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U.S. Soldiers

Life Among the Weeds

in Afghanistan

3/8/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

US Soldiers in marijuana fields
Life isn't all bad for our heroes in uniform in Afghanistan ... especially when they encounter MASSIVE marijuana fields as these photos show ... but we've learned these photos have triggered a military investigation.

A bunch of guys who appear to be soldiers whipped out their cameras ... and their weapons ... and posed for a bunch of pics while out on patrol in Kabul recently.

No word on the identity of the soldiers ... or when the pics were taken. Note -- the photos DO NOT show any of the soldiers smoking the weed, but there is a shot of the guys decorating the inside of their vehicle with cannabis leaves.

We spoke to U.S. Army officials ... who tell us the situation is "being looked into" ... noting, "The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution, and use very seriously."

The Army also notes that Afghan anti-drug units, aided by international security forces, have resulted in a tremendous increase in drug seizures over the past year.

Ironically, the baseball caps 2 of the soldiers are wearing are as problematic as the weed. Soldiers caught wearing non-military issue headgear can get in big trouble.

Remember kids, just say no.


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What do you think they smoked in the Vietnam war??
Anyone who bashes this is pathetic. You try and see the horrific things in war and not want to smoke some weed. Again...anyone who bashes this should pack up and go fight themselves.

897 days ago


CANNABIS IS NOT A MOTHER FRIGGING DIRTY is a PLANT it has been growing since BEFORE is used for medical purposes...When will the IGNORANCE end?? STOP TURNING THE WORLD INTO A GIANT JAIL...I AM PROUD AND FREE...I AM CANADIAN!!!!

897 days ago


Who cares everyone over there takes pics of that and poppy fields! it's not like there in from with a bong taking hits! how about your worry about more important **** like *soldiers dying over there getting there legs blown off* then some pics! *speaking from experience* I've spent a year of my life over there!!!!

897 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Investigate what? Some weed? Such hypocrisy. In the 80s our government flooded the U.S. with Afghani hash to help fund Afghanistan's war against the Soviet Union. And over the last decade we've helped Afghanistan replant all their poppy fields so that can once again supply the world with heroin. But they're going to investigate some soldiers who stumbled upon some weed? I'm tired of our soldiers dying over there so that the CIA can keep the global drug trade going. Time to bring our guys and gals home.

897 days ago


perfect raw material for ghillie suits and hideout!!

897 days ago

Bob Dobbs    

it's just a plant . it's not crack, it's not cocaine, it's not heroin ... it's not even alcohol (the hardest and most dangerous drug there is .) the british government recently concluded this . who cares if soldiers apprecite the beauty of the cannabis plant . there are far worse things happening over there .

897 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Please get out of the business of the Afghan people. Let then grow what ever they want. That's the way they make money. It does not support the terrorist.

897 days ago


SOOOOOO What if they took a picture in field of pot - why does that warrant a military investigation????? Maybe the military authorities need something to do.....

897 days ago


This is the stupidest crap ever. Weed should NOT be a schedule I drug!!! Alcohol is so much worse, would anyone care if they were posing next to a bottle of vodka?? The fact that marijuana is illegal is something the government has completely wrong, and I wouldn't even care if the soldiers were smoking it - they deserve to with what they are going through!

897 days ago


chill people its just a photo

897 days ago


An investigation into what? They didn't do anything wrong. I was one of the people that was most angry when the pictures surfaced of the soliders urinating on dead bodies, however this is ridiculous. Soliders go through a lot and they take some funny pictures with some weed. Who cares? I cant believe we would actually waste time to 'investigate' that.

897 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, great idea. you give a bunch of douchebag mass hoes high-power firearms, and that is then pretty much that... gooOOOOoooo figure.

897 days ago

Lucy Gracia    

I am officially boycotting TMZ for posting this. This in NO WAY reflects our military. I hate the fact that TMZ and so many others are making our TRUE HEROES out to be something horrible. Shame on you TMZ!!!

897 days ago


stop picking on our soldier

897 days ago


Not just leaves in that photo has some bud in there too take a closer look.... And is in the drying postion as well where it is hung upside down keeps the potency in the bud. Just a observation....."it's 4:20 in Kabul do you know where your soldiers are?"

897 days ago
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