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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

I Want an Expensive Roof

Over My Head!

3/4/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry wants his 3-year-old daughter Nahla to live in surroundings to which she has become accustomed ... and he wants Halle to pay dearly for it.

TMZ has learned what Gabriel wants in the way of $$$ -- and it's a lot.  We've learned Aubry has filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 - $20,000 a month for a proper home. 

Gabriel has also asked for a laundry list of other things from Halle, including what we're told is a "very large" amount of money for the little girl's clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family.

We're told Halle is fighting Gabriel tooth and nail on his request. The hearing on the money issues was scheduled for Monday, but it's now been put off until April 9, in part because the family law judge wants to see what the dependency judge does to Gabriel. 

If the dependency judge takes away some of Gabriel's custody rights, it would have an impact on any child support Halle would have to fork over.



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she used him for his genes, now it's "payback" time.

971 days ago


So is this more of Halle's Baby Mama Drama? Or St. Gabe showing his true self?
Either way, all of this should really be taken with a grain of salt since none of us really know what's going on here between this very dysfunctional duo.

Don't think Nahla needs a mansion nope not buying it. That's a lot of toys at FAO Schwartz's and Toys'R US etc.

Yes, Halle you get what you pay for! Payback for running up David's credit cards on other men.

More she said, he said. If true, don't think a judge will rule in Aubry's favor in April. Nor depending how it goes, I don't see a judge ruling in Halle's a favor to take Nahla to France. Do agree they're not fearing for their lives. She, the fake bf and/or Nahla are seen all the time without bodyguards.

971 days ago


I hope he gets EVERYTHING and more! If the tables were reversed and he made more $$ no one would care! She's whacked and hateful for even having a custody battle. What goes around will come around Halle. It's not about you it's about your daughter wake up and let the hatefulness for your ex go!

971 days ago


After all the horrible things Halle has done to keep him away from his child when he has done nothing wrong I do NOT blame him! A woman would be handed over even more money than that with no problem. He just wants what he is ENTITLED to. I totally believe Halle would be doing the same thing to him if he had more money! No doubt. Halle is the vindictive psycho,evil one, not him! She has lied and has paid off that nanny to lie to keep him away from his child which is hurting her daughter tremendously because she is obviously close with her father. Whatever Gabriel has to do to try and make her stop I say go for it. Screw the Gabriel haters. At least Gabriel has not lied about her and said negative stuff about her to the media which she has done even in the form of an issued statement. Halle is disgusting and the child would be better off with Gabriel. Too bad the judges can't see that.

971 days ago


At Nahla's 18th birthday her dad will be 50; five months later Halle will be 60 years old.
When Nahla will be 28 Gabriel will be 60 years old and Halle will be 69 years 7 months old.

971 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

WOW. it seems like the bros became the bitches once they started taking off their clothes and started batting their eye lashes into the camera. yikes.

971 days ago


What would you expect from someone,who is a dead ringer for that no good Deacon Sharpe, on the Young and the Restless?!

971 days ago


Is this guy paying for anything for his daughter himself, for instance at least some of his own housing costs? And clothing, for Pete's sake - isn't Halle buying most av that already? And won't he travel to Canada every now and then anyway?

If she is the richer one of course she should pay more, but... has she become her ex's meal ticket?

971 days ago


This guy and Mel Gibson's ex gf should get together. Both gold diggers.

971 days ago


Without reading the rest of the comments, I will say this...

All respect I had for him as a man has gone out of the window with this recent revelation.

The real reasons why Halle has gone cold on him are now coming to light.

971 days ago


So he can lay up in the house that Halle Berry built? So when will the judge throw this golddigger parasite into the garbage can or deport him. Does he have legal do***ents to still be in this country???? Immigration should be told if not! Please send his #### back to his country. Deny visitation, palimony and child support. Tell him to go back to his country and send child support!

971 days ago


She picked the loser now all she does is complain he is a horrible parent. Some of these women need to make better choices Halle is kind of a bitch.

971 days ago


If this had happened at the onset of "combat" I would have said, "yes, yes... goldiggolo the gigolo..." but that is not how it happened. This only came on as a matter of legal strategy, after long and protracted hostility waged by the 'mother'. Keep in mind that the father attempted to maintain a relationship with his daughter whereas the 'mother' saw the child as her sole and separate property. When the court system did not give her what she wanted, she then upped the ante, knowing Gabriel was not of the means to be flying to Paris every weekend for visitation. Asking the judge to take Nahla out of the country? Ah, come on... don't be i-dee-ots!!! That was the final straw and the 'father' had to fight back with the only possible remedies the law might allow.. while no saint either, give the man a break and see both parents for the morons that they and their attorneys are! I'm with TEAM NAHLA.

971 days ago


hahahaha for the women on here to complain is a joke!! U ever heard of Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods??? there wives are gettin 100 million dollars for doin ****.

oh when the shoes on the other foot

971 days ago


While I said earlier--Halle gets what she paid/pays for--many folks forget ---St. Gabriel regardless of what he actual makes when he's not working or playing golf thinking he's a celeb that Halle really did support him along regardless of her unscrupulous tactics.

She put money into his failed restaurant. Bought him the Benz he's driving. Paid his bills, meals, travel and other bills. The house in Canada, was in her name-he never made payments(didn't look too kid friendly), she let him stay in one of her BH homes way before their split was announced (he stayed there most of the time instead of with Halle and Nahla only appearing when she needed him and to get a check)until September 2012 when she put that house on the market.

God knows what else she paid this goldigger???

Still if it's about money than just say so and not make up accusations of racism, abuse etc save everyone time and money and the headache.

What do you think?

971 days ago
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