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Whitney Houston

Funeral Home Denies Leaking

Casket Photo

2/25/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The funeral home where Whitney Houston's body was kept last week is denying that it played any role in leaking a photo of the pop legend inside her casket. 

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, NJ, tells the Daily News she is devastated that the photo is out there and says her staff had nothing to do with it. 

She tells the paper, "We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that."

Whigham says she has received numerous threats since the publication of the photo, but that Whitney's family has told her they do not blame the funeral home. 

FYI -- eight days ago, someone shopped that pic to TMZ ... we passed.


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So you have no trouble purchasing staged photos of a BABY KILLER out and about but you do have an issue posting a photo of a deceased celebrity? Get your priorities straight TMZ.

941 days ago


Well, come on TMZ ..if you were " shopped " and passed, give up the damn source.

941 days ago


Carolyn or Karalynn.......look deeper people...people seem to only see what they hear.........

941 days ago


ESPECIALLY FOR A FEMALE, I have always been suspicious of a female being buried wearing her treasured jewelry. I cannot picture any family not removing the gems before being placed into the ground. It has been reported W H was wearing $500,000,00 worth at the time and, it would have been acceptable to remove them before her final resting place. It does not indicate guilt feelings or disrespect for her wishes, but, old fashioned common sense.

941 days ago


You know what I think it is sad that even on her final viewing that people in our society, are so f'n obsessed with Stars that even at their f'n funeral. They can't even show enough respect even in death to LEAVE THEM THE H*** ALONE! Hello they are people too! Would you want photographers to come to your families funeral and take a picture of say, YOU GRANDMOTHER! This poor woman's family have been through A LOT! Why must people be so friggen ignorant!

941 days ago


Same thing happened to Elvis...

941 days ago


Come on TMZ. Photos were taken of Elvis in his casket in 1977. For it to have been done to Whitney, not shocking. I've only seen it online and she looks beautiful. When I see it in the store I will buy it.

941 days ago


Good for you for passing on the photo. There has to be some limitations.

941 days ago


TMZ says they passed like they deserve some sort of an award???? If you were shopped it, then you must know who sold it??? You people are just as bad, you have posted horrid things on your site. LIke the 911 suicide call of that skier?? That is way worse than posting an open casket photo, you posted for the world to hear (including his family) the last phone call a man made right before he killed himself. TMZ is by far the worst, how you people get away with it I don't know! I'm sure if any of you lost a child or relative, you wouldn't allow their open casket photos to be shown, or what their crime scene looked like... you people are dumb and heartless.

941 days ago


Passed due to the high price obviously - no other reason!

941 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Ha maan, they took one of Michael Jackson and James Brown. Now they're making a big thing out of it. Selling big death!! like they want to cuss-out the human race.
Come ya'll have a heart. The actual photo is a sentimental value to Whitney's fans. They can feel her spirit more. You know what I'm saying? And not just a whim.They had another photo of her laying on the floor in the hotel.I got a copy of both of them.
Thank for passing this on TMZ and the Natl. Enquirer. They don't call ya'll the Untold Story for nothing.

941 days ago


I agree you guys are such hypocrites !! You had poor Micheal Jackson' dead naked body for all to see with no warning !Shame on you Harvey

941 days ago


lets see how good your team is do some work and find out who did this .. lets see 8 days ago they came to you so maybe last wed or thur it was takned .. hey i got a good idea who tryed to sell you the photo who was working at the funeral home some one should be held acountable for this this girl mss houston never hurt anyone just her self people dont do this to people just for money they should be charged for stealing this money help the mom tmz if you guys are the good guys youll find them and print their name hey harv get er done

941 days ago


Well, if they had shopped it around to you folks, you either have a good idea who did it or you could've easily found out by meeting with them. Why don't you do your jobs and find out?

941 days ago

And thats the truth    

I just saw the picture as it is all over the internet and it looks like there is a full length picture of the entire casket that was taken from a distance. You see 2 torchiere lamps on either side and 2 trees however what you do not see is any flowers around the casket so the pictures were taken during the viewing prior to the funeral. Her casket is definitely not at the church in those pics. There is no one else in the photos and the room is pretty large. I would say it was taken either before or after the viewing.

941 days ago
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