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Miley Cyrus

Braless Car Shopping [VIDEO]

3/9/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus wearing no bra
Just weeks after dropping $127K on a Mercedes convertible, Miley Cyrus hit the streets looking for yet another sexy set of wheels ... ALL WITHOUT WEARING A BRA -- and TMZ has the bouncy video evidence.

Sources tell TMZ, Miley saw the panty-melting '69 Mustang Fastback marked "for sale" on the street in L.A. last week ... and quickly set up a time to check it out in person.

According to sources, the owner drove the car to Miley's house so she could take a closer look -- and she inspected the car inside and out ... wearing a pair of denim short-shorts, a vintage Beatles t-shirt, and ZERO lady support.

0308_mustang_subThe car was on sale for $23,000 -- a steal if you ask us -- but in the end, we're told Miley passed on it ... because the price tag was a bit too high.

The perks of being famous.


No Avatar


id **** her.

957 days ago

Jon-Paul Stone    

It always happens, a Disney star grows up and they had been under so much pressure as a minor to be a good girl with excellent morals and values that as soon at they turn 18 and get some freedom they go buck wild and rebel against the "Hanna Montana" persona. First with the Salvia, drinking, and now going bra less (which is really not so bad but an act of rebellion in and of itself).

957 days ago

Like It Is    

Highly Cyrus said she would have bought the car if it looked just a bit more like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. And, it looks like her nipples are pierced, too! Oh, it must be fun to be a rich hillbilly in Hollyweird!

957 days ago


If a woman doesn't want to wear a bra while in the privacy of her own home she shouldn't have to wear one (according to your info the car owner brought the car to her house).

I also don't see why it is "required" that women wear a bra. Miley has really nice little boobs and she doesn't need to wear a bra.

Lastly, this isn't NEWS.

Miley was spotted walking around in see-through clothing while she was only 17-year-old... THAT WAS NEWS... This is NOT.

957 days ago


Miley has bigger boobs then i thought and they do look nice hanging down like they are.She should go out Bralees more.After seeing the video i want to do her.

957 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Actually a pretty nice rack. Until it speaks.
Hint: Dont speak.

957 days ago


She'll blow through that fortune and be doing reality tv in a few years. She doesn't sell albums, doesn't have hit songs, can't get people into the theatre, and has no real adult fan base. She's doomed. Justine Bieber, you're next.

957 days ago


You can't blame a 22 year old girl like Miley for wanting to show off her puppies a little. She might as well do it now because they'll probably be sagging in about 10 years ... unless she gets implants of course. Too bad Miley doesn't have Jennifer Lopez's butt to fill out those "Daisy Duke" type shorts.

At least she's wearing a cool "Beatles" shirt. She was wearing a "Van Halen" shirt a few weeks ago when she was getting a new tattoo. At least this country music girl has good taste in music.

Those '69 Mustangs are "badazz". No doubt. The newest Mustangs got their styling cues from this '69 model. If Miley doesn't want to buy this one maybe she could wear a "ZZ Top" t-shirt and then see if legendary ZZ guitarist Billy Gibbons could meet up with her and help her find a classic car like the '69 Mustang. Billy has a big collection of cars like Jay Leno does.

957 days ago

This is a joke

957 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

One minute and eleven seconds of my life gone. No one but Harvey could have gotten a thrill out of this video.

957 days ago


Did you know that 18 year old Justin Bieber made nearly $100 million in the last few years? This teenie bopper has been making U2 kind of money (split 4 ways with the guys in U2). I can only think of ONE hit song that he's ever done ... that repetitive silly song "Baby". Bieber might be young, so it might take him a while to blow that much money. Who knows if he'll still be popular when he's "an old dude" at 25 or so. Teenagers are notoriously fickle. Another hot "boy band" might come along and they'll forget all about Beiber.

Justin drives cars like a souped up Cadillac CTS Coupe that has a Corvette engine in it and a $190,000 Ferrari. The stars often just rent these expensive cars or lease them for a while and then just get a new one every year or so. If they rent them for a year, that's still gotta be ridiculously expensive. Surprisingly, some stars even rent their houses too. That's gotta be expensive too. They like to "upgrade" to a bigger house every few years if their career is going well ... kind of like do with their cars.

957 days ago


And how did TMZ just happen to have someone there to videotape it? She's still trailer trash and has zero class.

957 days ago


All women should go braless. Bras constrict lymph flow and contribute to breast health issues. You might as well have reported that "Miley had an organic salad for lunch!" LAME

957 days ago


What is wrong with the cameraman - shaking like a leaf! Starstruck much or never seen a girl with no bra before???

957 days ago


Everyone is a cameraman these days because of all the iPhones out there. Sometimes they can even hold it still and not mess up the filming.

957 days ago
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