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Nicollette Sheridan Trial

New Witness May Be

Smoking Gun

3/12/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new witness has surfaced in the Nicollette Sheridan trial who could raise the specter of a cover-up.

Nicollette's lawyers told the judge today ... they have a witness -- a low-level employee on the set of "Desperate Housewives" -- who said he was mistakenly added to an ABC email which said it was using the network's IT department to wipe everyone's hard drives of all communications relating to the demise of Nicollette's character on the show.

ABC lawyers were stunned, saying they had no knowledge of such a witness or an email. 

Nicollette's lawyers told the judge ... the email indicates there was "definitely a conspiracy to cover up correspondence."

You'll recall, Marc Cherry has said he was noodling on the idea of killing off Nicollette's character months before he laid a hand on her.

It's unclear if the judge will let the new witness testify in front of the jury.


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jeez,friggin',louise.....who the f#@* cares?....i feel like slapping her..........

957 days ago


Nicolet Sheridan is hollywoods most untalented whore...a bitc ofoman...her used tampon has more personality then some washed up michael bolten used up whore. she will never get another acting job again.....nasty crab infected old lady!

957 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Sounds like an ugly pimple coming to a head. Needs to be popped and cleaned up, so we can be clear again.

957 days ago


Regardless of the outcome, she'll never work in Hollywood again.

957 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The woman is desperate. They just "found" someone who will no doubt flash around a phonied up hard copy of an E-mail. Good luck on that.

957 days ago


She is talented and should NOT be blacklisted because of the abuse she had to endure. She is standing up for what is right, regardless of what anyone says. Too many men in the position of authority in Hollywood think they are God and need to be put in their place and be held accountable when they step out of line.

957 days ago


Her future resides in porn. There is a growing market for "mature" porn.

957 days ago


No surprise there. However naive you are, it is not plausible that the DH execs never corresponded via written form concerning her demise before the "whollop". While I am not a fan of hers, I truly believe that Marc Cherry is a monster and went after her in the form of killing her character off when she deigned to complain about his abusive treatment.

957 days ago


Team Nicollette 100%! She was great on the show, the truth is coming out - Marc Cherry is a disgusting scheming fat pig violent LOSER that ABC is desperately trying to protect only because he delivered a hit show for 7 seasons. She has NO REASON to make this up! HE HIT HER HARD and fired her to sweep it under the rug.

957 days ago


Rich people problems.... There are no losers here.

957 days ago


As a follow-up to my previous post, if the info TMZ has provided is accurate, it would not be surprising if the ABC execs, including Marc Cherry are suddenly interested in settling the case because otherwise the email may show that the ABC execs were tampering with evidence. Similarly, some of the testimony they provided in their depositions and at trial could be proven false by the email and thus possibly open them up to criminal perjury charges. In all, if the there is such an email, I am sure the Execs are now scrabbling to settle.

957 days ago


What's with all the Nicollette hate? It's pretty clear that Marc Cherry is a bitter, woman hating troll, and he and ABC have done a lot to make sure this stuff didn't come out, and people only cover up when they've done WRONG. Sounds to me like he got off on making these women his b*tches, and when she wouldn't be, he got physical and she got ticked and they got scared and now here we are. I say go Nicollette, get your money. Eff Cherry & ABC!

957 days ago


I hope she wins.

957 days ago


You go girl!

957 days ago


There was more to Cherry's slap. An angry overweight gay man can pack a Joan Crawford when crossed. This whole thing has been a desperate attempt to conceal the incident.

957 days ago
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