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Whitney Houston's Will

Bobbi Kristina Gets EVERYTHING

3/7/2012 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina got inconceivably richer the day her mother died -- because the singer left Bobbi 100% of her assets in her will ... an estate valued at around $20 million.

According to reports, Whitney's will doesn't enumerate specific assets -- but she leaves ALL furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars to her surviving children ... i.e. Bobbi.

According to reports, Houston's money will be put in a trust -- which Bobbi will have access to in stages ... earning a portion when she turns 21, another chunk when she turns 25, and the rest when she turns 30.

The will was just filed today in Atlanta. Whitney signed it back in 1993, a month before she gave birth to Bobbi.



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roger friedman writes...
Whitney Houston updated her will in 2004. All reports otherwise today are wrong. The will names daughter Bobbi Kristina as her sole heir and mother Cissy Houston as executor. Today in Atlanta probate court, I am told by insiders, the family agreed to let Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister in law, become executor. Cissy Houston was appointed co-trustee. The 2000 codicil from “Inside Edition” picked up by the New York Post “is not her latest will.” Neither will — the 2000 or the 2004 update– left anything to Bobby Brown, that is true. But no longer serving as trustees are Whitney’s other brother Michael or his wife, Donna. I am told the court action in Atlanta went smoothly, with everyone agreeing that Whitney would have wanted Pat Houston to take over as executor…

961 days ago


All any one knows, other than the family, is what the news outlets report. How many times over the last several weeks have those reports been false, or different from each other?
I am sure Whitney blew quite a bit of money, and God only knows if she had relapsed or not.
20 or 35 Million is a small amount for someone who made so much money over the last 30 years but no one knows her financial status, if things were paid off, if she was really broke or who she owed except for her accountants and maybe her family.

961 days ago


Let's hope Oprah will have some financial counsel for her, too!

961 days ago


I'm surprised Whitney had that much money left. Good luck to her daughter, she's going to need it.

961 days ago


Not surprising. Her husband wasn't sh^t.

961 days ago


Bobby Brown is her father and has custody until Bobbi Kristina in 16.Bobby Brown oversees her entire trust as her sole remianing parent. Bobby Brown calls the shots regaridng Whiteny's money (now Bobbi Kristina's) until Bobbi Kristina turns 21! Once you marry, it never ends. Once you have kids, it nevers ends even after death!

961 days ago


Maybe Clive Davis can get his money back he's been paying all her bills for years.

961 days ago


Good! I am glad that she gets it all and hopes that she uses it responsibily.

961 days ago

Tommy Tune    

She will spend it all as well and Bobby will be waiting in the wings for his handout because he owes so many women child support. "come on, give your daddy some money'
What she really needs to do is take $2K and get that damn gap between her teeth fixed. Why do poeple think thats sexy or attractive?? WoW

960 days ago

Tommy Tune    

One last thing.. I have no respect for Clive Owen either. Everytime you saw this guy, he was prancing Whitney around to make money. Yes, maybe early on he was her mentor and got her going, but once her popularity soared in the 80-90's, he was just in it for the ride to the bank.. Where was he when she was having all the troubles etc. He was just another enabler in her life like all the other morons.

960 days ago


daughter gets it she should
would have been nice however if some would have gone to charity- unless there really wasn't that much there
Whitney may end up like Michael Jackson- worth more now becasue of the early death

960 days ago

Joan K    

It runs in the blood and I have a feeling that she is going to blow everything she gets but the first thing she should do is have her face redone so she doesn't look like her ugly azz Dad.

960 days ago


i don't think she should have got it..she killed her mother for that money.Whitney Houston found out her daughter was taken drugs and she was on a sex Whitney Houston said i am taken you off my will.Bobbi Kristina killed her for her mother wont take her off her will.that's why i don't think she should get it.that was wrong to was all ready on her will but you going to kill her because she was going to take you off because you was doing drugs.Bobi Kristina need help.if yall don't see in this yall need help in between the lines.

960 days ago


More money more problems, especially free money...

960 days ago

keeping it real!!    

Should we be surprised?!?! Who the hell else was going to get her money?? YOU? ME? WTF!!! TMZ reports this like we all should be shocked.. This is her $$$.. She's her daughter. Who cares how much she's getting, I don't!! I have better things to do than worry about how much this poor girl will receive because of her mothers death. I bet she would give it all & more to have her mother here with her.......

960 days ago
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