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18-Yr. Old Bieber: They Can't

Stop Me From Skydiving!

3/1/2012 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday with us on TMZ Live -- don't worry, he's doing other stuff too. Biebs talked about skydiving and the celeb mansion he's scoping. Side note -- cool or creepy to say you wanna "get with" Justin ... now that he's legal?

Plus, why is it ok to rip Angelina Jolie for being too thin -- but it's taboo to say other celebs are too fat? Double standard much? Also, rapper Jim Jones talks to us about the crazy brawl at his concert ... who's really to blame?


(0:45) Halle Berry brings out the big guns -- hiring a badass lawyer to wage war against Gabriel.
(8:03) The debate nobody wants to touch -- why is okay to rip on skinny people ... but not fat people?
(15:30) Justin Bieber's on the phone (cue the squeals) ... so what is he doing to celebrate his 18th birthday?
(17:45) We broke the story that Justin is house hunting -- he explains that it's not as easy as it sounds ... but that one house he's looking at -- Ashton Kutcher's -- is unbelievable.
(21:10) Kelly's awesome point -- is there a double standard between 18-year-old guys and girls as sex symbols?
(25:55) Dumbest sport ever -- Ultimate Tazer Ball.
(32:50) Lindsay Lohan says she's changed ... why is this different than every other time she's said it?
(40:20) Rapper Jim Jones calls in to defend a spree of violent rap concerts ... including his own.


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Nikki H    

I'm 19, now that Justin is 18 yea I'll probably catch Bieber Fever.

965 days ago


Why no photos or witness account. Isn't TMZ right there near Brentwood. Repots say there was a witness. Why no coverage of that person? TMZ... Thirty Mile Zone?

Breitbart to release Obama tapes/suspicious death/the reason already declared? But we take weeks for clebrity death reason? Really suspect?

Already 3,590,000 google results for "andrew brietbart murdered"

He brought down ACORN and was to be Obama?

Because he was going to Weiner TRICKLE release one a week to keep it in the media...just like Weinergate...Obama college tapes/photos...One already with the Black Panthers...coincidently Black Panthers case about voter intimidation was dropped???

At CPAC a few days back told audience he had Obama tapes:

Panther phot of Obama:

Tons of people already think he was murdered:


965 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I am glad someone is bringing up the skinny fat issue. I was recently asked by a large girl from work what I was wearing on my day off, and she told me how skinny it made me look. I laughed and thanked her for letting me know. Had this been the other way around though, and I told her what she was wearing made her look fat, It would become a major issue as well as a Human Resources issue and I would most likely get fired for it. These kinds of issues need more attention if you were to ask me.

965 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's okay to say whatever you want to say. People just want to be able to say what they want and expect others to be okay with it.

Say what you want, but don't expect to control how other people react to it.

965 days ago


The difference is no one is saying how beautiful Gabby is, and your girls are not saying they want to look just like her. Angie has people gushing over her ( you guys included , and young girls want to look like her. That is not healthy for girls to want to look sickly because the "media" fall all over themselves about Angelina Jolle.

965 days ago


Angie is skinny. Gabourey is fat. The problem is not with the truth of these statements! The problem is with a society that makes not being "ideal" a problem! People come is all sizes, large & small! When we realize this as truth then "fat" & "skinny" are not longer insults or taboo, just adjectives.

965 days ago


Thank you TMZ! This is the first time I've seen someone bring up this point, besides me. I am naturally really skinny and although my life people would say, " you're way too skinny." and it would kill my self esteem. It can be just as wrong as telling someone they are fat to their face....I don't understand why poeple treat it differently or don't get that.

965 days ago


Unfortunately being thin is a compliment in Hollywood and being fat is a crime and no one is ever offended by a "compliment". That's why it's rude to call someone fat.

965 days ago


i have seen cuter twinks in gay porn. Oh by the way Harvey,when do you want me to return those video's?

965 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Who wouldn't rather be skinny than being some giant stinky fat ass? At least skinny people don't smell like burnt butter, dirt and bacon fat drippings.
I think, for some reason, we're not supposed to pick on fat people because their giant blubbery feeling get hurt easier and they're forced to go eat like twenty Big Mac's or something to calm themselves down.

965 days ago


Gabourey IS fat. Angelina IS too thin. I'm really into into being "politically correct". A spade is always a spade. Period.

965 days ago


The truth of the matter is Angelina is truth be told again Gabrielle is fat....way too fat......what are we suppose to say when the fact is she is a fat azz woman.....I see it and everyone else sees it unless your a blind mutha phka...are we suppose to lie and say she has the bosy of a skinny girl when shes got the body of three or four skinny girls!

965 days ago

Fat Mike    

Yes it is okay. I'm skinny and have people constantly come up with comments like "wow you're skinny, you need to eat a steak". They tend to get upset when I reply with "wow you're fat, you need to buy a treadmill".
What's the difference?

965 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

They are equally offensive and both ladies have equally devastating weight issues. Still people will continue to call both of them out for their addictions.

965 days ago


I find it hilarious that people can call someone skinny and it's acceptable, but you can't call a fat person fat without everyone jumping up and down. I solved my problem years ago, when at 5'5", 115 lbs and a size 2 people kept telling me to eat, gain weight, etc. Finally, out of frustration whenever someone asked me if I had lost weight I would simply answer "yes I did and it looks like you found it". After a couple of times, people quit commenting. And it's always a fat slob who makes the comments.

965 days ago
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