Lane Garrison In Domestic Violence Incident

2/29/2012 5:00 AM PST

Lane Garrison Involved In Domestic Violence Incident

Actor Lane Garrison was involved in an alleged domestic violence incident Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Beverly Hills police responded to a call from someone reporting domestic violence in a Bev Hills apartment.  The person who called cops was inside the apartment.

When cops arrived, they spoke with Lane and his girlfriend and wrote up an incident report.  No one was arrested, but Lane was taken by ambulance for a "medical issue" that our law enforcement sources say was unrelated to the alleged domestic violence incident.

We do not know Lane's current medical condition.

Sources tell us Lane and his girlfriend have had "issues" for a while.  As one source put it, "They've been going at each other lately."

You'll recall, Lane served prison time for manslaughter, after driving under the influence and causing an accident that killed a high school student who was riding in his car.

Lane's reps were unaware of the incident.