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'Seinfeld' Star

Survives Suicide Attempt

'I've Shot Myself in the Head'

2/22/2012 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel von Bargen
-- who played Mr. Kruger in "Seinfeld" -- is clinging to life in an Ohio hospital after shooting himself in the head Monday morning in a failed suicide attempt ... and TMZ has the horrifying 911 tape in which he calls for help.

Daniel tells the 911 operator, "I've shot myself in the head ... and I need help."

The operator asks if it was an accident -- Daniel replies, "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to." Daniel says he's diabetic, explaining, "They were supposed to amputate at least a few toes."

The operator asks where the gunshot wound is -- Daniel replies, "I shot in my temple."

Law enforcement officials confirm they were dispatched to von Bargen's Cincinnati apartment complex a short time later -- and when they arrived, you can hear them on the 911 tape ... yelling at Daniel to keep his hands where they could see them.

Von Bargen -- who also played Chief Grady in "Super Troopers" -- was transported to a nearby hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

During the call, Daniel goes into even more graphic detail about his condition. Listen at your own discretion.



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He said he's already had a leg amputated & they were going to remove more toes. Have some compassion. Obviously he made the wrong decision, but you don't know what you would do until you were in his shoes. The comments on here are really sad. It's not funny at all. The 911 tape made me feel sick & now I wish I hadn't heard it at all! Some of you really lack something that's really important: empathy & compassion!

939 days ago


At 2:05 the 911 operator asks him if he knows his sisters number 'off the top of his head' And I laughed...

939 days ago


For all you dumb asses asking why he didn't just shoot again..

WATCH/LISTEN TO THE DAMN VIDEO. "I only had 1 bullet"

939 days ago


Your name is waxonwhacksoff....whose the ******* again?

939 days ago


I think most people will agree with me when I say that suicides or attempted suicides should not be handled lightly or made fun of in any way. The people who do, are immature and heartless. Although he did state that he was supposed to go to the hospital to have a couple of toes amputated, we don't know if that was the reason why he decided to attempt suicide. Hearing his 911 call was sad and made me think of a family member of mine. My family member had to have his leg amputated and all I can remember of that experience was the humiliation he felt knowing that he would no longer have a leg and his plea to just pass away when things got worse after his surgery. My heart goes out to him and all his family and friends who have been affected by this horrific event.

939 days ago


Poor guy. The reason he probably didn't try again is because most suicide attempts are by people who don't really want to die, they just want the be done with their problems that are overwhelming them. They still like life itself. It takes major balls to try to off yourself and maybe he only had the guts to try it once, then got really scared at the reality of it after it happened. I hope somehow he turns out ok.

939 days ago


you know what's weird? During the Republican debate that was on the same day this story was posted, Mitt Romney mentioned George Costanza's and Seinfeld's theory that when your audience likes what you said, you should leave on a high note - showmanship. This man played the George's boss that wants more from Costanza. The same day!

939 days ago


This is so sad. Truly heartbeaking listening to it, although I felt bad even listening to it. It seemed wrong. I just wanted to see if he could speak okay. I hope he gets better and can live a happier life.

939 days ago


This is so sad. I truly hope he recovers and gets some help. I cannot imagine the emotional pain he must be in. Especially to get to the level he reached with his own self-worth. :( I'll be saying a little prayer for this man.

939 days ago


Sad...Daniel my thoughts and prayers are with you.

939 days ago


Amazing that he survived. I guess God decided it's not yet his time. Wow.

939 days ago


So sad to see anyone despair like this when dealing with health problems.

Seeing some of the comments here just turn my stomach.
It's not funny. Shame on some of you who could be so callous and devoid of compassion for a person who is clearly suffering physically and emotionally.

939 days ago


This is really very sad. For all the comments about how it doesn't make sense, why would he not just let himself bleed to death or shoot himself again. When you botch a suicide attempt you don't usually try again right after cause you are so hurt, and your brain, even if you want to die goes into survive mode. Also, if you listen to the tape, he says several times that he cannot open his eyes, and he shot himself in the temple. He shot himself blind. Bleeding to death from that kinds of injury could take hours, even days. I know all this because I am an RN at one of the largest hospitals in the west. This is all very sad, and it doesn't sound like he really wants to kill himself, more like his diabetes, he feels, is controlling his life, he sounds very depressed, and really doesn't even sound like the man we have seen act on TV. He is in my thoughts and prayers.

938 days ago


I don't care. If he doesn't value his life after being almost famous, why should I care? I have a job and my own life, and I don't act like a crybaby. If he needs help get it, but there is no glory in forcing yourself to suffer.

938 days ago


My heart aches for him and his family and I'm so grateful he survived. Having had 2 family members take their own lives, I can tell you this is the worst thing you'll ever have to experience. My prayers go out to Daniel and his family.

938 days ago
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