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Whitney Houston's Sister

I 'Don't Know How'

Whitney Got in the Tub

3/12/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's sister-in-law Pat is throwing more fuel on the fire for those people who think Whitney may have been murdered ... saying she does not know how Whitney ended up in the bathtub of her hotel room on the night she died.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Coroner's Office has received phone calls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Houston ... who say they believe Whitney was murdered.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired tonight on OWN, Pat described the scene that night, saying, "Don't know how she got [in the tub] ... I just know they had to pull her out of [the tub]."

The Coroner has already said there was no sign of foul play or trauma, but the official cause of death won't be determined until toxicology results are in.


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REALLY? I mean, if she was old and incapacitated I could see how you "Don't know how she got in the tub." Let the poor woman rest in peace!

954 days ago


Will probally be ruled based on her life insurance if she had any. Suicide you don't collect.

954 days ago


Oh, seriously ? She doesnt know HOW Whitney got into the tub? Is she really that dense ? When I get in the tub, I usually step in with my left leg first, then my right, then slowly ease myself down into the water.

There's no reason to murder Whitney Houston. Woman has been an addict for years. There is no conspiracy in her death, other than she was taking pills, and she didnt inform her family first.

FFS, get a life ! Arrgghhh !!

954 days ago


Once again TMZ doesn't know how to check facts because this is her sister-in-law, not her sister. Whitney doesn't even have a sister.

954 days ago


(rolls eyes) How did you bath water get run? How did the food tray end up there. How did her ramekin of olive oil get there? How does one prepare for such a bath? I guess there is a Latoya in every family.

954 days ago


Tupac drowned her!

954 days ago


I believe she said she didn't know how she got out of the tub laying on the floor. I take a bath every night, I doubt that anyone would ask or wonder "how i got into the tub." To say this is to imply, she was inacapable of getting herself into a tub alone. She was not crippled!! She got in like everyone else does!! One foot at a time! Oh wait--I think that is how I do it. LOL!! Stop trying to put words in peoples mouths. To say this is to "imply" someone put her there cause she could not get into a tub alone and that there is an intent to murder her or cause harm. Ludicous!!!

954 days ago


If she didnt give up booze, she was never "clean" . She had to give it all up and obviously she didnt.

954 days ago


Like a lot of addicts, I think Whitney was in denial about her ownlevel of recovery and proclaimed the "I am clean" role and acted the part . But like a lot of those roles, it couldnt be sustained because she seperated alcohol from every other drug, thinking there was no connection. WRONG. Alcohol impairs judgement, and that opens the door right back again to drugs . If she didnt give up the booze, she was never clean , not at all . She had to give it all up, for good, and she didnt.

954 days ago


"I don't know how she got in the tub" - seriously? Is this woman an idiot? She got in one step at a time like anyone else, you moron. Of course they had to pull her out of the tub - SHE WAS DEAD. Obviously she wasn't dead when she got in it. God, why do they even print the stupid crap these idiots say?

954 days ago


I watched the interview and it was no insinuated at all that she may have been murdered. More just they didn't know how she get in the tub. Don't start making **** up. Makes me sick. The likely thing is she went to take a bath is all. Good grief.

954 days ago


@ ChatKath - that's the first thing I thought of when reading about all of this Whitney ruckus - who the H brings food in the bathroom with them (TRULY NASTY). I don't mean to bring race into this but just last week my black co-workers were all over the internet about some floosy white chic thats in the spotlight and they were all over her because she was photographed with something "running down her leg" (too, before Whitney was) like this is the most atrocious thing those white people do.

Food in the bathroom. Glad somebody else noticed this. Truly ghetto and, yes, NASTY!

954 days ago

Lady Di    

She got into the tub because her stinky, junkie-ass box stank and she needed to bathe it in Grey Goose and Xanax.

954 days ago


I dont know what to think, they were so careful with what they said, really didnt reveal anything we didnt all ready know. I'am thinking was she so tore up, she just fell in the tub and drowned?

954 days ago


Has anyone mentioned the possibility that sliding in/on the oil may have played a role?

954 days ago
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