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Rush Limbaugh Victim Is

Winona Ryder?

3/7/2012 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Sandra Fluke -- the chick Rush Limbaugh called a "slut" for arguing contraception should be covered by private insurance -- at JFK this week (left) -- and former actress Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial in 2002 (right).

Girl, interrupted.

We're just sayin'.


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I'm so sick of the double standard. I'm not even a conservative. I nearly puked when I saw that old relic Don Imus on a cnn video calling Limbaigh a pig and not accepting his apology. WTF?
Don Imus used sexist AND RACIST slurs against women and had to do the same walk of shame and give a lame apology and now HE'S got the nerve to chime in?????
Liberal pundits say crap like that all the time. When a conservative does it it's suddenly unforgivable?
Personally I absolutely LOATH special interest groups and I WOULD use the word SL|_|T but it has nothing to do with their sex lives!

922 days ago


Sandra Fluke is a WHORE. If she has the itch that bad, she can just go down to the free clinic and get a bag of condoms. Tramp!

922 days ago


Why isn't anyone going after that mushroom face troll Bill Maher for calling palin a Cu**, and Obama accepting a million dollars recently from that loser maher as well. wtf I hate the MSM double standard liberal mf'ers.

922 days ago


Rush was absolutely right. Any woman that would need $3000 for contraception while in law school is a slut. Moreover, any woman that would find herself before congress asking that somebody else pay for her behaviour is a slut.

The culture has reached a new low.

922 days ago


This lying hack is not a 23 year old law student but a 30 year old activist being used by the progressive left and the obama administration to change the narrative of obama trying to force a mandate on religious organizations to violate their conscience and relgious freedom. This country was founded by those that left their homeland because of religous persecution. Everyone that has been complicit with this lying hack, PELOSI, is also guilty of this lie. Wake up people, this administration and the progressive left is taking away your freedom. Fluck this fluke, come on tmz, do some real investigation and tell the whole story of who fluke really is.

922 days ago

Jay W.     

Look... Fluke is a slut. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If she wants to screw lots of people let her.

But to imply (for humor) the victim is Wynona, is just cold... damn cold. lol

922 days ago


OK, how 'bout I call you **** Cheny, tmz?

I know you're not publishing this and my other comments; now i know where you stand.

922 days ago


May I call you **** Clark?

922 days ago


A woman stands up for what's right and she's called degrading names like "slut." How is that ok? Where's the integrity? It's a no-brainer that this is a drug that should be covered by private insurance. The purpose of paying into a plan is to have your drugs covered! This is how it already works here in Canada. And for all those who still don't get it, birth control pills are not just used for that purpose! Is women's health important in the US?

922 days ago


Nope. Winona is way prettier.

922 days ago


This Fluke chick is an air head Democratic Lobbyist for free contraceptives. Since she probably has to pay for sex anyway I can understand why she needs free contraceptives. Rush was right!!!

922 days ago


Why do we have to pay $3000 per year for this skanky bitch to have sex?

922 days ago


This nasty woman is exactly what Obama and the rest of his Liberal whores stand for.

922 days ago


winona ryder is hot what happened to her

922 days ago


Contraception is free and easy for gals who are good in bed. Suck, swallow, repeat as necessary. And manholes who aren't good in bed should not be allowed to have sex period. LOL!

922 days ago
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