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Jermaine Jones ...

Booted by His Own Lies

3/14/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jones told a string of lies that doomed him on "American Idol" -- and 'AI' honchos Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick joined us today to explain why the "gentle giant" just had to go.

Also, our exclusive video of Bobbi Kristina sucking face with the guy Whitney Houston treated like a son -- is it cool or creepy? Everyone in the newsroom is heated over this one.

Plus, the Kim Kardashian plastic surgery billboard ... in Mexico! You gotta see how we tracked down the story. Es increíble!

(1:50) "Idol" honchos Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick call in to explain why they gave Jeremy the ax ... and what he could've done to prevent it.
(9:45) Kate Middleton's cousin ... a stripper!
(12:20) A look inside TMZ's newsroom -- we explain how HBO's rep screwed us out of a story about "Luck."
(15:50) Lindsay's alleged hit-and-run ... Harvey explains why he thinks she'll skate.
(20:39) Russell tries to buy his way out of trouble.
(27:25) Whitney daughter locks lips with her "adopted" brother ... they're not blood relatives, but that doesn't mean it isn't wrong.
(31:03) Kim K. taken advantage of in Mexico.
(34:01) Jon Hamm backtracks on Kim diss.
(37:20) So sad ... Jeremy Renner's dog dies in a tragic accident.
(43:41) UFC fighter Stephan Bonner calls in -- he wants to fight Trumps sons for killing animals.


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Bill Maher SUPPORTED Rush's dumb ass comment's. Not because he agreed, but because he has a right to free speech. Plus Maher is on PAY cable. He doesn't have to worry about ad support.

961 days ago


It isn't that liberals can shout down conservatives better than conservatives can shout down liberals, it is that liberals can get away with much more of what they say than conservatives can. It seems like as long as you are "Pro Obama" you have a license to be as nasty as you need to be. He and Rush should be held to the same standard.

961 days ago


The difference between Rush and Bill Maher comes down to Neiman Marcus v Lait. When the group is large, a reasonable person wouldn't believe it applies to the whole group. So nobody reads Bill Maher and assumes every Southerner is stupid, even though Maher said so. But when Rush says that one particular girl is a slut, how many of his listeners assume it to be true? Come on Harvey, use the legal training.

961 days ago


Did Robert Kardashian had some dirt on you Harvey and Kris Jenner knows about it, is that why you can never talk badly about this vile family? It's pretty disgusting. I read a story you guys wrote yesterday, on The Bachelor, I remember the last statement you guys wrote was "When will people realize that the show is fake"...Why do you never say that about the KaTRASHian shows? it's clearly they all acting, poorly too.

961 days ago

Carroll Davis    

Re Trump sons hunting: If they are into hunting so much how about them being dropped off in Africa somewhere and hunted themselves??

961 days ago


what's wrong with your server? It's buffering like crazy, I know its not me because im at work and we have plenty bandwidth

961 days ago


hello?... tmz live online is frozen!

961 days ago


Thanks for the live mikes again, guys! Makes us feel more of the show and not like voyeurs.

961 days ago


Bobbi Christina;
mayb we dn't agree tht its normal (whtever tht is)we do agree thy rn't blood just close, so, i thnk she leaned to hm in hr time o grf, and gt evn clsr. now ths is wht it is. nd f it hlps good,is it good? f it hlps, yes.

961 days ago


Sure... they didn't know about his past

961 days ago


can you guys go one day with out fat azz liars Kardashian

961 days ago


There really is a paste it to my facebook.

961 days ago


Jon Hamm backtracks on Kim diss. we think he is right Tmz is a dumb azz for there azz kissing

961 days ago


Firstly, John Hamm is just promoting his show, Mad Men which has been off the air for over a year now. PUB STUNT. He could have said the same thing about January Jones if he wanted to if you think about it. Obv he didn't. Secondly, Bobbi K Huston has probably been banging this guy for years. Whitney inadvertently picked up a boyfriend for her daughter.Good for her like the kid wants to be alone now? She knows this guy well and can likely trust him unlike the gold diggers out there lining up to bed her for the money. Trumps son's are Trump's sons-this hunting thing is no surprise but it is disgusting although totally legal. HOw the US let's a company have free range animals only to let hunters kill them is beyond my understanding. The new show format is a bit too slick. Before it was more casual and informal which was what made it unique and appealing. Max should be sticking his up from this cubicle between Harvey and Charles. I see some TMZ staff are gone now as well. The irish guy etc.. but that annoying kid that sits there with an attitude like he's the smartest in the room. Who's son that Harvey is good friends with, is he?

961 days ago

Alexandra Marie    

Wow, I do not like this new format. You are rushing and talking so fast through topics that you never let anyone expand. You have blunt cut-off of topics, you interrupt and cut people off like everyt topic is timed. This is not fun to listen too. The old format was fun and relaxed. You all should rethink this new format. I agree with everyone else - can we pleeaase stop talking about the KaTrashians. Every day - it does look like you bought stock in their businesses. UUGHH - this is just painful to watch anymore. You now are just "kissing behind" instead of "pushing the envelope" more. Your just giving people passes on their bad behavior. You have entered their world - too bad.

961 days ago
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