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Lindsay Lohan Car 'Crash'

Eyewitness Says ...

There Was NO Contact

3/15/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_tecas1y9_0_6qyvgie7An improbable eyewitness has jumped to Lindsay Lohan's defense over the alleged hit-and-run incident outside a club early Wednesday morning -- a 16-year-old girl who was moonlighting as a paparazzo.

The girl -- Sarah -- tells TMZ, she went in the alley outside the Sayers Club to speak with Lindsay, who was already sitting in her parked car with a passenger. The manager of the adjacent hookah lounge appeared on his staircase and asked Lindsay what she was doing, and she replied, "Don't worry we're leaving."

Sarah says she was trying to guide Lindsay out of the tight alleyway, which Lindsay successfully navigated and then left. Sarah says at no point did Lindsay strike a vehicle. Even more important, Sarah claims the hookah manager never left his staircase and was nowhere near Lindsay's Porsche.

Sarah explains in the video how the manager then concocted a story that he and his car were struck, promising, "[Lindsay] is definitely going to pay."


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“Mean Girls” ensemble cast member Linds just found out the real reason that Vikram had her around and showered her with attention and cocaine. In his culture, women are shown zero respect anyway, and when you’re a trillionaire, entertainment for the masses is considered mundane. Vik had a lot of fun with the “Great American Movie Star”. Give her another fat gagger of coke and make her scoot around on the floor (naked, of course) quacking and “singing” Confessions Of A Broken Heart” while all the other trillionaires laugh at her and have another congac. Vikram told her he was “testing” her for the lead in his upcoming blockbuster film. Linds was so pissed when “sources close to Vikram” let her in on the joke, she started roaming around her residential warehouse/storage locker, spraying and swinging a (stolen) diamond scepter at everything within reach. Over one million dollars damage so far…. and she’s still at it. The entire building will likely be condemned before PerpWalk v32.0 this month.

954 days ago


If she was there as a pap, she should have pics of it not happening, right?

954 days ago


Nothing says solid witness like, 16 years old outside of a club at midnight on a school night. Solid work tmz.

954 days ago


This girl is probably lying for the attention.

954 days ago

Ellie G    

Look at that girls pics, she looks exactly the same in all the them. Same clothes, same hair and same look on her face. PHOTOSHOP!

954 days ago


Somewhere Shawn Holley is busy browsing the new Carrier catalog. Lohan is the gift that keeps on giving.

Only a Lohan would think that teenager in an alley on a school night could be a credible witness.

954 days ago


Finally something positive emerges from Sarah's obsession with following celebrities.

954 days ago


Oh have a sense of humor! That was a joke, right?

954 days ago


Yes!!!! My countdown will be at 13 days later today.

954 days ago


"Hello. Crate And Barrel"?
Yes, may we help you?
"This is Lnor v2.0. Can you sent all your champagne glasses real soon - like right now, please?"
All of them?
"Yeah. Everything you've got. Money means nothing to us".
OK. Can you give us the name on your account, please?
"It's Linds. You know who she is".

954 days ago


Time start a new count down,Nicole.....

954 days ago


help this young woman: 14 minutes ago

I told the haters this yesterday. I am incapable of thinking for myself so I spend the entire day cutting and pasting. It doesn't matter that I don't understand what I'm reading because it's all about the cutting and pasting.

I have finished my final day of thinking for myself and you can find my common sense at the Los Angeles County morgue.

954 days ago


help this young woman: 4 minutes ago

as I appears to be completely devoid of any common sense I will be submitting to community service and counseling requirements. (Surely some public organization is in need of an oversized parrot.)

Read more of my cut and paste coming soon to a computer screen near you.

954 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

No more formal probation, no more community service, no more court ordered therapy........

Somehow I do not see this as a positive for Linds........

954 days ago


I guess the newly-crowned superstar AA Aliana felt sorry for the careerless Linds so she gave her a big bag of French cocaine. Linds poured some in her vodka and snorted several grams on the way to the Men's room to do a few lines. She put the rest in her clam for later.

954 days ago
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