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Lindsay Lohan

LAPD Wants to Chat

Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

3/15/2012 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1020-lindsay-lohan-getty-scratch-ex-creditLindsay Lohan's not in the clear yet after allegedly bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week -- because TMZ has learned, the LAPD wants to chat with her about the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they want to talk to Lindsay to get her side of the story -- and decide once and for all if a criminal investigation is worth pursuing.

There are conflicting stories all over the place -- multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager of a nearby hookah lounge on her way out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Another eyewitness insists ... no contact occurred whatsoever

So now, police want to go right to the source -- and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all.


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For a "HOMEBODY" she seems to be out and in trouble alot.his leg must be her drive way

930 days ago


multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager - MULTIPLE EYEWITNESSES claim she did people. The little 16-year-old starry eyed pap is probably hoping she'll become Blohan's best friend if she lies for her.

930 days ago


If she did hit this man which I believe she did she should of stopped you dont just drive off. What I find strange is that she changed seats to the passenger side with her friend and they she called the police after she was already away from the scene. I believe she was drinking and hit him because she was drunk, panicked and quickly changed driver and called the police to avoid getting into trouble and another DUI. She shouldn't be on the road shes a very dangerous driver and how she passed her driving test in the first place is beyond me.

930 days ago


Phreaky: less than a minute ago
multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager - MULTIPLE EYEWITNESSES
where are the multiple eyewitnesses? from what i've seen tmz had ONE witness say she bumped the guy and ONE witness say she didn't.

930 days ago


non story. if you're doing an investigation, obviously you have to talk to everyone involved.

930 days ago


1 witness who is 16, saying that she didn't hit him. What is a 16 year old wanna be paps doing out that late on a school night? I was in a car accident a few years ago and it wasn't until several hours later that my neck and back began hurting. Lilo will lie to save her a$$. Nail her to the wall, wait the judge would let her slide anyways. Another slap on the wrist for this lying hO.

930 days ago


Wouldn't the source be the man she hit....she is the accused !

930 days ago


Noooo tmz is more credible than the LA Times ?
My countdown :(

930 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Well, if they want "sense" Lindsay's is not their girl. No doubt they'll be even more confused when she insists she was at community service.

930 days ago


plain and simple, if there were multiple witnesses and this would be a slam dunk case, they wouldn't be deciding if it was even worth a criminal investigation. sounds like as of right now, the cops don't even think it's worth it.

930 days ago



You are right.

930 days ago


Frankly Jill, the fact that none of the other eyewitnesses are talking to TMZ is a good thing for this guy's story. The 16 year old wannabe pap/fangirl/stalker is making the Lindsay side look ridiculous. TMZ ain't the po-po. Real witnesses go to the actual law enforcement officials.

930 days ago


Lohan better get her flavored socks out. Her stories never check out.

Notice how not one word from Lohan. Shawn Holley must have her bound and gagged to keep her mouth shut.

Lohan couldn't care less who she may end up hurting because as far as she's concerned she will get away with it. That always been her attitude and makes her reckless and very dangerous. Hell, she can't drive sober let alone wasted.

The big mistake was letting her off the drug and alcohol testing. Lohan has not been sober by any stretch.

She has 2 weeks to go and if she does anything to screw that up she can kiss that Liz movie goodbye. That's being filmed in Canada. She won't be able to leave the states. It's the only reason she's been complying to her probation orders...She needs to be able to use her passport.

930 days ago


Skeptical: less than a minute ago
Frankly Jill, the fact that none of the other eyewitnesses are talking to TMZ is a good thing for this guy's story. The 16 year old wannabe pap/fangirl/stalker is making the Lindsay side look ridiculous.
actually quite the opposite. tmz reached out to her, not the other way around. she actually tweeted about helping out lindsay hours before tmz even posted the story. by the way, you don't know she wasn't questioned by the police when it happened since she was there. oh, and she wasn't the only witness to speak to tmz.

930 days ago


Right, because going straight to Lohan will certainly clear things up. Of course she's going to say it never happened, she's Lohan.

930 days ago
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