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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Sautner's Tough Love

Saved My Career!

2/22/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner
's zero-tolerance, no-BS attitude saved Lindsay Lohan's career -- at least that's what the actress is telling friends.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, LiLo wasn't a big fan of Sautner in the beginning -- but she now realizes that without Sautner laying out a blueprint for success ... she never would've gotten her act together.

We know ... the judge met with the prosecutor and Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, before LiLo was sentenced and decided it was unwise to do what the other judges had ordered -- requiring Lindsay to perform hundreds of hours of community service within a year. 

The judge and Holley realized Lindsay needed more rigid structure -- each month she'd be required to come to court and show she's completed the latest installment of community service, and if she didn't she was going directly to jail.

It worked. 

What's more ... Lindsay actually gets it and realizes the only reason new opportunities have surfaced -- including "Saturday Night Live" and a new Liz Taylor movie -- is because producers are watching and think she's turned it around.

Lindsay is in court today at 10 AM PT. We're told she performed her latest installment of community service at the morgue and she'll get another glowing review from Judge Sautner.



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Lindsay u went through that phase for a reason,i pray God will make your new success jesus name.Amen.

971 days ago


From now Lindsay on only good things will come your way in Jesus name.Amen.

971 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All I have to say is, Lilo is a hotti with a GR8 botti who refused to sign on the dotti for gotti!!!!!! And look at what's happening, SNl AND the Liz movie in less than a week!!!!!

However, as usual the H8rs will roll their phatt as*es out of bed shortly and talk about how THEY won't watch and more fvktoidally WHY are people giving her chances. Well here's a news flash for the H8rs to ride the cone on, YOU'RE incapable of thinking for yourselves and THAT'S why your inbred, illiterate, mobile home living, rode hardly, well fed, lonely,delusional, pea sized brains can't understand sh*t.

Keep on LOSING LOSERS, why did I say that? You all do a great job of doing that yourselves.

971 days ago



971 days ago


Looks like the Liz role is a little premature:

Lohan travels to New York next week to host NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on March 3. It's her fourth time hosting the show, but the first since her legal troubles began in 2007.

She appears close to signing a deal to play the lead in a Lifetime network movie about legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who died last year.

Honig acknowledged negotiations are underway, but "nothing has been signed."

971 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


971 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

LONG long long long long way from being anything crackho. You haven't even been freaking sober a month yet in your adult life. These people think we're all moronic flyover rubes.

971 days ago


too many nitwits are saying, "SNL hasn't been funny for X- years" and that's simply not true. i started watching again about 4 years ago. while not every saturday is a hit, there are lots of episodes that are flat-out hilarious. if you're saying it's not funny, you haven't watched it in years.

as lohan on SNL, i'll be boycotting that particular week. i despise her and think that she's about as funny as a cancer diagnosis.

971 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Before you go bragging about your should actually, you know, come back.

And TMZ, you publish nearly the same story every single time she goes to court. "Lindsay gets it.....seeing how responsible she's being.....blah..blah...blah."

971 days ago


More like the Judge saved her life! Her career is still in the toilet. She still uses and hasnt changed. The Terry Richardson pictures are living proof. Her going to NYC with no invites is even more proof she hasnt and will night change. All Lindsay did at New York City Fashin Week was go to Partys for drug addicts. Love magazine and Muse are rounchy magazines. AS far as SNL, well will all just see how that goes, lol. Liz Taylor not buying it till it comes from them NOT a Lying Lohan source.

When Lindsay is done in March it wont be long tilll 2007 starts all over again. Lindsays ego is way to big for her own brittges. Look at the crowd she hangs out with too.SHE HASNT CHANGED AT ALL AND SHE IS NOT GOING TO.

If Lindsay wanted to change, it wouldnt of took how many Judges and years. This Judge had to hold her by the hand and walk her threw each month. What makes it even more pittaful is it took her 5 YEARS till this Judge came along

Sorry not buying this story TMZ and Lohan Inc. are trying to sell

971 days ago


She should be embarrassed that at almost 26 she cannot do some basic task without the district judge practically holding her hand and praising her every time her ass actually (gasp!) works as if she is a mentally handicapped child.

971 days ago


Career??????? She acts like she's an effing national treasure. Ugh, just please go away permanently and take the Kartrashian whores with you.

971 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

TMZ says that Lindsay knows producers are watching and they know that she has turned it around? Nice self important assumption on your part Lindsay. Looks like the same old Lindsay to me.

971 days ago


I hope she has turned it around, but seeing is believing. I think she just wants off probation. How she acts after probation ends will really tell the tale.

971 days ago


It's a shame that a judge has to "lay down the law" to LL, yet her lawyer, Shawn Holley, who is being well paid I am sure, couldn't control her own client's actions. Oh well, lawyers don't get paid to end something quickly, they want to drag it out as long as possible, so those checks keep coming in every month. Typical.

971 days ago
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