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Whitney Houston's Will

Approved By Judge

3/8/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's will has been validated by a judge, and now her daughter Bobbi Kristina stands to inherit her mom's fortune.

Under the will, Bobbi Kristina is Whitney's sole beneficiary. But the will -- which was amended in 2000 -- provides that if the 19-year-old dies before probate is completed, ex-hubby Bobby Brown and various relatives would split up all of her assets -- but she left it up to them to agree on how to divvy things up. There is one thing that Whitney didn't want to put up for grabs -- her jewelry. In the event Bobbi Kristina died, all of Whitney's baubles would go to her mom Cissy.

In addition to Brown, Whitney named her mom Cissy, her dad John and her brothers Michael and Gary as beneficiaries. 

Now here's the catch ... If Bobby and the others couldn't reach an agreement on who gets what, the will says all of Whitney's stuff would be sold and they would just divide the cash.



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Don't answer the door Bobbi, it's Bobby..

961 days ago


Typical will. Ease up on Brown he's been doing just fine. Needless to say alot better than Whitney.

961 days ago


If this girl has any sense she will put her money/things up for later in life. And cut the loosers; time for family members to be a job...

961 days ago


Well now the will has been approved, Bobbi gets it all and she as the rightful owner of all assets can make her own will, in the event of her demise. If I were her I would make one really fast and let everyone know, they get nothing. NOTHING.So all she has to do is stay in armed security until the will is probated. Good luck to Bobbi, she has a lot of parasites that are looking for a new hostess now that Whitney is gone.

961 days ago


The odds are stacked against this kid.

961 days ago


According to Roger Freidman, the will was amended yet again in 2004. Hysterical that one will and two amendments purposefully left ZERO to BBB (Broke Bobby Brown) while they were STILL MARRIED. That speaks VOLUMES. Clearly, she knew what was up in 1993, 2000, and 2004. She obviously thought he can get a job rather that get her stuff. Hey Bobby, "Didn't We Almost Have It All???" Maybe the family can give him a truck load of unsold 'Just Whitney' cd's as a parting gift.

961 days ago


Bobbi has had her share of issues, but before we are SO quick to write this kid off (a HUMAN BEING, I'd like to add), remember that Lisa Marie was a child of Elvis and she (and his estate) turned out fine. It appears Whitney was pretty smart in money matters, her will seems to confirm this. She didn't live lavishly. It's not unusual for big-time celebs to be cash poor. Elvis, MJ, even Barbra Streisand and Cher went though that. Whitney's 2010 tour, while a PR nightmare, made $36 million according to Pollstar (a trade publication, NOT a trash rag). She was FAR from broke. Seems as though the estate is being well managed by decisions like Bobbi's inheritance being broken up into increments and by decisions by the family like licensing the funeral footage, the will wasn't spread out among "hanger's-on" (Nick Gordon, Pat Houston, Broke Bobby Brown).

961 days ago


Hey Chace, pretty hysterical that she left ZERO to her mother as well... it says she left it ALL to her daughter. IF her daughter dies then all assets are split "EQUALLY" between family INCLUDING Bobby Brown. I guess in Whitneys eyes BB and her mom where about equal.

961 days ago


A lot of people would stand to gain if BK dies before probate is complete. She'd better lay low and watch her back, because the sharks are ready to feed.

961 days ago


Whitney Houston’s Will 19-page Do***ent Revealed Here

960 days ago


Linds says that the money and diamonds should go to her, since her and Whitney were "best friends". Linds quacked "Bobbi would just spent the money on drugs".

960 days ago


So, if anything should happen to BK, it's a free-for-all? BK should mortgage the ranch if she has to in order to have enough security around her 24/7 until the will goes through.

960 days ago


Also, someone has to call you guys out, TMZ. You ARE running this photo because it looks like a corpse. It's almost as guilty as the real corpse photo in my opinion.

960 days ago


Wait a minute. Wasn't there a story released that the family was going to auction her jewelry and clothes. If so, then they are violating her will.

960 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I don't undersatand all this hatred for Bobby. Say what you want but remember Whitney loved this young man and he is the Father of her heir. I have not read anywhere that Bobby is after Whitney's money. You dislike someone so much, don't waste your time writing about him. He is not married to you, sleeping with you, nor is he asking you for drug money. He cleaned his life up and everyone should applaud that, as bad as he was, he changed, now try and do the same for that addict in your family.......I know there is someone in your family that failed to be as perfect as yourself.

960 days ago
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