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Kony -- Celebs & Social Media ...

Enough to Crush Warlord?

3/8/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Internet campaign to oust Joseph Kony has introduced hundreds of millions to the Ugandan warlord's crimes ... but it also calls out big name celebs -- challenging them to join the fight. Is it okay to shame them? That's what we asked one of the documentary makers.

Also, Harvey's not feeling The Rock's new $3 million mansion -- says it looks like an old man's pad? We'll discuss. Plus, why Whitney Houston booby trapped her will -- and the Spanx creator is now a billionaire! Celebrate by watching Mike model Spanx in the newsroom.

(3:01) A viral campaign to stop a Joseph Kony explodes -- but was it wrong to call out celebs in the video?
(9:05) Jed Jenkins from "Invisible Children" calls in -- he explains why they targeted those specific celebs ... and defends his organizations actions.
(12:01) Whitney Houston's will -- who's getting what?
(18:02) Jimmy Iovine from "American Idol" calls in to talk about the dynamite performances by the females last night.
(23:40) The Rock's new house doesn't match him at all -- so we look at other celebs ridiculous houses to see if they match up.
(29:50) Our photos of U.S. soldiers knee deep in marijuana ... is there a problem?
(34:35) Mike's painful Spanx transformation!
(44:21) Goldie Hawn went out raging last night -- the photos are hilarious ... and have made everyone in the office a Goldie fan for life.

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i'm glad you'll be talking about Kony2012 today. I very much look forward to hearing both of your thoughts on this campaign and the mission/legitimacy of the Invisible Children organization.

962 days ago


I have seen this campaign on the news, but I also heard on the radio that group who created this cause because other charity watch stated there are some shady things about the group. I hope not it is true because we need to find this s*** & either arrest or execute him.

962 days ago


an idi imin wanna be azz ole...someone needs to take this azz ole out!

962 days ago


Well the bad guy has a certain color skin, so it our problem.

Why is the likes of Uganda and Somalia our problem, but Iraq and Iran is not?

962 days ago


This guy Joseph Kony needs to be taken off of the face of this Earth. Unfortunately, there are many of his followers who will step right into his boots. No matter how bad things seem here in America sometimes, there is always a worse place to live on this planet.

962 days ago


PLEASE point out that the charity that put this video out is shady at best and nothing but war time profiteers at worst. Sending money to a nonprofit that wants to muck things up by dousing the flames with fuel is not helping. Want to help? Really want to help? Send your money to nonprofits that are putting more than 31% toward rebuilding the region’s medical and educational infrastructure, so that former child soldiers have something worth coming home to.

Go to Charity Navigator and pick a charity that uses your money for good not to line their own pockets.

962 days ago

Jeremy Wein    

I think this Kony 2012 thing is terrible, I hate that its like the cool fad to jump on this bandwagon, were was everyone years ago, also Invisible Children have a bad transparence record and only used 30% of donations they received last year to help people, if people really are that dumb to think that no one is already trying to catch this guy, they are a moron and need to go back to their cave they have been living in.

Also if this wasn't a money thing they wouldn't be charing 5 bucks for Kony 2012 posters, they would make it a PDF file and let people print their own at home.... shady stuff man

962 days ago


I agree with the movement to get rid of this guy, Jeremy is right. Check this article for more reference:

Invisible Children is shady.

962 days ago


Kony is also the focus of the movie Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler

962 days ago


Their criminal warlords all over the world that America knows about, but it always Africa that's gets the attention. Same with poverty, and many other things. It s just sounds like a bunch of rich kids that have nothing to do, but start up something that's been at a stand-still for a while now. I could be looking at it the wrong way, but don't see what the big-uproar about, when their many others around the world like him.

961 days ago

Flying Blind    

whitney just got lucky she was discovered way back when. there was probably others just as good or better who never got heard back then. Today there many more talented singers plus many mediums to hear them.

whitney would not be as famous today as she was back then. plus all she could do was sing. on an island i'd rather have a good looking farming girl.

961 days ago


who cares about the stories. lets get back to the kony story. always got to talk about something that isn't interesting and when you do, you just move on really quick. Who cares about the lady that made millions on spaxs.URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!. KONY 2012.

961 days ago


It doesn't matter what the family or anyone else thinks. It was Whitney's money...

961 days ago


That bedroom looks like an 80 year old woman's room...

961 days ago


Kony 2012 is a scam, if you actually research him and the "cause" you'll discover that this KONY thing is a total scam. don't buy into it. more media outlets are reporting on the "charity" 's fraudulence and facts don't match what it said in their video. so think twice before donating any money.

961 days ago
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