TMZ Live Kim's Post-Wedding Donation ... Half-Assed Job?

3/5/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: Kim Kardashian's Post-Wedding Donation ... Half-Assed?

Kim Kardashian's getting ripped by Kris Humphries (and many others) for refusing to return their wedding gifts. Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban calls in to defend her -- and accuses Kris of holding onto some pricey gifts of his own!

Plus, Snooki's ex-BF tries to do the impossible -- explain why he said he hopes "she has a miscarriage." You gotta hear his bumbling attempt to smooth over that douchey comment.

Also, a TMZ newsroom battle breaks out over LiLo's SNL gig -- and Rush Limbaugh pisses of more sponsors, and ... Peter Gabriel??!!

(2:00) Kim K.'s donating her wedding gifts to a charity -- Mike (as usual) is the only one defending her.
(8:40) Rush Limbaugh is gonna think twice before calling someone a "slut" on the radio.
(11:11) Snooki's ex boyfriend Emilio calls in -- and totally backtracks on his "miscarriage" comment.
(21:50) Kim. K's BFF Jonathan Cheban is on the phone -- and reveals that a lot of people bought Kim and Kris SEPARATE wedding gifts.
(28:00) A debate on domestic violence ignites after a SF Sheriff is accused of assaulting his famous wife.
(36:50) Lindsay Lohan on SNL -- Ryan and Ryan go to war over her performance.
(40:20) Harvey attempts to go gangster while talking about the Tupac musical -- Raquel puts him in check.
(45:00) Harvey performed "My Way" live this weekend with Paul Anka -- you gotta see the clip!