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Lane Garrison

In Domestic Violence Incident

2/29/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Lane Garrison was involved in an alleged domestic violence incident Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Beverly Hills police responded to a call from someone reporting domestic violence in a Bev Hills apartment.  The person who called cops was inside the apartment.

When cops arrived, they spoke with Lane and his girlfriend and wrote up an incident report.  No one was arrested, but Lane was taken by ambulance for a "medical issue" that our law enforcement sources say was unrelated to the alleged domestic violence incident.

We do not know Lane's current medical condition.

Sources tell us Lane and his girlfriend have had "issues" for a while.  As one source put it, "They've been going at each other lately."

You'll recall, Lane served prison time for manslaughter, after driving under the influence and causing an accident that killed a high school student who was riding in his car.

Lane's reps were unaware of the incident.


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968 days ago


This girlfriend has some serious mate selection blind spots! What kind of maroon would date this guy?

968 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

he is white can't be true. jk this guy is an fing loser

968 days ago


Ghetto... and that "medical issues" is just code for, "rehab" the celebrity [dodge charges and consequences card] Works every time FOR THEM [In California, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Colorado] but don't you try it.

968 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

this guy provided alcohol to a minor then drove drunk with the kid and killed him , human turd

968 days ago


I remember his now... he's the pretty boy that killed someone with his car while DRUNK, and the infamous California Celebrity Courts gave him TWO YEARS for vehicular homicide while UNDER THE INFLUENCE... [I think they plea bargained it down to public littering, ACCIDENTAL public littering] and if I recalled they kept moving him from prison to prison to save his ass - literally. Now we wouldn't want anybody to have a piece of that white meat... now would we.

KARMA IS A BITCH... that bastard isn't sorry, but his day will come.

968 days ago


Only a matter of time. I always get the impression he's a time bomb.

968 days ago


If you can't be with someone without pushing each other around, it's already over. Somebody move out. He'd better get himself together or he may be back behind bars.

968 days ago

texas turd    

quick, throw this man a bottle of sea breeze astringent! i see a break out coming his way.

968 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

You're not an official part of Hollywood unless you beat the snot outta your lover same sex or otherwise one in a while!

968 days ago


Lindsay won't let anyone down? This woman is going on 26 years old. Saturday Night Live won't help what she has already done to herself.

Tell that to Hefner/Playboy. Who took a chance. The best break Lohan had in years. She's pushing 26 years old. This just a few short months ago. Doesn't matter if the photos were 'leaked'. 1 lousy promo, that's all. (Lohan fully known the taping date to promote the shoot on the Ellen DeGeneres show.) Nah, Lohan was too busy partying in Hawaii. Couldn't be bothered. Lindsay Lohan again pulls the lost passport (Hawaii) and all her ID's, again. Didn't work in France. Lohan couldn't care less she was already paid.

Lindsay Lohan caught again, now claims it's a 'travel conflict' Ellen basically told Lohan to get lost. Playboy trying to save face. Oh yeah,

968 days ago

why yall hate us blacks    

Yeah but if this was Chris brown...I bat it'll be over 400 comments right smh

968 days ago


I never watched Prison Break, have no idea who he was in the show but I did hit wikipedia to get a background. WHAT THE BLUE a 27 year old doing at a party for high schoolers and picking up a 17 year old boy and two sixteen year old girls? This wasn't a PAEDO alert for anyone?

968 days ago

2 cent    

must be nice: after PB he's got enuf doe to stay in the hills... fml n kmt

968 days ago

2 cent    

art imitating life

968 days ago
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