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Kim K's BFF

I Gave Kris a $5k Wedding Gift

... and I Want It Back!!!

3/6/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is a no-good wedding gift HYPOCRITE ... so says Kim Kardashian's BFF, who claims he dropped $5,000 on a special marital gift for Kris ... but the NBA star has still never offered to give it back.

TMZ spoke with Jonathan Cheban ... Kim's close pal who's often featured on the Kardashian reality show ... who tells us he gave wedding gifts to both the bride and the groom .. with Kris receiving a $5,000 gift card to YSL.  Not too shabby ...

Cheban says he was down to let Humphries keep his gift when the marriage went bust ... until Kris criticized Kim's post-split gift policy. Now, he's demanding Kris return the card ASAP. 

We broke the story ... Kim decided to keep all of the gifts because she believes it's proper wedding etiquette. And for good measure, she cut a check to the Dream Foundation charity for TWICE the monetary value.

But Kris felt that wasn't good enough ... and believes Kim should send everything back to the guests.

Cheban tells us ... as long as Humphries has the YSL card, he's in no place to judge ... and should keep his mouth shut ... telling us, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."


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Jeannie Bastian    

When will the press stop covering this family farce?

907 days ago

Lori Black    

Shut up Jonathan- get a life you loser

907 days ago


First of all TMZ just stop with the Kim "the slut" ass kissing second of all NOTHING THIS HO DOES IS HONORABLE Jonathan is a jerk this is just more pathetic damage control by the horrible Whoretrashian gang...STOP DEFENDING THEM, it is a lost cause, they are universally hated.

907 days ago


"Kardashian" and "honorable" should never be mentioned in the same sentence!

907 days ago


The decision must be made mutual by husband and wife. Proper etiquette is to return every single gift and the donations make to charity should be a percentage of the millions they made from their weddding that aired. The choice of charity must also be made by both husband and wife. They are still married and it does not look good that she is making the decision without him.

907 days ago


The honorable thing would be to let the guests who paid for the presents decide where the money goes. Also, how honorable is it that Kim now recieves a tax break on this when the money isn't even hers to begin with. Yeah, SO honorable.

907 days ago


Somewhat of a one-sided story here. Will we be reading stories tomorrow from Kris' friends who gave expensive wedding gifts to Kim and she is keeping the presents. Jonathan has nothing to say when his BFF Kim, is keeping all the gifts. Kris doesn't even seem like the kind of guy who would want a $5000 gift card to YSL. Jonathan is the only person who seems to like that kind of gift.

907 days ago


The honorable thing??? The honrable thing would be to allow her guests to decide where the money for the gifts THEY purchased went. Also, is it really honoroable when she gets a tax break from this when it's not even her money to begin with? yeah, SO honarable.

907 days ago


Honorable and Kardashian should NOT be mentioned in the same sentence!

907 days ago


Closet Homo, come on out. Your best friend did. Dont know how many straight males in America has a best friend gay.

907 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Kim K. didn't give the value of the wedding gifts to Charity...she only gave $200k total.

The value of one musical performance alone was double that.

Kim sold a lot of those gifts on eBay, and the total value is more like $1.7M according to People magazine.

If Kim wants to make it right she should give $3.4M to Charity... and not a charity she or Reggie Bush runs either.

907 days ago



907 days ago


Oh publeeze. Jonathan, come out of the closet already. Durp.

907 days ago


One Kim called off the wedding Kris did not. He gave Kris probably a bachelor party wedding gift guess what if he didn't go through with the wedding Mr. Jonathan is entitled to his gift back. If he is so worried about the card ask Miss Kim for it.
I was a huge Kardashian's fan! I refused to watch anything Kim, why even before she bowed out of her sham of a marriage. Watching the special I turned it off initially and then rewatched when I could fast forward. Why it was sickening to watch she was so into material things more than Kris and his needs. She was more into over the top over the top over the top. NO one does three dresses so I am going to, no no one does it because it's ridiculous! She seemed so fake and forced. The warning light should have been the lack of interest in changing her last name which many change their name legally but not for business she could have easily have still used kardashian publicly, a lot of famous people do it. The one thing Kim didn't like was Kris putting her in place and making while sometimes dumb, but true comments. One day you will be irrelevant. You know of all of the Kardashian's Khloe seems at least somewhat normal and realistic and the most down to earth. Kim donating the money is a huge tax right off, two why the hell would she want to keep gifts that were from a failed wedding that lasted like 2 minutes? Not to mention I wonder how many gifts that were given were from people who probably couldn't afford it...or maybe they weren't invited because their pockets were not big enough. day Kim will maybe see why this is wrong....and one day she will understand that Kris is right to be scorned and let him have his rants and raves because in the end you could have at least tried. you didn't try diddly when you ended your marriage in less than 100 days.....Good luck to all...hopefully one day you will all be happy and one day you can see why people are so enraged by this idiocy....

907 days ago


Let Kim return everything so kris can also do it. All this running their mouth around is get 15 minutes attention. That guy should shut up,he is just an attention whore. Kris does not care about them,he has refused to talk about them because to him they don't exist but don't get it. Jonathan,Kim and klhoe are fools and have no talent. These strip for money and each and everyday they torment innocent souls. That is sad,they kardashian need to go away

907 days ago
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