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Judge to Lindsay:

'You're in the Home Stretch!'

2/22/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
just got yet another rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this AM -- as Sautner proudly announced, "You're in the home stretch!"

Sautner was impressed -- that for the 3rd time in a row, Lindsay completed her required community service and therapy sessions.

Sautner gushed, "You seem to be getting your life back on track."

Lindsay has ONE MORE progress hearing set for March 29th -- by which date she must complete her final 14 days of community service at the L.A. County morgue, and 5 more therapy sessions.

If she stays on track, Lindsay will be placed on informal probation, meaning all she has to do is obey all laws.

Then again, that's been a tall order in the past.

TMZ obtained a copy of Lindsay's latest probation progress report ...and according to the document she still owes $3500 in community service fees related to the jewelry theft case. The original debt was $3900.

As for how Lindsay's been able to turn her life around -- her lawyer Shawn Holley shared an interesting theory with us on her way out of court today (below) ... and she might just be on to something ...



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Why does media waste so much time on this nobody, I just dont get it, Enough of writing some story every second day about someone who has done nothing ata all in years. Big waste of time , so tired of hearing about this trashy waste of skin,who cares about what she is doing and what time she has court and how many times she uses the bathroom ....stop it, its REALLY GETTING OLD

974 days ago


Vorlon: 11 minutes ago
Are you REALLY that dim? She can't follow laws to save her freaking life. God you're an idiot.

You don't think there has speculation surrounding her since 2006. It was DUI's that got her in trouble but now she won't do that again and will be done with it.

974 days ago


She has been given numerous breaks and now we're supposed to be proud of her progress. She's habitual and will screw up again.

974 days ago


That was no "rave" review....

974 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Really, TMZ? It's actually rather sad if a judge is "impressed" that you did what you were ordered to do. Actually, I'm pretty sure that if the judge is proud or impressed that you managed to do something you were ordered, to do, the judge is patronizing you and she is pointing and laughing on the inside.

974 days ago


After seeing the True Hollywood Story on E about Lindsay, things make way more sense. This girl has been on her own since she moved to LA alone at 16, and her parents area not functional adults. The judge and her attorney have become proxy parents - the problem is, come April, they'll be out of her life, too, so I don't have much hope for her unless she finds a sober coach who can be a mentor and authority figure too. Good luck, Lindsay.

974 days ago


Really who gives a **** about this ****..!!1 Do we need to spend more on this idiot? The girl will die before she is 30... guarenteed... and who is to blame? .... her sick demented parents... really they should be charged with child abuse. What a waste of human beings... Lindsay please go away far far away... nobody likes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

974 days ago


God she looks HORRIBLE. Too bad she's still doing coke at Chateau every night.

974 days ago


she is so ****ing high... why cant anyone else see that...

974 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sorry, not buying it...

974 days ago


Now that Lindsay is done with all this injustice, doors are really going to open up, and they should. She never really did anything wrong. Nothing that everybody else doesn't do too. Lindsay just got treated unfairly for years. Now it's time foe a little payback.

974 days ago


She looked like the walking dead in there. Pale as hell, that wig has a mind of it's own, and she was high as a kite. The court just wants to rid themselves of this idiot.

974 days ago


SHE IS SO HIGH...she looks like a crusty meth head.... i mean come on.... its just so obvious...

974 days ago


Wait, I thought she was AHEAD of SCHEDULE so that she could finish early? I didn't hear the judge say anything about that. I would've liked the judge to ask her exactly what work she did in NYC during Fashion Week, though. I hopre she got receipts for all her services so tat she pays her fair income tax on that money.

She looks like hammered crap. Those inner-tube lips must be what the johns are asking for these days...can't imagine any other reason anyone would make themselves look deformed like that.

974 days ago


This must have been the best week Lindsay has had in quit a few years. Court pleased, hosting SNL, new movie role (and according to E-online more to come). Even her hair looked good. Go for it Lindsay and prove all these haters wrong!!

974 days ago
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