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NY Councilman

BOYCOTT New TV Show 'GCB' --

It's an Attack on Christianity!!!

3/6/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York City Councilman Peter Vallone wants ABC to pull its new show "GCB" off the air ... STAT -- and to expedite the process, he's demanding "people of all faiths" boycott it ... on grounds it's an attack on religion.

Vallone tells TMZ, “The title of the show alone is yet another outrageous attack on the Christian faith. Charlie Sheen will be back on ‘Two and a Half Men’ before we see a similar title targeting another religion."

The show was originally named after the book entitled "Good Christian Bitches" -- but ABC changed the name to stand for "Good Christian Belles" in response to criticism.

As for the name change -- Vallone tells us, “No one is fooled by that ridiculous claim. The original intent is clear, and changing the title of a show in your head doesn’t count."

We've reached out to ABC for comment ... so far, no response.


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Big Daddy    

ABC... is owned by Walt Disney. If Walt knew that the garbage this network was putting out he's stop it immediately. ABC.."A New Kind've Family"... Go straight to hell and do not pass go. Parents unfortunately don't check what their kids are watching as they are busy too. This network is garbage now....

959 days ago


Yeah I do think it's pretty tacky but most TV programs are these days. I'll put on my big "Christian" pants and deal with it though. Not going to change my faith in anyway and I'll do my part and simply not watch it.

959 days ago


I ridicule xtianity, its rapist god and zombie son daily. You will need to give me a better reason to boycott a show than 'its an attack on religion'. The show's profits would have to go towards the lawyers defending molesting priests and hooker using substance abusing ministers becore I would consider NOT watching it, to at least see what its about.

959 days ago


Religion is MAN MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get over your self `` you flucking hypocrite!!!

959 days ago


Here's an idea: You don't like the show, don't freakin' watch it!

959 days ago


Kristin Chenoweth is card carrying, bible thumping Christian and she doesn't seem to have a problem with the show.....ok, maybe not bible thumping, but a Christian none the less.

959 days ago


Put on a show called Good Muslim Bitches and see half the world rise up in protest. It's open season on Christians, and that's completely unacceptable.

959 days ago

Jay W.     

RaffyB... # 6 said it Best !

959 days ago


This blasphemy is blasphemy against ALL religions not CHRISTIANITY this is the just the beginning of the systematic take down of ALL PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS if we allow it. SHAME ON DISNEY AND IT'S LAME BRAIN EXECS> They are not the happiest people on earth.

959 days ago


I've had no desire whatsoever to tune into this show but this guy just may persuade me to do so.

959 days ago


I don't agree with the show using parts of scripture to mock and justify their immoral behavior.

I won't watch it, saw just the preview and where she quoted an area of scripture from the Bible to justify their behavior.

I do not believe that God want's His word used to misguide others.

That is just my feelings on that, and the title of the show, until I had Googled it the other day, I did not know what GCB stood for.

959 days ago


Oh get over it.. yes there are Christian Bit/ches.. the Good part is the issue if you ask me. I've known plenty as have most people. Sorry but your claim to religion does not make you a good person in and of itself. This show, like the book shows the all to often realistic version of someone claiming to be 'Christian' and yet their actions are completely the opposite of what Christianity stands for. You don't have to look far these days to see it.. this show is simply putting the spot light on these sanctimonious hypocrites!

959 days ago


Councilman? What happened to separation of church & state, and freedom of speech? I'm completely fine with ANY title, we have freedom of speech in this country and maybe this politician forgot that, weirdo.

959 days ago


I live in Dallas and was an extra on the set of this show. It is a show based on a womans true experiences she had when she returned home to a neighborhood of hypocritical women who happen to call themselves Christians. Don't question her experiences and her right to write a book about it and turn it into a TV show, question why women would behave like this. I am a conservative Christian woman who is not offended by it. I know people like this and they exist rampantly in this town. Get over it. Freedom of Speech is what this country is based on. This was this womans life upon returning here and it's funny and makes for great television.

959 days ago


I loved the show. This man jsut doesn't want to admit that just because someone says they are Christian that they can act that way and he hypocritical, but they do.

959 days ago
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