TMZ Live 18-Yr. Old Bieber: They Can't Stop Me From Skydiving!

3/1/2012 11:40 AM PST

TMZ Live -- Justin Bieber's 18th Birthday ... They Can't Stop Me From Skydiving!

Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday with us on TMZ Live -- don't worry, he's doing other stuff too. Biebs talked about skydiving and the celeb mansion he's scoping. Side note -- cool or creepy to say you wanna "get with" Justin ... now that he's legal?

Plus, why is it ok to rip Angelina Jolie for being too thin -- but it's taboo to say other celebs are too fat? Double standard much? Also, rapper Jim Jones talks to us about the crazy brawl at his concert ... who's really to blame?

(0:45) Halle Berry brings out the big guns -- hiring a badass lawyer to wage war against Gabriel.
(8:03) The debate nobody wants to touch -- why is okay to rip on skinny people ... but not fat people?
(15:30) Justin Bieber's on the phone (cue the squeals) ... so what is he doing to celebrate his 18th birthday?
(17:45) We broke the story that Justin is house hunting -- he explains that it's not as easy as it sounds ... but that one house he's looking at -- Ashton Kutcher's -- is unbelievable.
(21:10) Kelly's awesome point -- is there a double standard between 18-year-old guys and girls as sex symbols?
(25:55) Dumbest sport ever -- Ultimate Tazer Ball.
(32:50) Lindsay Lohan says she's changed ... why is this different than every other time she's said it?
(40:20) Rapper Jim Jones calls in to defend a spree of violent rap concerts ... including his own.