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Lindsay Lohan

Please Invite Me to the Oscars!

3/1/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she regrets all the dumb crap that derailed her career and turned her life into a disaster ... but now Lindsay says she wants to be taken seriously again ... so she can finally score an invite to the Oscars.

Lohan sat down with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show to talk about her "comeback" ... both professionally and personally.

Lohan explained, "I regret the choices that I've made ... but I’m grateful for where I am today because of them, because ... I don’t need to see any more negative stuff, I don't need to put myself in those places anymore."

Lindsay also talked about her time at the morgue -- telling Matt it's been a positive learning experience that's helping her in the long run.

When asked where she'll be in 5 years, Lohan said, "Hopefully I'll have just come from the Oscars this past weekend."


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Didn't we just hear the same thing last year? This 25 yr old that looks 40 needs to go away. I'm sick of her BS.

912 days ago

Red Cloud    

Good interview. Humble and obviously honest. Keep going, Lindsay. Positive step up.
Freakin' funny how you non-fans just don't get it, or maybe you do. Do you actually think your constant bashing really matters? Do you have any idea how irrelevant you are. Could it be that your irrelevance is the main source of your anger? Nothing will stop Lindsay, and millions of people do not see and experience Lindsay the silly, delusional way you see and experience Lindsay. I suspect you know that. You can go on and on and it just doesn't matter. You can stupidly pretend she's universally despised, unpopular and toxic. Doesn't matter, because you're stupidly wrong. If you were smartly correct, Lindsay would be in jail right now, not on the comeback trail.

912 days ago

Jay W.     

Ditch the blonde hair... I wish the girl well.

912 days ago

vern dufford    

She is seems hard her voice is raspy and she looks old for her years and she has the profound intelligence of a 10 year old girl.
That just what I want to see in the movies! No wander you cant get people to go the movie theaters.

912 days ago


Why is her voice so hoarse? Too much smoking? I don't believe a word she says. Actions speak louder than words.

912 days ago


LOL, Didn't Linds and Mommy once threaten to sue Jimmy?

Lindsay Lohan
@jimmyfallon watching your show right now, mean joke about me

912 days ago


For the life of me I don't understand why people think this woman is a good actress. She wasn't even good as a child playing a child, let alone as an adult. I also saw her interview with Matt Lauer and all I could think of were three syllables *DE*NI*AL* Big time.

912 days ago


you know why we loved watching her fall - because she behaved like such an entitled bitch that most people cheered when she veered so far off course. That awful set of parents was of course no help, imagine all the things that really happened that were covered up. She deserves to earn her way back just like any other person, but really I think she still has a way to go, no humility here, and I see the entitlement creeping back.

912 days ago


WOW, OSCARS??? Even JLO goes to the oscars and shes a singer dancer and actress... a not bad one I may add. To be invited at the oscars, you would need to be atleast a decent actress no? Its all nice and dandy that she turned her life around but her going to the oscars would mean she would need to turn her hair back to her normal red color, get some acting coaches/classes....her acting skills are as bad as those chicks on those teeniebopper tv shows. I am not a fortune teller or a psychic but I dont see OSCARS in the future, not now, not in 10 years not even in 50 years unless she gets her acting skills to a level 8..right now its at a level 3.

912 days ago


Paris had a little gram
Referred to it as “blow”
Five ciggies lit, Linds pilfered it
Then back to the Chateau

912 days ago


Yeah, I would regret 7 mug shots. She needs to get a new line. This regret crap is so old. I have a better shot of getting an Oscar invite.

Lohan has already forced herself into a bunch of A listers and they were very uncomfortable with her around. That's always a good sign. Lohan has a ton of damage to clean up good luck with that.

She's been giving so many chances and burned them all. Just a few short months ago with blowing off the playboy promo. She hasn't changed one bit. So who is she trying to kid. No one is buying it. She isn't worth the risk anymore she burned too many people. She's prooved that over and over again. She did that to herself.

912 days ago


I haven't seen the second part of the interview but I'll sum it up anyway. She's telling people what they want to hear. PERIOD. She's in NO WAY changed or wants to change. She'll continue with her p.r. hacks words and just go about her business of doing EXACTLY as she pleases in the moment. Its all about her and fvck everyone else. She doesn't get it and quite frankly, I honestly don't think she ever will. She's got her #1 cheerleader (MOMMY) telling her she's 'wonderful', 'fine', 'they're all JEALOUS'. NO, WERE NOT! Whatever 'promise' or 'talent' she had went up her nose a long, long time ago. That insolent, entitled behavior has been 'front and center' since the Parent Trap and only continues to grow and feed the delusions she and her MOMMY dream up. Nothings 'changed' and it won't for as long as she continues to kick people out of her life who REALLY tell her 'like it is'.

912 days ago


Lindsay, Emma Stone not only drank your milkshake, she's the new "it" girl that Hollywood loves. She was adorable on Oscar night and walked out of the ceremonies with Spielberg. You might have had that once but now you are a cotton ball haired mess who'd be lucky to guest on a cheese-fest like Celebrity Apprentice.

912 days ago


If she was serious about a "Comeback" she should have taken the porn deal. Just Saying...

912 days ago


She needs to do less talking and more action. I don't recall Robert Downy Jr on the talk show circuit saying how this time will be different he just did it. Too much talk just like before. Once a Lohan always a Lohan. She has talent but not that much talent. There's a ton of talent of women her age out therewe don't need her she needs us and so far I am not convinced and it is insulting for her to think her word is enough. pleasseeeeeeeee

912 days ago
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