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Michael Jackson's Dad

83-Year-Old Hits Vegas Club

... at 2 PM!

3/12/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_joe_jackson_partying_EX83-year-old Joe Jackson threw on his best track jacket ... and goldest chain ... and hit the club scene in Vegas this weekend ... at 2 IN THE AFTERNOON.

Michael Jackson's father was chillin' at Lavo Champagne Brunch at the Palazzo Hotel ... a full-on nightclub-style party scene ... that serves almond crusted French toast.

Sources at the club tell TMZ ... JJ arrived with a male friend ... and wasn't boozing, only drinking water.

But he WAS pimpin' it ... hangin' out at a table with a group of hot chicks. At one point, he handed his camera to someone and said, "I want a picture with the girls."

After the pic, the girls described JJ as a "sweet old man."

What happens in Vegas ... is weird sometimes.


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He was at the club because that's where he wanted to be.
Vegas is for old folks ... that's where Hollywood's fallout goes to die, you didn't know? Nothing weird about it, just an old single lonely likely broke dude who happens to live in Vegas "hanging out." Just because he had nine famous kids doesn't make him an exception to anyone else who would do the same. He still look pretty tight for 83 -- he just needs to find some young chick in her 70s to hang out with.

953 days ago


Dear; Jackson You need to sit down. And stop thinking you all that, It kill me to see how old people like jackson. think that it is okay to hang out. It come's a time when it is time for you to sit it DOWN and somrbody need to let him no this is not his time. from; Chicago ill right next to INDIANA

953 days ago


Very nice...duh...! To attack a 83 year old man, somebody"s father, grandfather, friend. Would you say these horrible things to your own father, grandfather?? No i dont"t think so!! Why is there so little respect for other people? Let them live their live, and be glad that your own life is not like that, they can do nothing in public eye, because one minute later the world knows what you did, whith who, what you drink, what you said, enz enz. Mr Jackson maybe lives in Las Vegas, so why is it abnormal to have a drink (water), and have some fun?

953 days ago


Isn't he too old for this sort of entertainment?

953 days ago


If Michael was alive and saw this he would have been very upset with his father.Yes he forgave him for all the hell he went through as a child but he definately wouldn't accept his father's behaviour at all.

953 days ago


For Anyone who is following the Casey Anthony situation - here is an update:


Casey Anthony Civil Trial Moved To January 2013, Remains In HidingCasey Anthony Civil Trial Moved To January 2013, Remains In Hiding 1 0

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 @ 03:00AM print it send it
LandovBy Debbie Emery - Radar Reporter

Casey Anthony has almost a year to wait until she has to face accuser Zenaida Gonzalez in court after the civil case against her has been moved to January 2, 2013.

The change was made according to an order granting her defense team's motion to continue the trial, reported

As previously reported Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation after the notorious Florida mom claimed a woman of the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Died Young

Casey has been hiding out at a secret location since she was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter in July 2011, because of fears that she will be in grave danger if she shows her face in public following threats that have been made to her and her family.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

On Monday, a judge in Orange County, Florida ruled that Anthony can be subpoenaed but that she should be allowed to remain in hiding. Her lawyers stated that she still may not show up to her trial, which was originally set for April 10, but Zenaida's attorneys are vowing that she will be present for the new date next year.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony's Secret Wild Life

"It's interesting that they're taking this extreme position. Clearly she doesn't want to come to the courthouse, but guess what, that is an issue," Zenaida's attorney John Dill said.

"We have a right to have her there. She's making a choice of her own not to testify."

952 days ago


Hi Jeanette,i guess you are right.

952 days ago


65. duilama: 17 hours ago

Isn't he too old for this sort of entertainment?
MJ used to sleep over with Jordan in the chandler's small apartment, after Jordan got off from school. If MJ was not too old to sleep with pre-teen boys, why do you think his father is too old for this kind of entertainment? After all, the other brothers used to sleep with the same woman which is not sick for them, and is not incest for them, despite it is disgusting and is considered incest for many cultures.

Where is the proof that Michael slept with boys? And since you keep mentioning it,if indeed the spoiled brats that accused him of doing the unthinkable to them why WEREN'T THEY EXAMINED BY A DOCTOR?

952 days ago


66. duilama: 18 hours ago

If Michael was alive and saw this he would have been very upset with his father
You talk like if you really know how MJ think. Why do you think MJ would be upset?Do you think Mj will be upset for worrying about his father's health or his own reputation?
If MJ were still alive, he would only think about how he would score the next boy, how he could make big money, or how he would get his milk!


So i don't know what Michael would think but you on the other hand know correct?

You keep repeating yourself but without any evidence and as for who was thirsty for money you got it in reverse.

952 days ago


The AEG contract with Michael Jackson
March 13, 2012
tags: AEG Live, Joe Jackson, Leonard Rowe, Michael Jacksonby vindicatemj
.Dear readers, over here you will find the full copy of the so-called contract between AEG Live and Michael Jackson.

The full copy is difficult to find. The variant published on Radaronline is heavily redacted and is missing the attachments which are the essential part of every contract. As to the AEG papers their attachments to the agreement are absolutely crucial for understanding the whole thing, as without them the agreement will tell you a totally different story.

Full variants of the agreement are found in the amended Joe Jackson’s suit against AEG Live posted by .

You can also find it in Leonard Rowe’s book “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson. The Evil Side of Entertainment Industry” on Jetzi site: .

Let me say it again that when studying the AEG so-called contract it is imperative to look at all the papers in their unity. Generally speaking if duly made all attachments to a contract form an integral part of it. Therefore each page of it should be in conformity with all the others. If they are not, so much the worse for those who have designed this deal.

I hear that Joe Jackson’s suit against AEG has just been dismissed in court. Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos agreed with AEG’s attorneys that he should have simply joined his wife Katherine in her suit against AEG instead of filing a separate one. This is AEG’s first major victory – Joe’s suit was much more substantial, serious and to the point.

And AEG knows it.

* * *

Here are the screenshots of the AEG Live agreement taken from the above three sources (thanks to David we have some pages of Leonard Rowe’s book too). They are provided for your individual study and will have only some of my spontaneous comments.

The first page of this do***ent carries the date of January 26, 2009.

It comes in the form of a letter addressed to “Dear Dr. Tohme” which makes us think that this paper is not actually a contract, but a Letter of Intent . The capacity in which dear Dr. Tohme is present here is not specified, so what he is doing in this deal is not clear.

The letter starts with insignificant matters instead of essential things like the subject of contract, obligations of both parties, number of shows, duration of the tour and other clauses required of a formal agreement. This betrays the fact that we are at the preliminary stage of the negotiations only.

The main definitions on which the interpretation of the deal wholly depends, are promised to be stipulated “herein” and/or in Exhibit A (the attachment stating definitions). Such an attachment may be even non-existent at the time of the letter and may be added to it at a later moment, thus drastically changing the meaning of what we are looking at now.

950 days ago
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