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La Toya Jackson

Please DON'T Free

Doctor Conrad Murray

2/23/2012 8:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray hasn't even COME CLOSE to paying for the crime of killing Michael Jackson ... and should NOT be granted early release as he's requested ... this according to La Toya.

LTJ was at LAX yesterday when we asked what she thought of Murray's recent request to be freed from jail early while he works on his appeal ... claiming he doesn't pose a threat to society.

La Toya's response -- "Absolutely NOT ... my brother's not free."

Bonus Moment -- We asked La Toya about her days with the Psychic Discoveries Network ... and she TOTALLY DROPPED A PSYCHIC BOMBSHELL!!! Check out the clip.


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Duilama you truly aren't able to think for yourself are you?

870 days ago


For those of you saying LaToya should shut up, the goober from TMZ approached her and asked the stupid question just so they would be able to throw this up on their site.

870 days ago


Michael Jackson IS FREE!! Since our Beautiful Michael has been away...every single Family member has been suing whoever they can...Michael didn't want them around for a reason...more and more I'm seeing why he didn't trust anyone in his family. And can clearly see why he found it so hard to trust Adults. He has and always will be an inspiration to the World...who cared for The World and loved everyone!!! How dare idiotic people call him names. Just because he didn't live the life up to your expectations is just too bad. I can understand Michael and his love for humanity...just because a person is different, does not make him weird!!! People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. LOVE Michael Joe Jackson forever and ever!!!

869 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children and the Jackson family. Prayers and love for everyone on this board.

869 days ago


Thank you, Phantom. Nice postings of Michael and Latoya.

869 days ago


no1uno: 20 hours ago

He should be given a medal for killing a child molester.
Thank You Dr Murray for taking this sick F*ck away from our kids
You should get a medal for being the most stupid person in the world. Michael Jackson loved kids, not F*cked kids, you moron !! Michael was "kid like" himself. Michael was afraid of sex (having sex), stupid azz!! The only thing Michael did wrong was let kids of money hungry parents spend the night with him and shared his bed with them.

Tho Shall Not Kill!! I don't think this lame azz doc will get a medal for killing Michale Jacson, but he just might get a free ticket to ride that long black train.

869 days ago


LOL Thou

869 days ago


Every Jackson should be in jail more than Dr. Conrad. That family enabled his behavior. Jacko's own actions led to his own drug fatality.

869 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Oh LaToilet, no one will ever take you seriously. Whenever someone puts a microphone in front of you, you should say "no comment" or better yet nothing at all.
Silly Toilet

869 days ago


good grief, how are we supposed to check out a clip that you didn't even post ?

I can barely stomach the comments here. Enough is enough with the ignorant bashing of MJ.

869 days ago


iwould like to see rick flair

869 days ago



aly: 1 day ago

Every Jackson should be in jail more than Dr. Conrad. That family enabled his behavior. Jacko's own actions led to his own drug fatality.
The Jackson family didn't kill Michael. The good ole doctor did. I know his dad shouldn't have beat Michael and his brothers into being perfect, but still, his dad nor any other family member would never give a highly dangerous/deadly drug to Michael. What the doctor did was wrong, so stop pointing the finger at his family, when it was the doctor the miss used a drug that they use in a hospital setting to put people in a much deeper sleep to get operated on. IF HE WAS A GOOD DOCTOR, AND CARED ABOUT HIS CAREER/HUMAN LIFE, HE SHOULD HAVE SAID NO, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY MICHAEL WAS PAYING HIM!!

868 days ago


Michael Jackson loved kids and was doing everything he could to bring love and joy to people. No matter how hard he was bashed, bullied by media and such. No wonder people can not see through media lies. It is not easy. Many people beLIEve the modern day tabloids, social networks. Michaels fans and majbe some fam should probably shift focus a bit and listen to what he was saying. Do not judge anyone unless you have talk to them in person. Do not judge them unless you have walked in their shoes for two months. If someone does not follow this but chooses to believe lies and rumors about anyone, passes judgement based on it and acting accordingly, they are simply haters and no Michael Jackson fans. Strangly super fans have to work the most along these lines. Until then their good word for Michael Jackson, trying to vindicate him would have no value. Down to earth people, Michael Jackson fans or not will see through the lies anyway. Hold no prisoners.
R.I.P. Michael
Always in my heart.

868 days ago


She is doing very well defending her brother and family. Respect for that. :-)

868 days ago
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