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Chris Rock


Over Tea Party Question

3/14/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_v26j4l22_0_vjma3q0xChris Rock
violently attacked a journalist's camera in January -- after the guy tried to trap Rock with a question about the comedian's controversial stance on the Tea Party -- and the intense footage has just surfaced.

In case you didn't know -- Rock went OFF on the TP last year in an Esquire interview, claiming, "When I see the Tea Party and all this stuff, it actually feels like racism’s almost over. Because this is the last -- this is the act up before the sleep. They’re going crazy. They’re insane."

So conservative writer Jason Mattera decided to question Rock about his opinion at the Sundance Film Festival in January -- blindsiding Rock with a TP question ... asking, "When you said the Tea Party was insane and racist ..."

But before he could finish his question, Rock tried to walk away. When he discovered his path was blocked by other people, Rock turned around and grabbed Mattera's camera and wrestled it to the ground.

A rep for Chris says the actor's attorney is looking into the video.


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i love you chris!!!

950 days ago


i wouldnt piss on chris rock if his rascist P.O.S. A$$ was on fire, double standard and hypocrisy knows no bounds huh Chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!

950 days ago


Typical loud mouth celebrity. They can dish it, but can't take it.

950 days ago


How you going to fake conversation with someone, ask them for a picture, then right when they are about to leave, try to pin them with a question?

That's fake as hell, and you don't deserve an answer if you had to manipulate the situation in order to get an answer.

950 days ago


Is Chris Rock a racist?

Of course he is.

His defense though, will go something like this.

"I'm not a racist, I just hate stupidity, of most, 'read all', the stupid people I meet happen to be white folk."

It is well past time to call out racism whereever it exists, and it very clearly and warmly exists in Chris Rock.

950 days ago


Well it's true the Tea Party is RACIST. If Obama was not black they would have no problem with him. Then again they probably would find a reason to hate him. Come NOVEMBER all those racist Americans are in for a shock when he is ELECTED AGAIN.

950 days ago


A woman was holding the camera when rock lost it. Way to attack a lady

950 days ago

Sick of it    

I was a supported of Chris Rock now he can eat crap and die a-hole and all you other MF who support this racist jack a s s

950 days ago


Good for Chris. He should have smacked him more. It teaches them a lesson, don't ambush people, period. One thing is to take pictures, another is to use the tactic mr Mattera used. He is complaining Chris was behind two bodyguards? He was behind the camera. Try to go alone! This seems to be the latest tactic used by all disciples of Breibart. Someone is bound to get hurt one day!

950 days ago


Speak the truth Chris Rock!!!The Tea Party is RACIST!!!!

950 days ago


Man, what a ***** Chris Rock is.

950 days ago


calls tea party racist and insane...supports the occupy liberal ****wads..makes sense..he obama supporters are so delusional..i remember a sign a tea partier had at a said " it doesnt matter what this sign says you will say it is racist anyway" it hit the nail on the head.the left media is so full of ****..they never say anything about people making fun of sarah palin mentally disabled kid and so forth.but get butt hurt if rush calls a slut a slut

950 days ago


typical ****** being violent.

950 days ago


lets see chris rock attacks female camera person filming him questioned about his racist statement about the tea party. Didnt any one notice how f'd up tmz is since they wrote this slanted story leaving out the woman, "trap rock" then using"TP" instead of tea party because its funn if your in elementary. This writer for this story is just as bad as soledad.

949 days ago


This just shows Chris Rock another supporter and strong spokesman for the President is a racist himself attacking a white reporter and harming a woman camera person who was simply trying to ask a follow up question about the tea party. Chris Rock opened himself up for a rebuttal question when he made the claim all tea party are racists on national tv, Just simply another star who says one thing but yet their actions show their true truth. Where is the fairness Mr. President.Why is it ok to attack white people?

949 days ago
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