this game has always had twists and turns. They knew it coming into the game.

Hold them to their contracts, it should have ramifications if they ban to do a walk out, the contract should state B.L has the power to change the game up at any time, so tell them all they are in Breach of Contract and have to get back to filming or else accept the legal ramifications of their choice to breach a contract.

Bring back all of those who were voted off, they'll be grateful for a second chance if the ones who were there are going to act like big babies.

977 days ago


Good for them...I would be mad too...

976 days ago


oooooo pleeeeze who do these contestants think are! The show has ALWAYS bought eliminated contestants back to the show to compete. UGH! The remaining are afraid that Adrian and Daphne may come back! It's called GOOD TELEVISION! Come dare they NOT think this was a possibility?

976 days ago
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