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Bobby Brown

Mum's the Word

on Whitney Casket Photos

2/26/2012 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket should disgust her ex-husband Bobby Brown, but if it does ... he wasn't saying so last night in Hollywood.

Our photog spotted Bobby B leaving Hemingway's Lounge with his fiancée, Alicia Etheridge. He had nothing to say about the Whitney photo, but he was quite playful once he got inside his ride ... making all sorts of crazy faces for the camera.

As TMZ first reported, the casket photo of Whitney isn't sitting well with her family, who are "disgusted" and outraged by its publication.

And as we told you yesterday ... someone shopped the same photo to us 9 days ago ... but we passed.


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Lilarose in Oregon    

Open caskets at funerals are creepy. When a person has died, they have no say about open caskets unless it was agreed upon beforehand, and I will bet Whitney never discussed it. Open caskets belong in the Dark Ages. It is immoral and unethical to show the body of a deceased person lying in a box, especially after an autopsy. These celebrity folks are strange anyway. Closed casket, private funeral (which Whitney's was NOT since the media was there), and then put the poor woman into her grave as soon as possible.

977 days ago


They are not going to have it investigated because it is the Hustons (FKing bottom feeders) that did it, they are all pill poppers and have a need for greed, they lived off of WH and used her and they are still doing it, and don't think for one moment that Whitney was buried with 500k that family stripped her down before she was buried, you know they did have her casket opened again after the service for that one more good bye, BS it was for them and there fking greed, so sick, I only feel sorry for Whitney and all the years she always felt she was never good enough and in reality she was wonderful but her low life family was s*** that used her and feed her drugs all her life, F*CK the whole Huston FKing family, your true colors are shining bit*hes, hell has your name plate waiting for each and every one of you...RIP Whitney I am sure God seen everything that happen to you and you are singing in Heaven....

977 days ago


That's RIGHT!!!!Bobby Brown keep quite!!!!

RIP Whitney

977 days ago

Timmy Boy    

So the Enquirer outbid TMZ for the photos.

977 days ago


TMZ only passed on the photos because it have cost Harvey money ! U showed autopsy photos of poor , naked Micheal Jackson for days !Thou Hypocrite !

977 days ago


okay, close your eyes, think Bobby Brown... Who do you think did it??

977 days ago


I'm glad Bobby held his peace. He is dam'd if he speaks and dam'd if he don't. Had he responded to the question, you would have found a way to twist that. It's amazing how you were able make something out of him not saying anything...shaking my head!

977 days ago


He's a POS and always has been. His "fiance" must be really hard up for a man.

977 days ago


Well, if you guys know who shopped the photo to you, maybe you should talk to the family and let them know who's putting their business out there like that. For those people that actually knew and were around Whitney on a regular basis, seeing headlines broadcast that of which is usually kept private in regular peoples lives. I can only imagine that it would make trying to deal with her death incredibly impersonal due to the public's desire to be included in her life.

977 days ago


It has been years since Bobby and Whitney divorced. What do people want the man to do? He has moved on and I know some friends who would not even attend the funeral if they were divorced from their spouse. People move on with their lives so it should not be a shock if Bobby has no comment. Being quiet is best because the media will make up things just because the public wants to know famous people's business. He is doing the right thing. Just be quiet.

976 days ago


TMZ passed?!?!?! Now that's hard to believe! Why pass on hers, it sure as heck didn't bother you to post ones of other people?!?!?!?!?!?!

976 days ago


how about asking him about his sister being the one who gave another interview with the Enquirer? Just like he had something to do with the last interview she gave (for which she received 200 thousand dollars. Yeah that's right the one that accompanies the photo. She was the worst dancer on Whitneys tour back in the day yet Whitney still gave her ugly ass a job where she made plenty of money. As soon as she spent it she started talking to the tabloids. Whitney sang at Bobbys mothers funeral and stank ass sister sold the video. I'm sure he had something to do with it. He is really showing his true colors with all this going out and partying and then trying to blame his not spending time with his daughter on Whitney's family.

976 days ago


Yeah, you're big friggin' heroes, TMZ, passing on the casket photo.

Show us the "death tub" photo again?

976 days ago


Bobby wasn't invited to the private viewing. Just the funeral so it wasn't he that sold it. I'm sure Whitney's death just made Bobby tonns of money for interviews, tell alls, private footage all of that.

975 days ago


Ya'll just gained so much of my respect knowing that ya'll passed on the photo :) Way To Be Professional <3

975 days ago
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