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I Want to Help Expose KONY

as an Evil Bastard

3/8/2012 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization
TMZ has learned ... Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization and has expressed an interest in creating a video to help raise awareness about an evil S.O.B. named Joseph Kony.

Kony is quickly becoming a household name ... thanks to a viral YouTube video that exposes the Ugandan warlord as the bloodthirsty leader of a child army and child prostitution ring.

In the YouTube video, producers beg for celebrity support to raise awareness and showed a picture of Rihanna, in an effort to get her involved.

TMZ has learned ... Rihanna saw the video and was so moved by the story ... that she called the organization this week and set up a meeting, hoping to create another video to keep the momentum alive.

We're told both sides are hoping to complete the project ASAP.

Stay tuned.


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Maybe in Kony ( a man who can handle 60 wives ) she has met her dream man.

962 days ago


Today, standing up to brutal rebels in Uganda. Tomorrow, she'll stop fingering herself on stage and sticking wips up her butt. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

962 days ago


This video is amazing. This Kony bastard needs to go. He is Satan.

962 days ago


puts a red dot in the middle of his forehead, watch out!

962 days ago


That what she's saying this week, Next week she'll probably be doing a video with him.

962 days ago


this girl is such a disgusting pig...skank

962 days ago


Kony isn't even in Uganda now he's in Congo. MSNBC did a story on it yesterday.

962 days ago


If we put a fence around Detroit and prevented people from going in and out, Kony's type would rule.

962 days ago


Some of you people are really disgusting,at the end of the this is about children and protecting them from this kind of horror.I will do everything to the best of my ability to bring attention to this cause.

962 days ago


I dont believe Kony is bad because one side says so a youtube video shows him saying he wants freedom and thats what hes fighting for! Theres so much propaganda it makes me crazy but the truth is that the elites who run the world are dividing and conquering its that simple

962 days ago

Mary P    

""in 2006, the LRA was pushed out of Uganda and has been operating in extremely remote areas of the DRC, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic -- where Kony himself is believed to be now.

Additionally, the LRA (thankfully!) does not have 30,000 mindless child soldiers. This grim figure, cited by Invisible Children in the film (and by others) refers to the total number of kids abducted by the LRA over nearly 30 years.

But in the new film, Invisible Children has made virtually no effort to inform. Only once, at 15:01 in the movie, over an image of a red blob on a map leaving Northern Uganda and heading West, is the fact that the LRA is no longer in Uganda mentioned, and only in passing:

"As the LRA begain to move into other countries, Jacob [one of the children filmed in Northern Uganda in 2003] and other Ugandans came to the US to speak on behalf of all people suffering because of Kony. Even though Uganda was relatively safe they felt compelled to tell the world that Kony was still out there and had to be stopped."

That's it, in a 30-minute movie. And with both the graphic and reiteration of how awful the LRA is, you might think reasonably "move into other countries" meant expanding rather than fleeing. In any case, the focus, seconds later, is on Invisible Children's activities in the U.S. at the time, not what was happening back in Africa. I can see why some of P. Diddy's followers might be confused.

Award-winning Ugandan journalist Angelo Izama is among those not thrilled:

"To call the campaign a misrepresentation is an understatement. While it draws attention to the fact that Kony, indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in 2005, is still on the loose, its portrayal of his alleged crimes in Northern Uganda are from a bygone era. At the height of the war between especially 1999 and 2004, large hordes of children took refuge on the streets of Gulu town to escape the horrors of abduction and brutal conscription to the ranks of the LRA. Today most of these children are semi-adults. Many are still on the streets unemployed. Gulu has the highest numbers of child prostitutes in Uganda. It also has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

If six years ago children in Uganda would have feared the hell of being part of the LRA, a well do***ented reality already, today the real invisible children are those suffering from "Nodding Disease". Over 4000 children are victims of this incurable debilitating condition. It's a neurological disease that has baffled world scientists and attacks mainly children from the most war affected districts of Kitgum, Pader and Gulu."

Along with sharing the movie online, Invisible Children's call to action is to do three things: 1) sign its pledge, 2) get the Kony 2012 bracelet and action kit (only $30!), and 3) sign up to donate.

There is intense criticism out there over Invisible Children's finances, including that it spends too much money on administration and filmmaking, while still touting its on the ground NGO-style projects. Also, apparently it's never been externally audited.

What worries me more is that it's unclear what exactly Invisible Children wants to do, other than raise a lot of money and attention."""""""""""

~FP Writer Joshua Keating

962 days ago


When we as human beings learn of a problem in another country, we are always willing to help....I am sick and tired though of people reaching out to other countries...when in our own country there is so much to many in need.When are we going to take care of whats in our backyard first before we try to save the world.So many kids suffering as we speak on this side of the world,just as worthy of a viral video and celebrity jumping on the bandwagon.I am all for helping out our fellow citizen of the world,but lets take care of our own first...put the oxygen mask on ourselves 2 cents.

962 days ago

chaz lane    

Maybe then she can expose that douche Chris Brown...

962 days ago


Hippies are so so so stupid I mean very very stupid and there all punks and wouldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight! And there the ones that want to go to war seriously!? I cant wait until the economy collapse and the deppression comes what will all you hippsters say then ? You idiots your just puppets being brain washed by the leftist media

962 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Well Rihanna, you'd be about half a decade too late to stop Kony as he is ill and not much of a threat anymore. But donate a couple of million dollars to Uganda and they'll make you queen, that is, until you stop donating money.

962 days ago
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