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Lindsay Lohan Car 'Crash'

Eyewitness Says ...

There Was NO Contact

3/15/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_tecas1y9_0_6qyvgie7An improbable eyewitness has jumped to Lindsay Lohan's defense over the alleged hit-and-run incident outside a club early Wednesday morning -- a 16-year-old girl who was moonlighting as a paparazzo.

The girl -- Sarah -- tells TMZ, she went in the alley outside the Sayers Club to speak with Lindsay, who was already sitting in her parked car with a passenger. The manager of the adjacent hookah lounge appeared on his staircase and asked Lindsay what she was doing, and she replied, "Don't worry we're leaving."

Sarah says she was trying to guide Lindsay out of the tight alleyway, which Lindsay successfully navigated and then left. Sarah says at no point did Lindsay strike a vehicle. Even more important, Sarah claims the hookah manager never left his staircase and was nowhere near Lindsay's Porsche.

Sarah explains in the video how the manager then concocted a story that he and his car were struck, promising, "[Lindsay] is definitely going to pay."


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Lindsay: "As long as i wear all these designer clothes and switch my fake hair back to red, it will distract everyone from seeing my saggy face, bashed up car and my crack mischievousness tendencies"...Winning!!!

898 days ago


Career over!

898 days ago


16-year-old Sarah better stay out of this before she finds herself caught up in a legal mess; she's already exposed to the public the fact that she was roaming the streets after midnight on a week night.

898 days ago


OK there are multiple things wrong with this story. Lets start with the fact the term Moonlighting means she was doing this one the side of her other job. She is 16 her other job should be school and not hanging around clubs at 1am during the week. Second there are multiple witnesses that said there was contact with the manager and his car, and third who is telling the truth A 16 y/o girl who is trying to become a paparazzo, (not a bad way to score pictures and an interview by giving Lilo an alibi. If the manager is in fact making this up he would be setting himself up for a fall since he would need to file a false police report to do so. I think he has enough brains to know that doing so would get his @ss thrown in jail, or out of the country.

898 days ago


The girl -- Sarah -- tells TMZ, she went in the alley outside the Sayers Club to speak with Lindsay.

She's hanging out in alleyways now? A sign of her future maybe?

898 days ago


Matt Lauer just phoned honig for another interview about lindsay's latest law breaking issues, matt asked where can i find lindsay?..."Ummm, you can find her in the back alley's anywhere in south la".

898 days ago


New member for the Instamember hall of clowns:
6 hours ago

Only post in this thread

898 days ago


But I thought Lindsay tweeted she has been at community service! There were witnesses that saw Lindsay plow into the guy. The accident did not happen in an alley way. This girl is probably star struck and thinks this is her ticket into Lindsay's circle. TMZ why dont you let the cops investigate this one ok? If Lindsay felt she didnt do anything then why did she have to switch seats with the passesnger? Why would everyone including the cops feel the need to ask the guy if he was ok? I hope this turns out to be a big nothing because I am sick of this girls probation violation dramas. I hope Lifetime has been paying close attention- blows off Ellen, blows SNL, lies to the public on national TV about no more partying, now she is said to have run someone over at 1 am. LIz Taylor must be rolling in her grave!

Funny Lindsay says she just wanted to wish her friend a happy birthday. I never ran anyone ever wishing any of my friends a happy birthday its not that hard.

898 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Lmfaoooo stalker Sarah is your eyewitness, oh tmz puh lease I'm sure even y'all know this chick is nuts.

898 days ago


(Ring) Hi, Sarah is it? Yes, this is the 80's calling. We would like to have our look back. Your just dragging it through the mud. And one last thing, go ahead and keep the Prince cassette in the inside pocket as a soivinear.

898 days ago


Lohan needs to keep her mouth shut. Stop pulling stupid stunts that backfire on her. She has 2 weeks left to finish her probation be able to use her passport to leave the country. That's the only reason why she's been complying. Everyone knows jail time is a joke she needs to be able to use her passport. May not hurt but this does not help.

This just shows how she has not changed one bit. She's pushing 26 not one ounce of maturity, credibility. Reckless as ever.

If she thinks the producers aren't paying attention to this she is sadly mistaken. Probally thinking oh christ, she's going to be pulling this crap on our set to.

There was no reason for her to be in this situation true or not. Her lame BS of wanting to wish her mystery friend a happy birthday at 1am? Yeah, that just reeks of credibility.

898 days ago


help this young woman: 7 minutes ago photographers also said they did NOT see any sign of intelligent life in that alley just me.. That was online yesterday in their story. reported yesterday that cut and pasted this story more than twice. The POLICE reported yesterday that I should be 5150d because I'm clearly off my nut. Lindsay said she would be my friensd if I mindlessly cut and pasted like a demon Spamming a TMZ thread with false cut and pastes should be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the cir***stances. At no time during this cut and paste did I ever engage my brain

898 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Unless this kid is legally emancipated, she'll back off as soon as she find out that, if she was indeed working, she'll get her employer and her parent(s) in trouble for working that late, which is illegal for her to do, especially on a weeknight, and especially at a place that serves alcohol (if the law is the same on that in CA as in most states). And, if she was just hanging out that late on a school night, with sketchy dudes, she can be sent to Juvie or put into foster care for that.

Even IF she was telling the truth (hahahahahahaha), she'll back off if charges are filed and the cops come to take her statement. Stupid kid. Crackie doesn't care that you just did that for her.

898 days ago


Good for you Sarah for coming forward!!

898 days ago


Let the investigators figure out the facts. It's only car damage and OJ wasn't involved.

898 days ago
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