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Kim K's BFF

I Gave Kris a $5k Wedding Gift

... and I Want It Back!!!

3/6/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is a no-good wedding gift HYPOCRITE ... so says Kim Kardashian's BFF, who claims he dropped $5,000 on a special marital gift for Kris ... but the NBA star has still never offered to give it back.

TMZ spoke with Jonathan Cheban ... Kim's close pal who's often featured on the Kardashian reality show ... who tells us he gave wedding gifts to both the bride and the groom .. with Kris receiving a $5,000 gift card to YSL.  Not too shabby ...

Cheban says he was down to let Humphries keep his gift when the marriage went bust ... until Kris criticized Kim's post-split gift policy. Now, he's demanding Kris return the card ASAP. 

We broke the story ... Kim decided to keep all of the gifts because she believes it's proper wedding etiquette. And for good measure, she cut a check to the Dream Foundation charity for TWICE the monetary value.

But Kris felt that wasn't good enough ... and believes Kim should send everything back to the guests.

Cheban tells us ... as long as Humphries has the YSL card, he's in no place to judge ... and should keep his mouth shut ... telling us, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."


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She wasn't even married for six months. She needs to return those gift back that is down right selfish. And this Jonathan character is so annoying, to me it seems like he always has to be up kim's nasty butt. Whenever someone says something about it he has to pop in and say something. Kim why can't you defend yourself? Better yet admit that you are selfish and self centered.

960 days ago


one parasite feeding on another. vile

960 days ago


Did Kim give the Kris the ring back? If not, then you should shut your pie-hole Jonathan and Kim should be continuously scolded!

960 days ago


$10,000 from one guest and they are trying to say all the gifts together totaled $100,000? Try again Kim, you truly are despicable. Nothing will repair the damage that you alone have caused to your reputation. Take the fortune you made from all your scams and go are finished.

960 days ago


He is a real true friend! What would you do if you were in Kim's shoes?

960 days ago


Like this useless POS has 5 grand.

960 days ago


Jonathan just has to get himself in the middle of this, anything to prove to Kim that he is her BFF

960 days ago


She should have NOT requested gifts in the first place as wealthy as she is. She should have requested donations be made to charity in the first place. Problem solved greedy Kim!

960 days ago


Seems like Jonathan has been emasculated already...just like Bruce, Scott and Lamar! And he is so pathetic to say the least because NO ONE CARES ABOUT HIS OPINION ABOUT ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH KIMTRASHIAN. This is just another fabrication to try to make KIMSTRASHIAN look good. Hey, Jonathan, IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!!! And everyone is also aware that it is tax season, which is why Kim had to make the announcement. Everyone is spot on about the issue of proper etiquette. So KIMTRASHIAN was DEAD WRONG!!!

960 days ago


You know the K-whores put him up to this, how pathetic.

960 days ago


Oh give me a break much is Kim paying you to come out and say this. Don't you think you look cheap??? Did Kimmie Kakes give back her wedding gifts...NO...she donated $200K to charity which is a drop in the bucket to what she made on the wedding and she gets to write off this amount on her taxes. Jonathan get your head out of Kimmie's butt and quit making Kris look bad. The only one who's looking bad is you.

960 days ago


Oh course Kim donates the money to charity. If she itemizes her deductions on her taxes she can write it off on her taxes. I am not impressed. Always a motive behind the actions with the K's. I wish they would go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

960 days ago


Ms. Cheban needs to get over herself and come on out of the closet.

960 days ago


. Clearly this a question for Emily Post.

"It's a sticky, messy thing," said Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of etiquette queen Emily. "I think people want to make it tidy and put it in a box, but that's not possible."

So what's a reality star to do?

"While I fully appreciate the sentiment of giving to charity, it's a good idea to return the gift. It's more about a personal exchange, returning that gift and coming full circle with your guests. That note ... doesn't gratify what could be an uncomfortable situation," Post said.

And the mass-produced note is a no-no too.

"Notes should be handwritten, not a blast note with an auto signature at the bottom. They should be written to guests when you return the gift. These are people who care deeply about you, and took time and money to celebrate you."

So Humphries wins the war of manners, but it's not all bad news for Kim.

"It's not a punishment, it's not as though someone's saying, 'Your marriage didn't work so now you have to do all this work.' For Kim, it's about the respect of each and everyone on of those individual, personal relationships," said Post.

960 days ago

not surprised    

Jonathan what a good friend you are to Kim. I don't know of to many people that would put themselves through this much humiliation and public scutiny just to keep a friendship. You are making a complete fool of yourself with your childish games. I know Kim's PR team probably pays you a lot to plant these rediculous stories, but come on, grow up and stop being Kim's scapegoat. Kim is doing a good job of bringing herself down, she doesn't need you along for the ride. You may think you're her hero for taking the fall, but everything you post makes the world hate her more. Go find something to do with your life besides playing puppet to a porn queen you may find there's more to life than being a Kartrashian. You better think twice the next time you defend your BFF because I guarantee you will get the same backlash. Is she really worth it??

960 days ago
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