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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Sautner's Tough Love

Saved My Career!

2/22/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner
's zero-tolerance, no-BS attitude saved Lindsay Lohan's career -- at least that's what the actress is telling friends.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, LiLo wasn't a big fan of Sautner in the beginning -- but she now realizes that without Sautner laying out a blueprint for success ... she never would've gotten her act together.

We know ... the judge met with the prosecutor and Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, before LiLo was sentenced and decided it was unwise to do what the other judges had ordered -- requiring Lindsay to perform hundreds of hours of community service within a year. 

The judge and Holley realized Lindsay needed more rigid structure -- each month she'd be required to come to court and show she's completed the latest installment of community service, and if she didn't she was going directly to jail.

It worked. 

What's more ... Lindsay actually gets it and realizes the only reason new opportunities have surfaced -- including "Saturday Night Live" and a new Liz Taylor movie -- is because producers are watching and think she's turned it around.

Lindsay is in court today at 10 AM PT. We're told she performed her latest installment of community service at the morgue and she'll get another glowing review from Judge Sautner.



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Ghost Rider    

Whoever this Lindsay Lohan character was, or whoever she thinks she is, she doesn't seem to be very well liked anymore.

975 days ago

My Big Salami    

Linsay you still look hot and always will!

975 days ago


"Sources close to Lindsay" blah blah blah lies.

975 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

What a crock of sh!t!! Another glowing report, eh? There's no way in hell she could have possibly done her community service. There's not one photograph that shows her in or around the morgue since sometime in November. Not coming or going, and not even outside for a smoke break.
More lies from Lohan, and reeks of payoffs, which is exactly how Lohan has always done business.
As for Sautner saving her career and producers watching how "she's turned it around", all one has to do is look at those photos of her at Chateau Marmont, as well as those at the amFAR event. Anyone with at least 2 brain cells can tell that she's nothing more than a junkie that's still using.

975 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

By the way, if any of the usual Lohan trolls on here had any doubt left about how pro-Lohan TMZ is, all one has to do is read this article and realize the incredible timing of its release - just to coincide with Lohan's latest court date.

975 days ago


only talent will 'save' her career......

975 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

What career?

Wow.. hosting SNL. That show hasn't been funny in a decade.

Wow.. a Lifetime Made-For-TV movie. LOL. You know your career has really gone down the toilet when you're doing everything you can to nail your role in a Lifetime TV movie. hahaha.

975 days ago


The way I read it, there's one guy at TMZ who writes all these pro-Lindsay stories. I assume they are quid pro quos for an occasional inside scoop from the Lohan camp. The majority of TMZ articles on her are of the "train wreck in slow motion" variety, and every now and then one of these rah rah diatribes pops up. A simple archive search for "Lindsay gets it now" would turn up half a dozen of this guy's cheering rants, I'd bet. The author is not very imaginative, and seems to repeat himself a lot.

As for Sautner, oh yeah. Tough love. I'm sure every judge in rural America gives just as many chances as she did. They laugh off felony drug beefs, kidnapping and high speed car chases in Texas all the time, I have no doubt. L.A. and maybe New York are the only two places she could get away with all that crap.

975 days ago

Oh well    

I smell something fishy, I think this whole thing has been a farse and they think were all suckers...

975 days ago


She's just doing what she is supposed to do. No need to applaud her for that.
As for these two jobs she apparently has lined up, getting them is one thing, getting honest praise for your work is another.
She has a lot to prove, and a very negative image to overcome.
LL in my eyes at this very moment: absurd sense of entitlement, pathological liar, addict, unreliable, desperately needs makeover (oh lord the hair), ...
Good luck overcoming that!

975 days ago


There was no tough love, this "hot mess" had more kid glove treatment than most other law breakers are given.

975 days ago


Again this stupid drop out is worried about her bogus, laughingstock career instead of her life!
Not one brain cell here.

975 days ago


What career? She's next in the dead pool.

975 days ago


"because producers are watching and think she's turned it around" Not sure why producers would think that, she hasn't even been released from probation yet. She hasn't had a chance to prove herself. Producers must be very gullible.

975 days ago

Fat Mike    

It's a bit sad seeing her turn into Sautner's bitch.
At least she didn't get TMZ'd as badly as Britney.
C'mon TMZ, now she's on the mend it's time to destroy someone else's career! How about Katy Perry?

975 days ago
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