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I Hate Drake's Voice, His Face

... I Even Hate His HAIRCUT

2/23/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Somebody call the paramedics ... because Drake just got BURNED -- courtesy of rap legend DMX, who claims he can't stand ANYTHING about the young MC ... right down to the kid's haircut.

DMX stopped by Power 105.1 in New York today where he unloaded on the rapper -- claiming, "I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his voice. I don’t like what he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks. I don’t like his haircut."

X doesn't elaborate on the source of his hatred -- but insists he's cool with Drake's mentor Lil Wayne ... whose Young Money label signed Drake in 2009.

DMX also bashes Rick Ross -- saying, "He just talks about eating too much. How much can a n**** eat?"

Thanks to our friends at Power 105.1 for the clip -- click here for the full interview.


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Glad someone finally said it. You were Wheelchair Jimmy, stop trying to act "hard".

975 days ago


Let's compare your rap sheet, DMX to Drake's. Oh that's right, DRAKE doesn't have one. I'm not real thrilled with Drake's music either but this coming out and trashing another successful rapper seems kinda stupid.

975 days ago


I see he played it safe when it was time to judge Lil' Wayne as an artist. "Oh we're cool". He went from keeping it real, to playing favorites....Pathetic.

975 days ago


Yes, finally someone steps up and calls Drake out for what he really is...Whack!

975 days ago


I love DMX's crazy ass.

975 days ago


I actually agree with him. Drake looks like he has Down's Syndrome - it's not a coincidence he got picked to play a disabled kid on Disney, but regardless of that, he just is so blah... his songs are just lame attempts to try to make himself look badass and it's just sad.

975 days ago


a bag of cotton balls is tougher than Drake.

975 days ago


I agree on both counts 100%. I Can't stand Aubrey "Drake" Graham fake azzness. Anyone remember Degrassi High? LOL look it up. Rick Ross is nothing but fatazz grimey, nasty looking sponge.

975 days ago


I think rap must have been invented to keep all these losers out of prison. Talentless morons.

975 days ago


I always thought Drake's voice was annoying on 90% of his songs. Rick Ross is just a fake gangster who just raps about the expensive things he owns, like birdman.

975 days ago

The Real JJ    

DMX is the truth! Hes saying what every other rappers is afraid to say.

975 days ago


Love DMX and glad he is making a comeback and glad he speaking the truth! Drake is WACK! And Ross is GROSS! Much LOVE to DMX!!!!!!!

975 days ago

who cares    

Ok why aren't black people ( Al and Jesse) all upset for DMX using the N word on air and calling another person(doesn't matter skin color) a N i g g e r??????? I dont get it if i got on air and being white and called Drake a n i g g e r I would be out of a job and have al and jesse harrasing me....

975 days ago


It doesn't matter what DMX thinks about Drake because he can't seem to stay out of jail long enough for anything he says to have any credit. Something about jail that DMX just can't stay away from.

975 days ago

a mere duckling    

This is so dumb. When is the last time DMX has had a hit record? This just makes him sound foolish. Instead of criticizing Drake how about you get in the studio put out some new music so you can feed your family. DMX please go get your life together and stop spreading negativity.

975 days ago
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