TMZ Live Kony -- Celebs & Social Media ... Enough to Crush Warlord?

3/8/2012 1:00 PM PST

TMZ Live: Joseph Kony -- Celebs and Social Media ... Enough to Take Down Uguandan Warlord?

The Internet campaign to oust Joseph Kony has introduced hundreds of millions to the Ugandan warlord's crimes ... but it also calls out big name celebs -- challenging them to join the fight. Is it okay to shame them? That's what we asked one of the documentary makers.

Also, Harvey's not feeling The Rock's new $3 million mansion -- says it looks like an old man's pad? We'll discuss. Plus, why Whitney Houston booby trapped her will -- and the Spanx creator is now a billionaire! Celebrate by watching Mike model Spanx in the newsroom.

(3:01) A viral campaign to stop a Joseph Kony explodes -- but was it wrong to call out celebs in the video?
(9:05) Jed Jenkins from "Invisible Children" calls in -- he explains why they targeted those specific celebs ... and defends his organizations actions.
(12:01) Whitney Houston's will -- who's getting what?
(18:02) Jimmy Iovine from "American Idol" calls in to talk about the dynamite performances by the females last night.
(23:40) The Rock's new house doesn't match him at all -- so we look at other celebs ridiculous houses to see if they match up.
(29:50) Our photos of U.S. soldiers knee deep in marijuana ... is there a problem?
(34:35) Mike's painful Spanx transformation!
(44:21) Goldie Hawn went out raging last night -- the photos are hilarious ... and have made everyone in the office a Goldie fan for life.