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I Reached Out to Chris Brown

... 'Cause He's HOT

3/15/2012 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screw the brutal, face-smashing beating in 2009 ... Chris Brown is the HOTTEST R&B artist out right now -- which is why Rihanna says she reached out to CB to collaborate on two new songs.

Rihanna called Ryan Seacrest this morning on KIIS FM, explaining her choice to record two duets with the man who brutalized her three years ago -- "I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake’ because that’s the only person that really -- it made sense to do the record. Just as a musician -- despite everything else -- that was going to be the person."

She said, "I thought about rappers, and I’ve done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track."

It's not personal ... it's business ... right? 


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Marina G    

Everyone out there has his or hers opinion no one knows what really went down between them, we all judge chris its been 3 years for god sack people let it go he knows what his done and if he could turn back the clock he would, what about when charlie sheen put a gun to kelly preston when they were going out why aren't people talking about it now because people just got over it, i don't not like violence against anyone no matter who you are but she must of really pissed him off servely for him to react like that, like i said there are two to sides to a story, Guys. Move on there is better things to think about like minding your own business.

917 days ago


Rihanna is queen of lowered expectations. Chris Brown is NOT hot in any sense of the word. Not in talent and certainly not in looks. Love sure is BLIND.

917 days ago


She just needed some extra cash... after that 20/20 interview where she was crying to the world...thats so wack! she was so hurt apparently...i dont wish that on anyone, but if you hit a woman once, it will definitely happen again...Move on hun...

917 days ago


As a therapist who has worked with dv victims I know that a lot of victims go back and have a hard time accepting that someone they loved could do that. So usually denial and justifications are a big part. Trauma Iis trauma and it doesn't make since to outsiders a lot of the time. Even though she's hot and famous she's still a victim of domestic violence who deserves at least some understanding. Geez people are harsh!

917 days ago


Cartman: 22 hours ago

Some chicks like getting punched in the face.


I don't care who the guy happens to be,how much money he has, or how goodlooking he might be. As soon as the guy punches a woman, they are more ugly than a pile of dog $#!^ to me.

917 days ago

Leeyah D    

Agreed, birthday cake is far from an innocent song, but it is music. As far as her working with him again, that's her life and she has to live it not us. If you think she is sending the wrong message out to youth, then you clarify it with your own children, Rihanna and Chris are not responsible for setting the example for our youth, parents and significant adults in a child's life are responsible for that. I have a feeling that she will get back with Breezy, and even though I am a staunch believer in the fact that men (or women for that matter) should not abuse their partner, everyone deserves a second chance. Ijs

917 days ago


i think people need to get a life, this whole chris brown beats up rhianna , i believe there was more behind the story, throughout the whole incident rhianna used it to her advantage, all chris brown did was admit to it and apologize. we never really heard his side of the story, rhianna could have been the first person to hit. i think people should learn to forgive, im not saying chris brown was right to do what he did , but people learn to forgive and i think that is what rhianna did and thats her choice, they are both adults and its their lives, who are we to tell others how to live their lives when we dont want others to tell us what to do. i think people should just get over it, people make mistake, that doen't mean we gonna hold it over them for the rest of their lives. leave the guy alone. i am sick of people saying what kind of message rhianna is giving to young women, first of all its the parents should teach their kids that just cause they see others are doing something means that they have to follow. everyone has their own mind,and you can only choose for yourself, only you can make the right choice for you , no one can, so stop blaming others. they may be an influence but its up to the young women out there to decided if that the type of life they want also.

917 days ago


I read a really good article on Rihanna and CB that tells their story from a different point of view. I think it is well written and makes sense.

917 days ago


Leave Chris Brown alone! He's all mine! If you want to see, come St Maarten to see me, bitch! And when I come to the United States if I catch you with him I'll beat yo ass down.

917 days ago


What an airhead.

917 days ago


Most Black people seem to be just like the honey-badger when it comes to getting their a** kicked by a man or accepting the blame for anything ...Its must be those darn white peoples fault somehow ...

917 days ago


Personally, I think she's just as abusive as he is....just saying.

916 days ago


How about controversary sells records? Regardless of her personal insecurities, she's making a lot of money off this collab. She might have sold her soul to the devil but that's how you get rich this day and age.

916 days ago


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915 days ago


i love them both. people make mistakes.

915 days ago
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