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Marc Cherry:

No Hard Feelings

Against Nicollette ... Really??

3/8/2012 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry just fed the jury a spoonful of crap in his court battle with Nicollette Sheridan ... swearing he WASN'T ANGRY with Nicollette when she accused him of striking her.

Pants. On. Fire. 

As we previously reported, Cherry insists Nicollette straight up lied when she claimed he battered her when she questioned a script change back in 2008. Cherry claims he merely tapped her on the head while trying to explain a physical stunt for a scene.

Nicollette claims Cherry then killed her off the show because she complained.

Today, Cherry took the stand in L.A. County Superior Court and said ... not only did he NOT write her off in retaliation ... but he says he wasn't even a tiny bit upset when he found out she complained.

So, if YOU had just been accused of a crime you swear you didn't commit ... you wouldn't be a smidge perturbed? We thought so. 

Still, we gotta ask ...


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i can't believe she is doing this - she will never get another job, i don't know why she is commiting profesional suicide

961 days ago

Ginger Sims    

Of course he is lying. No one is going to testify against him because they want to keep their jobs and have furture employment in the business. If Nicolette had been nice to at least one person, then someone would have helped her but I bet because her personality is so snide and hateful that no one feels bad for not standing up for her.

961 days ago


From what I've heard about him, he's a complete jerk.

961 days ago


Mark Cherry red faced liar.

961 days ago


He looks like Porky the Pig.
Bleep Bleep that's all folks.

961 days ago


This guy is an arrogant, rich, female acting guy who walks funny and yes, he's lying.

961 days ago


The Oxford dictionary just announced they have ammended the definition of liar from one who tells falsehoods to Marc Cherry.

961 days ago


when nicollette sheridan left the show so did I.wasnt fun to watch anymore.I loved her character,she was my favorite desperate housewife.

961 days ago


One the shows writers testified that as far as she knew Nicollete was not going to be killed off and Nick had been on the show a zillion years, you would think that if they were going to do that they'd bring her into the office, tell her, maybe make a nice announcement about a long-time character's demise to the rest of the staff, the press, plan a party for her, etc., she's been on that show for years. There is not a doubt in my mind that he hit Nicollette upside her head, if he didn't she wouldn't have gone to her dressing room begging for forgiveness, nor would Nicollete gone and complained to their superiors at the network. I hope the jury sees through this BS and I hope Nicollete wins.

961 days ago


Back before she was let go, the producers announced ABC told them they needed to cut costs. Someone had to be cut from the series. She was the most logical cut.

961 days ago

Derrick Green    

'what..I can't...I can't believe you would even insinuate something like that...I didn't have anything against her. In fact, I loved that bitch. She was the sunshine of my day. The prune in my juice. And I mean that in a good way

961 days ago


About ten years ago I worked at this department store in Toronto (Holt Renfrew) and Nicollette came in with her gigantic football player boyfriend at the time... I spent about an hour helping her and taking her around the store for her to buy the things she needed and I always remembered her being one of the sweetest and most gracious celebrities I ever helped (and I helped a lot of them). I really hope she wins this case because she couldn't have been any more lovely but I guess there's always two sides to every story.

961 days ago


He's a creep and I hope she takes him to the the bank. DH was/is a crappy show and ABC is complacent in this as well. I wish her all the best.

961 days ago


In order to form a fair opinion, I'd like to hear what witnesses say. Or did they call any?

961 days ago


Technically speaking, a slap on the face could cause several days of discomfort and damage to soft tissues including swelling and bruising. And, slapping women is not culturally acceptable in any westernized nation. But, since we are now sliding backwards into Marxism, I guess it's ok. That must be why You Tube has video on the proper way to slap a woman. Otherwise its proper to slap women only during sexual play(usually on the rear).

961 days ago
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