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U.S. Soldiers

Life Among the Weeds

in Afghanistan

3/8/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

US Soldiers in marijuana fields
Life isn't all bad for our heroes in uniform in Afghanistan ... especially when they encounter MASSIVE marijuana fields as these photos show ... but we've learned these photos have triggered a military investigation.

A bunch of guys who appear to be soldiers whipped out their cameras ... and their weapons ... and posed for a bunch of pics while out on patrol in Kabul recently.

No word on the identity of the soldiers ... or when the pics were taken. Note -- the photos DO NOT show any of the soldiers smoking the weed, but there is a shot of the guys decorating the inside of their vehicle with cannabis leaves.

We spoke to U.S. Army officials ... who tell us the situation is "being looked into" ... noting, "The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution, and use very seriously."

The Army also notes that Afghan anti-drug units, aided by international security forces, have resulted in a tremendous increase in drug seizures over the past year.

Ironically, the baseball caps 2 of the soldiers are wearing are as problematic as the weed. Soldiers caught wearing non-military issue headgear can get in big trouble.

Remember kids, just say no.


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Cognizant _illiberal    

needs to be watered yellowing and wilting, poor afgans are growing afgan sativa, good yield not so good taste, thats what is great about cali we can grow indica and sativa outdoors if you go to mexico or anywhere near the equator or really deserty only sativa grows good outside

960 days ago


These guys are just having a little fun taking the pictures. Relief from the stress of war, no big deal. The most stress you idiots have is
1) Camera will not work
2) Internet is out
3) What to eat for lunch

Give these guys a break, they are at war being shot at and killed daily....Taken pictures surrounded by weed is a non-issue when you look at the big picture

960 days ago

The Real JJ    

They're dumb for taken the photos in the first place but who cares anyway. They weren't caught smoking any. Even if they are they're in the middle east, they could be doing way worse drugs than weed.

960 days ago


Now we know why we're really in Afghanistan! :-p

960 days ago


I've seen these before, and as a retired professional photographer, I can say with near certainty that these photos are not legitimate. The one of the solo-"soldier" with the pistol pointed at the camera, it's a Glock, not a mil issue weapon. The one of the Humvee, it's not a Humvee, and the third with the two standing tall with a plant, take a close look at the weapons, you can see issue with these as well. Like a bipod for an M4 on a SAW? Don't think so. And TMZ, just taking a photo of it does not mean use. I mean seriously, coming from an LA based tabloid're going to point the finger... That is rich....
Get back to what you know, gossip and leave the defense of the nation to those who know what honor is.

960 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

heroes? you mean the idiots so dumb they don't even know Bush is a liar?

those who go to kill millions in wars based on obvious lies.

et tu? Harvey

960 days ago


Give me a break. They aren't smoking it, they're standing next to it like it's a captured prisoner - these are trophy photos. Besides, weed in that state is not even smokeable, ie., won't get you high. Cut the soldiers some slack.

960 days ago


As well they should trigger an investigation. I'm not playing these soldiers' salaries so they do an overseas pot farm and get high all the time!

959 days ago


They'll just piss test them.

959 days ago


Are you TRYING to hurt and get the soldiers in trouble? You should be investigated for treason TMZ

959 days ago


I thanks each of them for their service, but God damn is this really the best and the britest we got? No common sense to be had. PUT THE CAMERA AWAY!

959 days ago

i said no dammit    

Tmz stop dry snitchin!

959 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

BFD. It's not like they were picking poppies. You think people in the military are automatons? And, dudes, if you're going to act dumb, don't take pictures.

959 days ago


There is a very easy way to let you know these are not army men in afghanistan. They are not wearing the uniforms for afghanistan. My husband is in the Army and going there and they do not wear the same uniforms they wear here. They are very different in color. Enough said.

959 days ago


I don't care about Afghanistan or its people and I don't care if our soldiers blow off a little steam by posing with plants. What I do care about is that American tax dollars be spent on the United States and its citizens.

959 days ago
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