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Rihanna & Chris Remixes

A Real One-Two Punch

2/21/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown has the newsroom up in arms -- because everyone still remembers what he did to RiRi's face. Are we crazy? (That was rhetorical)


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Did she ever do an interview or testify? Did she ever say he did it? I don't remember? All I remember are the pictures.

972 days ago


Say is isn't so!..Sometimes young is dumb.

972 days ago


Rihanna has now lent her vocals to 2 Chris Brown Tracks. 2 MINDLESS, CLUB BANGING, pointless songs, for which....she SURELY does not need the money. SO WHY DID SHE DO THAT?

Rihanna is an absolute disgrace to any victim of violence! She is essentially telling MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD it is OKAY to go back to the person who choked, punched, slammed & shoved you, if you two can make money together & get people talking through a couple of hurtin' songs !?!

REALLY Rihanna!?!?

This will only perpetuate all the bruised, battered, beat up housewives out there who, FOR FINANCIAL REASONS. choose to associate, stay, or play, with the men who beat them senseless on a regular basis!

I think I need to say it again.

REALLY Rihanna!?!?

What the eff is going on!!!!!!

This is sick!!!!! This makes me feel physically sick!

972 days ago


I'm not surprised because Rihanna has been living on the edge for the past year and she seems to be spiraling out of control drinking in the ocean/pool, openly smoking "kush" and the wild partying... it was only a matter of time before she went back with him in some sort.

We must also remember, there are two sides to the story. And although I never condone what he did to her, what did she do to him to make her think that taking him back is acceptable?

It will be only a matter of time when we will find out they are dating again. #selfdestruction

972 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

If she doesn't give a damn that he beat her, why should anybody else? Yeah, I know, because it's the right thing to do. Being a decent person takes a bit of an effort sometimes, doesn't it?

972 days ago


An idiotic stunt that's going to make her as unpopular as he is.

972 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Maybe she hasn't learned her lesson yet and needs another beating after he won a grammy.

972 days ago


Geez leave them alone!! If she forgave him then everyone needs to drop it!! Both are very talented artists and if they choose to work together then get over it!! WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING LIKE CHRIS BROWN BEAT THEM UP if the two involved in the unfortunate incident are able to look past it and has worked through it I don't think people should judge or hate on one!! JUST LEAVE IT ALONE MAYBE THEY ARE DOING THIS TOGETHER BECAUSE THE BOTH WANT THEIR PAST TO BE THE PAST KEY WORK IN THIS THE PAST!! GET OVER IT AND STOP HATING ON HIM HE DIDN'T DO NOTHING TO YOU EXCEPT BE AN ARTIST AND MAN HAS TALENT AND SO DOES RIHANNA!!

972 days ago


Well I'm very dissapointed I like Chris Brown I thought he was doing good by putting all this behind him, staying away from destruction, and bad behavior like this,As an Abused women it makes my heart hurt. R fogave him so did I he worked very hard to get where he is today, I don't condone it, I don't think making music together is a good business move, I think this will just make things much worse for both of them. Miranda lambert is only bringing up Chris Brown and showing signs at her concert, so that only tells me she only goes after black man, because her husband's idol beat the crap out of Tanya Tucker, maybe Blakes idol should listen to her song as well. Because Miranda so perfect, she doesn't go after other wives husbands, right?? She should just keep her lips sealed, and just mind her own business. It's not up to her what fate lies in Chris Brown's hand. It's up to God.

972 days ago


She is a WEAK woman and a pathetic example.

972 days ago


Rihanna, PICK OUT YOUR GRAVE GIRL! It's only a matter of time before he kills you.

972 days ago


Bad move Rhianna. You may forgive him but most of the world won't. Whatever, its only a matter of time before his temper flares again. I pity his next victim

972 days ago


Domestic Violence is Terrible on any level. Chris Brown is not the first celeb to abuse a women. The list is very long and includes people such as Eminem, Ryan Oneal, Nick Carter, Charlie Sheen, Sugar Ray Leonard,Mel Gibson, Terrance Howard, nicholas Cage and many others. Why are we still talking about the? Chris Brown has done more for redemption then any of the offenders I listed. Rhianna has never spoke ill about him and it is very obvious that they care deeply for each other. Hopefully they have learned a lesson and do not repeat it. No one has the right to judge her for her decisions. There were two people in that car, they have worked it out. Let them be.

972 days ago


what a dumb(@*# i do not feel bad for her anymore!!! no woman deserves that, but if it happens again deal with it you are stupid woman.

972 days ago


Her getting back with Brown doesn't surprise me. I don't think she's gone downhill or anything, I'm not sure her behavior is a recent thing.

In interviews and songs, she's basically said that she likes things a little rough and that she enjoys being dominated. It's hard sometimes, when you're in that type of relationship, to know exactly where to draw the line.

I'm not defending Chris Brown. I'm not trying to say that Rihanna deserves it or is asking for it. I'm just saying that she is a grown woman, and she's free to make her own choices as to the kinds of people that she wants in her life.

972 days ago
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