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'Biggest Loser' Castoff

Contestants on Strike

Are Sabotaging Their Lives

2/23/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Forger
The oldest person ever to compete on "Biggest Loser" has some wise words for the contestants currently on strike -- the weight loss show is NOT about the prize money ... it's about saving your life.

TMZ broke the story ... nearly all of the remaining contestants on the current season have walked off the show and are threatening to quit -- after learning that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the $250,000 grand prize.

The contestants are striking because they feel it's unfair to bring back old contestants -- which would hurt their chances at winning the money.

But 66-year-old John Forger (above) -- who competed on Season 12 -- tells TMZ, "It's not about [money]. What it's really about, for most of us, is the change in our lifestyle, and being able to get rid of obesity."

John adds, "For most of us, it's about health. Would I walk off the show for the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT."

John was eliminated in the second week of Season 12 -- but he tells us, he has no regrets ... losing 97 pounds while he was on the show, and an additional 15 afterwards.



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Does anyone know who all participated in the walk off? It sounds like something Conda would start but is she still there? Doesn't it seem like everyone is afraid of crossing her? I know she's loud but no one will stand up to her. It's times like these we really need Jillian back. Can you just imagine Conda vs. Jillian? That would be EPIC!!!

971 days ago


I have not really watched this season because I work on Tuesday nights, but I must say from the articles I have read so far I have one question for the contestants,have you ever watched the show before because every season, the show brings back those who went home and one is brought back, hello been this way since I been watching, so what makes this season any different? Not like this is all new. There are a lot of obese people who love this show and watches so they can get advice to help them lose weight. I say bring those back who are on the show for the right reason, to lose weight so they be healthy and live long lives.

971 days ago


The Biggest Loser is GAME SHOW and its participants are CONTESTANTS competing against each other for the quickest weight loss in order to WIN MONEY.
If Wheel of Fortune decided to arbitrarily bring back the two losers for the final round - would we lambast the winner for complaining by saying "but it's supposed to be about the spelling..."?
TBL has little to do with healthy weight loss, so get off the morality train already.

971 days ago


My opinion is that the show is out of hand now...
The way they are casting it now is pathetic, making them earn the right to be on the show only to allow the losers of the first challenge to try to win a spot back on the show 30 days later after relationships and alliances are already built. Kim and her brother had no shot in hell of making it to the end, I guess everyone forgot they were there from the beginning as well.
As far as the walk off, LET THEIR FAT a....s walk off the show. Bring back the people who have already been eliminated and continue with them. I would give anything to have Bob or Dolvet as my trainer even for a week, none of them will be successful after the show because they are doing it for the wrong reasons $$$. Its sad when you think about it.
Bob and Dolvet should walk out on them if they come back ....See how well they do without their guidance.

971 days ago


Season 12 was a good season...good people in that season. I watched the first part of season 13, and stopped, because the people just didn't seem to me to have the same hearts as the season 12 folks. I'm assuming they are now filming season 14, as you have to remember they are at home for something like 2 months before the finally, which is on air just a week or two after the finalists are chosen. This guy is is not about the money! It should be about getting your life back! I have a dear friend who tried to get on the show for season 13, and was turned away. She didn't care about the money...she just wanted the opportunity to focus her life on losing the weight and getting healthy, so that she could come home and be a better wife and mother. She is doing it on her own, but in no way getting the kind of results she would if she were on the show. She can't afford a trainer...she can't afford a gym membership...and she has very little time in the day for herself. If these people are going to be all up in arms because previously voted off contestants are being allowed a second chance, then they are all in it for the wrong reasons!

971 days ago


For the first time I was actually ashamed to say I watch the Biggest Loser. For what was done to Daphne was an outright shame. It showed a certain level of racism. I am very upset that the executives on the show allowed this farce to continue.

To Conda - grow up girl! You are nothing more than a bully. I hope what goes around comes around to you real soon. I give Daphne so much credit of being true to herself. She is a woman of poise and honor. She didn't get a fair shake on that show and neither did her brother.

To Bob - You really should have kept your opinion to yourself, instead of forcing Daphne to come clean. It was her decision to do what she did and let's remember 1 thing, she wasn't the only person to scarf down food that night at the challenge. But she was the one persecuted for it. An anonymous challenge should have been left anonymous. Do your job as a world class trainer and stop helping the bully push others around. I lost a lot of respect for you and Dolvett last night. Please remember 1 thing, you're not a babysitter for adults. You're not there to coddle them. They need to take responsibility for their actions and literally work their as$%s off.

971 days ago


Let 'em walk! The fans would LOVE that! Bring back some of the voted off cast to take their places. Talk about ratings!

971 days ago


I have a sister who has struggled with weight her entire life. At her biggest she was 5'3" about 225. For the past year she has been doing weight watchers and very slowly taking off the pounds but it has been very hard. She would kill for the opportunity these contestants have and are completely taking for granted. If they are only in it for the money then they should not be on the show. Get rid of them and bring back anyone who is in it too change their life not just increase their bank account.

971 days ago



971 days ago


Give me a break of course it's about the money. Sure you get the side benefit of learning better eating and exercise habits but in the end, for most of us, $250,000 can be life changing. You can certainly better afford healthy foods and a membership to the YMCA.

971 days ago

Enough Already    

No doubt that this toxic, disease spreading, back stabbing, snake in the grass, CONDAscending person was behind the walkout. There is NOTHING good about this person and it surprises me that NBC/Mr. Harper/and the rest of the shows exes would allow for this bullying P.O.S. to remain on the show. This is the worst season EVER and it's because of one person. Why these other contestants are kissing her fat arse is beyond me. SEE THE LIGHT PEOPLE!!!! Careful who you associate yourself with. Petition Conda to go - NOW!!!!

971 days ago


If their for the money there no reason for them to be on the show go to another show for money that shows about becoming healthy and so what if the bring back ppl if ur doing the right things u shouldn't have anything to worry about

971 days ago


I'd LOVE to see Jillin in Conda's face giving her a mouthful of STFU and workout!

971 days ago


I'd LOVE to see Jillian in Conda's face giving her a mouthful of STFU and workout!

971 days ago


Conda is the biggest problem on that show, she's toxic and needs to go

971 days ago
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