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Lindsay Lohan

Almost Live from New York ...

3/3/2012 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving her New York hotel this morning, script in hand, as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo plans to sing her opening monologue and from there ... nothing is off limits. We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show, but no word on exactly who will make an appearance. 

Lindsay is counting on tonight's "SNL" to re-launch her career. So we gotta ask ...


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I´m in hysterics, you are all so funny! No you are not, I had a level up in humanity when I saw a shooting party in the Bosnian Civil War. Go home, the fun is over. Aaaaaw. No more pissing, puking and ****ting on a person. That`s over. Scramble and get lost.

942 days ago


Ha ha...Honig giving Jimmy Fallon a rent-free, East Hampton summer house for walking on with Linds

942 days ago


ewwww, waaaaay too many Lohans polluting NYC right now...the stench is suffocating......WHEN are they leaving???

942 days ago


For those that are mean and thick, poopoooh and kaaaaaka is over. Periodl Go **** on each other, you deserve it.

942 days ago


It may be a 'dry' set but as soon as the show is over, all bets are off. Of course, Lorne won't have any control at the 'after party' which the SNL cast is famous for. Come to think of it, thats probably why Blohan wanted to do SNL in the first place. You know her and Dina love an OPEN bar, OPEN cocaine consumption, and OPEN stalls in the mens room for extracirculars. . . If the powers that be OPEN theirs, Blohan will OPEN hers!

942 days ago

Jay W.     

@ 1 . .. Thirty Mile Zone. Don't be so damn serious.

942 days ago


All she has to do is stand there & READ her lines, how’s she going to handle a rigorous movie schedule & memorizing lines lol.... she’s still boozing & fried too many brain cells to ever do another movie

942 days ago


The sad part about Lindsay is she was good. When she was "on" she had great timing and on screen charisma. You dont have to like her or her lies or personal drama... I personally think she's a hot mess, But she did actually have some talent. That's what make her life choices and downfall so pathetic. I really hope she does well, she can't do much worse than she already has ....

942 days ago


andyscandy: 58 minutes ago
I like your family

Hey, thanks AC!!

942 days ago


andyscandy: 39 minutes ago
I like your family
Hey, thanks, AC!

942 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This is a lot like online dating, you talk to a whole bunch of people you wish you'd never met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

942 days ago


this will go down as "SNL, the chapter 11 days"
Playboy needs to corporate with SNL..and do funny looking naked celebs

942 days ago


FINGERS CROSSED for a bonus, Linds/Dina make-out session, post-show party!

942 days ago


Yep. There she is. There goes AA Aliana with the Propofol, to spike the champagne dispenser. After everyone's groggy, a little after-show low-effort diamond poaching to celebrate Linds' magnificent triumphant COMEBACK. Esther already got a duplicate key for the wardrobe department.

942 days ago

delusional much LL?    

snl will have to do their version of what producers did when lowhan would "sing live",they'd turn down her mic while turning up the background singers mics,in other words cover her a**.

tom cruise who was box office gold since before lowhan was born,showed his kooky side in 2005,as a result it took him 6 years to regain his footing.

lowhan who has done a h3ll of a lot worse than show a kooky side and isn't in his league in any aspect,not even close,thinks an snl appearance is all it's gonna take to turn things around for her. it ain't happening.

if she last hosted in 2006,she was probably promoting "just my luck",that should be an indicator there that even a good appearance on snl is no guarantee of career success,that movie tanked,as did her career soon after.

judging by the two trainwreck appearances this week,i think lowhan should stick with what she does best.attention

942 days ago
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