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Rapper Fabolous

Drops $45,000 on 120 BOTTLES

Inside Atlanta Nightclub

2/22/2012 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Fabolous got a record number of people wasted last weekend in Atlanta -- dropping $45,000 on 120 BOTTLES of champagne at a nightclub ... and it was all a favor for his good friend.

Sources tell TMZ, Fab bought the bottles of Rosé Moët as a present for his buddy -- who was celebrating his birthday at Club Compound in Atlanta last Saturday.

The bottles were delivered in a golden bath-shaped litter by club personnel -- you know, that wheelless carriage thing royalty travels in ... usually carried on the shoulders of their half-naked royal subjects.

According to sources, Fab was hosting the event -- and decided to show everyone in the club a good time by comping the endless flow of booze.

He be killin' em.


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Charlie Sheen's Watch    

What a fracking imbecile. These bottles, at most, sell for 80 bucks a bottle. 120 bottles at 80 bucks a pop is only 960...0 dollars. And he paid 45,000? What a fracking idiot. I bet the club got the bottles at 50 or less a pop.

These rappers are a bunch of neanderthals. Mentally deficient. Then they rap about the White guys who control it all and complain they are being treated differently.

971 days ago


and next week we will hear how the phkn fool owes 5 years back taxes.....what an idiot!

971 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Who? Another dumbass rapper living way to large. Let us check back with Mr. Fabo in a few years and see how broke he is. These douche bags will never learn.

971 days ago


He should of fixed his teeth with that money.he looks like he could cut metal with those things.

971 days ago


Save this article Fab so that when you go broke they will remember how kind you were and give some of that back!

971 days ago

JEWremy LIN     

THis is what wrong with this country spending money on useless things instead of helping out his ppl in DR. i give him 2 years until he is like Antoine wlaker, DMX, chris tucker and his other brothers broke owing uncle sam.

971 days ago


In a few years we will see the headline "Fabolous files for bankruptcy, owes IRS $500,000".

971 days ago

Double R    

What an idiot!

971 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Was probably worth about $1200. Re-bottled garbage, LOL.

971 days ago


Waste of money!!!! Why didn't he drop that $45000 on a house for a homeless mother with children living in a homeless shelter......*justsayn*

971 days ago

Say what?!    

How do these idiots have all the money in the world to waste and not a dime to pay their taxes?

Next we'll be hearing about how Uncle Sam is coming after this fool for unpaid taxes. You watch.

971 days ago


1) What's the purpose of being rich if you cant spend your OWN money the way you like... 2) The club most likely gave him free bottle service for hosting the party 3) Why are you people soooo jealous (and hate!) of black people with money?!

971 days ago


Umm my question is where is his girl Emily??? LOSER...

971 days ago


Take a good look at that golden tub of fire water! Reminds me of the Golden Calf from the Bible when Moses went up to the mountain to get the Ten Commandments! When Moses came down the mountain with the tablets, he saw how wicked everyone was acting. He threw the tablets at them and all of a sudden lightning struck and the earth started shaking and the earth opened up and swallowed the idol worshipers into the ground in the fire and brimstone. Jesus is coming soon, people, A local grandmother and her step daughter KILLED her granddaughter for accepting a candy bar from another student on the school bus! She made her run for punishment for so long, she dehydrated and she collapsed and died. Yes, Jesus is coming soon! All this madness will stop for the Saved by His Blood ones, but Tribulation is going to be very, very bad. (7 years).

971 days ago


Yup, he'll be broke and friendless like all the others. Who caresif he didn't spend a dime. It came out of his appearance fee. Lord knows why anyone would pay this no name to appear, but hey, whatevs. It just goes to show how athletes and singers waste money on frivolous things (How many cars can you drive? 10? 12?) and friends who will move on to the next free party when you aren't buying anymore. Dummy.

971 days ago
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