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Sean Young

Arrested for Oscar Party Fight

Allegedly Slapped Guard

2/27/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


6:30 AM PST -- Now we know what allegedly happened.  We're told Sean was standing near the entrance of the Governors Ball, taking pictures with friends when security guards realized she didn't have a ticket so they asked her to leave.  We're told Sean left but came back shortly thereafter, and when security asked her to leave again, a guard may have placed his hand on her arm when Sean allegedly slapped him.  She was then placed under citizen's arrest for battery.

6:10 AM PST --  We just got video of Sean leaving the LAPD Hollywood substation, where she blamed her arrest on the Academy's lawyer.

1:45 AM PST --   We just spotted Sean Young leaving the police station. She claims she was waiting with friends to enter the Governors Ball when an Oscar official suggested security make a citizen's arrest. She did not say why the official made that suggestion ... or mention any physical encounter with the security guard.


And the handcuffs go to ... Sean Young -- who was busted by police at the official Oscar after party for allegedly getting physical with a security guard ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Young was attending the Governors Ball -- the annual schmancy Oscar party thrown by the Academy itself -- when she allegedly got into a dispute with a security guard and made contact.

We're told the "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" star was placed under citizen's arrest by security -- until LAPD arrived to take her into custody. Young was booked for misdemeanor battery.

In the hours before her arrest, Young was taking pictures with some of the biggest stars in the world ... including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock.



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The lady was crazy before the Oscars and she is crazy today. I don't know what happened to that poor lady because she was a good actress, but she is crazy as a loon tune. I am sure it has something to do with her brain! She can't help her outrageous stunts, she has a mental problem that was not self induced but came with her brain. For the most part, people with a mental disability do not even understand that they are being challenged. I had two crazy aunts years ago and although they grew up physically they never grew up past their years in the south, i.e. late 1890's. In their seventies they still thought and acted as if they were southern bells. They couldn't get past no longer living on plantations and thought that living in L.A. was temporary. God Bless them I have to admit they were a hoot! Many people with mental challenging disabilities have no ideal that they are or have become just that!


977 days ago


Sandra Bullock looks uncomfortable posing with Sean Young.

977 days ago


How dare the Governor's Ball throw out any star that is willing to go the Ball. If it were not for the stars there would be no need to watch the Award show in the first place. Whoever had it done, whether is was an attorney or whoever should be fired. Sean Young or any other star should be treated with the up most respect. Just remember if it wasn't for these stars you would all be out of work. As a fan of the Awards show I will not be watching anymore, unless stars mature and you are treated better.

977 days ago


I see Sean's up to her old tricks again, crashing parties she's not invited to and making an ass of herself. And now she's taking pictures with stars like a moonstruck fan? Good gawd, she gets crazier by the minute. She doesn't seem to get that she isn't invited to these things anymore because she destroyed her career with boozing and craziness.
She must be out of the money and attention she was paid for being on Celeb Rehab, so here she goes again.

Lindsay LoBrow should see her future in this screwball.

977 days ago


She just wants attention...gawd all of hollywood is narsacistic by that standard...she wantss to be part of the fame again...its gotta be hard not to be part of the crowd...I see it Sean but you got to handle your self better than that and keep your hands to yourself or you will never get any credit for your good credit of sober living and people will ony see the crazy not the good! Help yourself and find your inner peace and stay the course! Go see Deepak Chopra for help...Meditate! Seek Peace ! It will help! Blessings KarmaWishes!

977 days ago


Poor Sean...No break ever...she sounded sober & sane...reasonable (for her)...she has been handed a bum rap for all the stuff that James Wood put her woud have drove most people to drink if it desroyed your repututation & career...can't we all go a bit crazy over love but so we have to be career assassinated for it? for years? she has paid her debt someone help her get back to making movies or TV...she deserves a break...shes sober again!

977 days ago

Carla Trenholm    

LOL she is still fighting haha!

977 days ago

cb mccarty    

sean young is very cool and contrary to tabloid crap over the years she's a highly intelligent, talented and very concerned activist for many 'causes'....i know this because i know her and i've worked with alot of people in the movie and music biz for a long time...can't say 'cause i wasn't there at the oscars but i'm guessing some overly caffeinated muscle bound security guard put his paws on her and she don't take **** from anybody....her slap back at the security guard should have been a fist in the face from any dude....

977 days ago


She tried to get into a party to which she was not invited. In fact, she has been banned from such events for many years because of her erratic and violent behavior. Next, she stands outstide to take pictures of herself with celebs, presumably to pretend she was actually a participant. She is asked to leave again and gets into a physical altercation. Exactly what has happened to her many times in the past. A sad example of another talent wasted by substance abuse.

977 days ago


Wow.. she just not understand that once you have insulted most of hollywood you do not get invited to things any longer..

977 days ago

shes hot in a crazy kind of way. you just need to watch her around the super glue. if she gets mad she will glue your penis to your leg. ask james woods

977 days ago


she got what she wanted/whats the big deal for u all/that hard up for gossip?

976 days ago


Hi brit youre so sexy..honestly youre so cool..i love the way you used to shake your booty..nd the way u used to spread your gaddam legs.

976 days ago


Placed their hand on her? THEY GRABBED HER ! She was bruised! How you warped that into "placed" is beyond me. She was totally sober and well behaved waiting outside taking pictures. The AA's owe her an apology and the guard a pink slip.

976 days ago

joe ward    

I guess you can get arrested in this town.

976 days ago
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