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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

I Want an Expensive Roof

Over My Head!

3/4/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry wants his 3-year-old daughter Nahla to live in surroundings to which she has become accustomed ... and he wants Halle to pay dearly for it.

TMZ has learned what Gabriel wants in the way of $$$ -- and it's a lot.  We've learned Aubry has filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 - $20,000 a month for a proper home. 

Gabriel has also asked for a laundry list of other things from Halle, including what we're told is a "very large" amount of money for the little girl's clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family.

We're told Halle is fighting Gabriel tooth and nail on his request. The hearing on the money issues was scheduled for Monday, but it's now been put off until April 9, in part because the family law judge wants to see what the dependency judge does to Gabriel. 

If the dependency judge takes away some of Gabriel's custody rights, it would have an impact on any child support Halle would have to fork over.



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Funny that after she hires a new pitbull of a lawyer this story comes out in TMZ. Guess Halle & her lawyer was the source ? How much are you getting from her as you act like her PR firm.

930 days ago


Women ask men for child support all the time and no one blinks an eye but when it's the other way around it's a big scandal. If Hellie Berry got knocked up with a billionaires baby she'd be asking for $100 000 a month child support.
It does seem kinda sleazy, especially since this guy does make good money and should be able to care for his child on his own. I think this is more payback for Hellie making his life hell. Go for it Gabriel. Just hope this doesn't come back to bite you in the ass when your daughter gets older and Hellie turns her against you. You know she will.

930 days ago


Pobre....le salio caro ...El Filetio,...get a Latino mas baratos....what a she....hiring a man ....been so beautifull.....

930 days ago


These comments really need to be taken with a grain of salt especially with folks thinking they know facts or printing incorrect info. My last comment was in response to some sicko's #111 lie. Re: my IVF comment-known fact Halle had her eggs harvest and took fertility drugs (she admitted that on Tavis and was seen with and without Gabe coming out of the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale were seen on the internet). People quoting tabloids etc as facts are not facts.

930 days ago

stephanie floyd    

2 words effin ridiculous...if he feels he needs to uphold Halle berry's lifestyle for his daughter...then he needs to get more/better work so that he can suffice his own insecurities. halle Berry takes care her daughter so there's no need for her to be paying no child support to him.

930 days ago


some people blaming Halle for everything but gabriel makes her life a living hell. I think Halle thought he was the perfect gentleman, little did she know he was looking for a jack pot.

930 days ago

Tobias Merriweather    

Good for him, there are a lot of women who would, do, did and have done the same. Have a good friend whose wife makes 11K more than him and after she had a child and decided that she no longer wanted to work full time, filed for divorce, moved in with her sister and then asked for alimony! So in conclusion, I hope that Mr. HHEX gets all that he asks for and then some.

930 days ago


what a jerk, he wants Halle to support him and he is using the child as bait, Halle thought she made a good choice with this white model, come to find out she got pregnant for Satan, now she have to fork out 20,000 a month for this looser model to live for free. Halle should have got pregnant for a man that have twice her lifestyle that way his money would be more than hers, a male model? not a career.

930 days ago


he's like the baby daddy from hell, I think he planned all this from the minute he met Halle.

930 days ago


Is this guy not qualified to get some kind of job? That's what the judge should be looking at, not how much he can mooch off his exwife. GET A JOB.

930 days ago


Is he, or is he not working right now? He seems perfectly healthy to me. If he is not working a s model, he should look for something else to PROVIDE FOR HIS KID. You should not have children you can't afford, don't we always hear that?

If he's solely relying on Halle for an income, he's sort of a Jermaine Jackson case, unwilling to take jobs he believes is "beneath" him. So he's a guy with "a bit of a temper" who agreed to give Halle a baby, but is now trying to control her whole life (as in denying her to move to France or even outside of LA) and make her pay big cash?

930 days ago


Yeah, found out on another site why Gabriel Aubry is all of a sudden making these demands. Hellie has been saying his home is not safe enough for her daughter, not in a gated community, not fenced in, not safe area, etc. Aubry's lawyer is saying to her if you want all these added security measures and better neighborhood then YOU pay for them. This makes sense to me because if this guy was a gold digger he would have made these demands much sooner.

930 days ago


You know, once upon a time I envied dudes that hooked up with this gal. Now I'm glad I was never one of them. And trust me I was interested in her money, I have enough of my own.

930 days ago


The least he could have done is carried the baby for nine months and given birth. Hope the judge crushes him like a ****roach and tell him to get a job.

930 days ago


"Aubry's lawyer is saying to her if you want all these added security measures and better neighborhood then YOU pay for them."

Excuse me, but if there are security issues, surely that must be both parents' business?

930 days ago
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